Let the Water Hold Me Down - Recap

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The episode begins with the girls comforting Hanna after the lake craziness with Lucas. They tell her that the lake will be dragged first thing in the morning, but Hanna's sure that Lucas isn’t in the lake but out there somewhere, more so because he knows how to swim. The girls find Lucas being so violent, hard to believe. In reply, Hanna tells them about Lucas destroying Alison's memorial. Hanna reaches into her bag for water and drinks from a bottle filled with lake water. She gets a text saying "No fun choking on lake water is it? Choke on this, bitch. -A" Lucas has called his parents but still hasn't come home, Hanna’s mother gives her a tough time about that, and is worried that Lucas hasn’t returned home from a party that her daughter hosted; therefore it’s her responsibility to call Lucas’s parents.

Spencer finds a bag of A's stuff at her family's lake house. Inside is a receipt from near the time Hanna and Caleb were up there. Spencer and Aria want to go and check out the place where A bought the stuff, Hanna gives it a pass, jittered by the previous night’s incidents. Aria tells Spencer about Ezra no longer taking her calls. They run into Holden, who asks Aria out on a date, the two of them bond over the memories of their pre-school years. Byron was okay with the idea, so she agrees. Mona tries to tell Hanna about having trouble with Noel, and that she might be losing Noel. Hanna gets distracted when she sees her Homecoming queen picture is being moved on the instructions of the principal and Mona is hurt her friend isn't listening to her problems, and tells her how she attentively listens to every little tiny detail of Hanna’s; Hanna tries to justify her behavior but Mona walks away in a huff.

Hanna rushes to the bathroom and breaks down in one of the stalls. But she stops when she hears somebody is outside. Emily gets a call from Maya, who flirts with her. Maya gets a call on the other line but lets it go to voicemail; Maya also asks Emily if she can arrange for a fake ID. They are going to be getting together. Meanwhile, Hanna sees her stall flooding with water; the person outside the stall turned on the sink faucets and left a toy boat in the water. Hanna gets a text from A: "Life is but a dream, Hanna. And I'm your nightmare." Aria tells Spencer she's thinking of taking Holden to a play she was supposed to see with Ezra. The plan is to "accidentally" run into Ezra. Caleb tells Hanna that Lucas is telling his parents he's staying with his cousin, but he doesn't think that's true.

Caleb wants to help and plans to go looking for him up near Spencer's lake house. Caleb feels Hanna knows something; Hanna won't tell him what happened on the boat and they get into a fight, in the end Caleb walks out of the room in a huff. Meanwhile, Spencer and Aria look around on the street where A bought her stuff, they also try finding clues on the receipt; they don't find much and Aria leaves for her date with Holden. Suddenly, Spencer starts to notice a bunch of blind people on the street. Maya and Emily meet up and confirm their plans for later, just then Maya gets a text message that clearly bugs her, and she departs the scene, clearly bothered; leaving a concerned Emily behind. She needs to "deal with" something.

Meanwhile, Spencer follows the blind people to a rehab center for the blind. Inside she asks about Jenna. The woman behind the front desk won't tell her anything, as patient records are confidential, but a guy overhears Spencer mention Jenna and says he knows her. Meanwhile, Hanna and Emily talk to each other about their problems with their significant others. Emily's worried A may have gotten to Maya; although Hanna discounts this theory of Emma’s. At the rehab centre, the young man asks Spencer how she knew Jenna; to which Spencer tells him that she knew Jenna from before Rosewood and lost touch with her once Jenna moved there. The young man tells Spencer how; when a genetic condition finally took his sight he didn't handle it very well. He was angry and depressed and Jenna helped pull him out of it.

He mentions she was motivated to get out of there to handle some business in Rosewood. On her way out Spencer is told she must sign the guestbook. When the woman at the front desk leaves her post Spencer goes behind the desk and grabs one of the old guest-books. Emily is taking Maya to Jersey and borrows Aria's fake ID. Hanna tells the girls about her fight with Caleb and why she can't tell him what's really going on. Aria debates cancelling on Holden, but Hanna talks her out of it. Aria meets Holden at the play. She spots Ezra and their eyes meet. Another teacher is there and distracts Aria and Holden before she can try to talk to Ezra. Spencer runs into Mona when she gets off the train in Rosewood.

Mona is emotional, telling her that Noel broke up with her. Spencer gives her a pep talk and Mona thanks her. At the intermission the teacher tells Aria she took Ezra's extra's ticket, but that he left ten minutes into the play, saying he didn't feel well. Hanna can't get in touch with Caleb and is starting to worry. There is a noise and she finds a back door open. It looks like the lock is just broken, but we see footprints. Maya admits to Emily that she's been acting so weird because she briefly dated somebody when she was away. The relationship is over, but Maya has been worried this would upset Emily. Since they were broken up at the time it doesn't seem to be an issue But Emily looks stunned when Maya says the person was a "he." Holden figures out that Aria took him there to see Ezra. He says he won't say anything to her parents, and even suggests there could be an opportunity here. When Hanna goes to the hallway to answer her mother's question, a dark figure goes into her bedroom. It's Lucas. Caleb arrives just in time to hear that what has been bothering Lucas is that he gambled away the $4,000 Caleb had him hold while he was gone.

Lucas disappeared the past few days selling comic books to try and pay Lucas back. He feels terrible, but Hanna is obviously disturbed this means A is still out there. The girls get Chinese food and talk about the latest news. Lucas couldn't have been the person who dropped the cell phone at the green house. Spencer shows them the sign-in book from the rehab center the day before Alison went missing. Garrett checked Jenna out and there was no time listed for him to be signed back in. Jenna could have been gone all night. The girls find their food is full of worms. At the end of the episode it’s shown that A sends another text: "This is what live bait looks like. Now we're even bitches."