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Picture This - Recap

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The episode begins with Aria having a sex dream that begins with her and Ezra, but ends with her and Jason. She sits up in bed confused. Meanwhile, Spencer, Emily and Hanna try to find the missing page from Alison's autopsy in the pathology department. Spencer comes up empty and they wonder if somebody got in there before them. They then see Jenna walks by with a nurse. She is talking about how excited she is to finally be able to see. Later, Emily throws out all of her creams, telling Hanna she thinks A came in and injected steroids into everything. Hanna is apparently ducking her father's phone calls since he left. Emily is so nervous about A she can't eat.

Hanna leaves the room and Emily gets a text from A. It's a copy of her HGH-positive test with the words "Reminder: I own you". At school the next day Aria tells Emily about her sex dreams. Aria says she's not sure about the relationship with Ezra. Emily suggests they find a way to reconnect. Aria asks Emily not to tell the other girls about her dreams. Meanwhile, Hanna's mother calls her with word that her father has called yet again, this time looking to see if she's been fitted for her bridesmaid dress yet. Later, Spencer tells the girls she's heard from Toby that Jenna is apparently attempting to receive a transplant for the damaged portion of her eyes. She doesn't yet know if she qualifies and the girls argue over whether a Jenna with sight is more or less dangerous than the current version.

Later, Spencer watches from behind a tree as Jason freaks out when a worker almost goes inside his shed. She sees he keeps the key on top of the door frame. Meanwhile, Samara brings over some cookies for Emily at Hanna's place. She gets introduced to Ashley. Samara says their hangout location fell through. This was the first time Emily was going to meet Samara's friends. Ashley offers her home for the gathering. Meanwhile, Aria shows up at Ezra's office and puts the moves on him only minutes before his next class. Meanwhile, Hanna sees Caleb talking to the cop she told to get lost. He tells her he's actually a private investigator working for his mother. She is trying to find him. Meanwhile, Emily, Samara and her friends play poker.

Samara's friends love Emily and all seems to be going great. Emily steps away from the table and gets a text from A saying that if she doesn't give her phone number to one of Samara's friends by the time they leave Emily's HGH test will go viral. Meanwhile, Spencer talks to her mother about how her father reacted to the hockey stick found in the backyard. Veronica guesses Peter was just scared and assures Spencer that Ian is behind everything. She tells Spencer "the DiLaurentis family is not to be trusted, Jason included". Meanwhile, Emily calls Aria and tells her about the dilemma A has put her in. Aria thinks she should bluff. Emily hangs up and Ezra returns to his office where Aria has been waiting. She has a vending machine dinner prepared for them.

He asks if something is going on and she says only that she's happy. Meanwhile, as Samara and her friends prepare to leave Emily gets another text from A "tick-tock, Em". Then, as soon as Samara leaves, Emily calls back one of her friends and gives her a piece of paper with her number on it. Samara's other friend sees this and looks disapprovingly at Emily. Meanwhile, Aria has yet another sex dream that starts with Ezra and ends with Jason. Meanwhile, Hanna and Caleb look through information about his mother. She has two kids and lives on a country club in the affluent community of Montecito. Caleb seems bothered by this whole process and finds an excuse to leave. Meanwhile, Emily is avoiding Samara's calls and tells Aria about giving out her phone number. Aria thinks she needs to call her back.

Aria tells her about the second Jason dream. Emily thinks the reason people show up in your dream is because "you need something from them". Meanwhile, Ella tells the guidance counselor that Mike will be back in school later the following week. Byron hears this and seems upset that he's missing more school. He doesn't think they should let him blame his behavior on their relationship, but she'd worried about alienating him. She heard from his teachers that in school he's "completely checked out". Meanwhile, upstairs Byron finds Mike's door locked and him lying in bed. He starts off angry but seems to soften as he speaks with his very distant son. Meanwhile, Samara yells at Emily for hitting on one of her friends. Emily says she wanted to hang out with her as friends, but Samara doesn't buy it.

She says they're through until Emily gives her a real answer. Meanwhile, Jason gives Aria a card from someone at a counseling center. Aria gets uncomfortable and tries to blow him off, telling him obvious lies in the process. Meanwhile, Hanna finds Caleb hiding out in the park. She thinks he should find out what really happened and takes his hand. Meanwhile, while sitting with Emily, Spencer tries to get her mother out of the house as quickly as possible. As soon as Veronica leaves they head right for Jason's secret shed. Meanwhile, Byron tells Ella he doesn't think they should give Mike too much space. He references his brother and is concerned that something more could be going on. Ella thinks he's overreacting. Meanwhile, in the shed Spencer and Emily find Jason's dark room. His work space is covered with pictures of Aria.

They find a box of surveillance equipment and hear a noise. In the rush to get out of there they leave behind a flashlight. The hide in the bushes and watch him go inside. Jason finds pictures disturbed and looks down at the flashlight. Meanwhile, Caleb tells Hanna he called his mother and they had a great conversation. She apologized for taking so long to find him and compared him to his father. He is happy and emotional. His plan is to leave for California that night. Caleb says he'll be back "before you know it" but Hanna is worried. They kiss and he walks away. Before he can leave they exchange ‘I love yous’. Meanwhile, Jason drops by Aria's place and tells her somebody broke in to his place. He wants them to talk. Garrett and Jenna are watching this from a nearby car.

Jenna seems concerned about the two of them getting together and Jason regaining his memory. Meanwhile, Spencer and Emily are trying to get a hold of Aria. Meanwhile, Jason tells Aria he cares about her brother, but also admits to having feelings for her. He leans in and gives her a kiss. She says "I can't do this" and says she isn't available. Meanwhile, Hanna finally calls her father and leaves a message about the dress fitting. Meanwhile, Spencer and Emily try to go back into the shed, finding the key gone but the door unlocked. They walk inside and turn on the light. The room has been cleared out and their flashlight has been placed on its end. The episode ends at this point.