Blond Leading the Blind - Recap

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Hanna has the video that could reveal lots about Alison’s disappearance, or even murder. However, she is hesitant about handing it over to Aria, as Emily and Spencer look on. Hanna gives in, and when they play the video, it turns out Alison was holding the camera, as she had fun with Ian. Aria’s money is on Garrett, but he doesn’t appear in the video until a few minutes. Before that, Ian is doing something with the camera, and it appears as though he is trying to hide something. Before long, Garrett brings in a blind girl with him, and they are in Alison’s bedroom. Aria points out Ian and Garrett were in Alison’s bedroom the night she was murdered – and – they were talking about her hatefully. The video shows Garrett and Ian in an altercation over missing interrupted clips. However, the video stops into a blur as Garrett is seen opening a box in shock when he finds what’s inside.

Later, when Emily and Spencer are at Spencer’s place, they are already tense about the new revelation. However, when Spencer’s boyfriend arrives for some tools she had wanted, Spencer does not want to answer. She hands her phone to Emily and nervously asks her to tell him she is in the shower. Spencer cannot maker her lie to him, but when she pleads, Emily only tells him Spencer cannot get near her phone right now. She tells him Spencer misses her. However, Toby complains she has been quite confusing lately. Emily tells him Spencer’s dad is around, so he should come back some time later when he is not around. He replies sarcastically, should it rather be when Spencer’s not around.

Later, Spencer’s friends are surprised to know that he just drove away. Spencer feels sorry she shut him down totally, but Hannah points out she is trying to protect someone she loves. It is romantic, but Spencer doesn’t think so. Hannah points out it is a safe thing she did. Safe is what all of them have to be. When the guy Aria is seeing arrives in the café, her friends think he is gay because he hasn’t kissed her all this while. However, Aria knows him since he was 5, but as Emily puts it, he didn’t know himself when he was 5. When Aria gets to his table, he thanks her for helping him in the reintegration with American society, and hopes her friend will not walk out of the theater again. However, he is agrees to have dinner with Aria.

A boy watches a suspicious video, which also stops abruptly, but as it appears, the person in the video is Garrett. He is in fact sitting across this boy’s table. When the boy gets up to leave, Garrett points out he is leaving his key behind. Garrett also makes a few suggestive comments in an attempt to make the boy nervous. Later, when the girls go to Alison’s bedroom, they find a doll, with a broken neck. Inside it are chits with threatening messages. One of them sounds familiar, and Aria reminds them about the Halloween night. They arrived at Alison’s porch to find it badly littered, and the pumpkin had a knife stuck on it. With it was one of the chits – which said ‘the next time it will be your face, not the pumpkin’. And this is the same chit signed by A. The girls remember A was after Alison before they were after them.

The next day at school, Hanna’s friend, Mona is heartbroken because her boyfriend, Noel Kahn has ditched her. When she gives back his gift saying he could use it for the next girl he dupes, he trashes it, leaving Mona in tears. Although Hana’s not been picking up her calls, she now feels like cheering her up, and follows her to the ladies room. After Hanna arranges for a night out with Mona, they leave. However, listening to them from the latrine was the blind girl from the video. Meanwhile, Aria calls up Ezra, but he is not willing to listen to her. He also ignores her voice mail. Toby, Spencer’s boyfriend arrives at her place to get his stuff. He climbs a truss of wooden planks, but one of the anchors is loose. It comes off, and Toby falls badly. Spencer is worried when she gets the call, and when she arrives at the hospital, she is sorry about not letting him get his stuff the previous day. However, it doesn’t make a difference to Toby.

The doctor comes in and reports Toby’s condition is not serious, and they will shortly be putting him in a casting. It turns out Spencer and the doctor know each other, and there may be something more to them. After the doctor leaves, Toby wants to know if Spencer wants to tell him something. Just then, Spencer receives a text saying “Toby was lucky this time, the sender had almost got him” – signed A. Meanwhile, Aria learns Toby’s okay. However, she and the girls wonder if Jenna could be bad enough to hurt her step brother. Hanna comments she is bad enough to kill her own mom. Back at Toby’s ward, Jenna, the blind girl from the video has arrived. Toby shouldn’t have gone to that place. Doesn’t he understand Spencer is haunted. However, Toby does not want her to mention Spencer’s name. However, Jenna insists she is the only one who cares for Toby. After all, they’re family – whether Toby likes it or not.

When Hanna’s boyfriend arrives at her place, he shows her the USB drive, and wants to know what’s in there. However, Hanna is afraid talking about it, not for herself, but for him. When he says Garrett was across the table as he went decoding the video, Hanna snatches the drive and destroys it in a fruit crusher. Meanwhile, when Emily finds Jenna stepping out of Toby’s ward, she asks how dare she come here. Jenna replies she should be asking the same question. The girls should leave Toby alone, because they are causing this to him. When Aria is getting ready for her date with Holden, her mother will let not let her go without supervision, although she argues she is not 12 anymore. Meanwhile, as Emily sits around Toby’s bed, Spencer calls her out and asks for a favor. Moments later, Emily reveals to Toby that before him, Toby was seeing someone. And now he is back.

When Aria gets dropped at the restaurant and meets Holden around 8, her mom drives away saying she will be back at 11. However, Aria is only pretending to be with Holden, because he has to leave for some place he is not telling her. However, he confirms he is not gay, although he is not being with Aria for all this while. Holden leaves. When Ezra grades one of his students B in story-writing, the boy wants to know why, because he put in a great deal of effort. Ezra knows, and he is a good writer, but the story is unrealistic. However, his student thinks it is romantic, and wants Ezra to have another look. He leaves telling Ezra to be bold quoting a line from somewhere he can’t remember. Meanwhile, Aria keeps waiting as she hopes for Ezra to turn up at the clock square, and Spencer is heartbroken after Emily has passed her message to Toby.

Hanna is worried she has to hide something from her boyfriend. When her mother notices she is worried, Hanna wants to know if her mom had to keep anything secret from dad. It turns out none of them match the level of seriousness Hanna’s having to deal with. She doesn’t want to talk about it, and she has to leave because she is going out with Mona. As they take a walk, they discover Jenna and Garrett together at a café table. As Aria keeps hoping Ezra will arrive looking at every passing car, he does arrive, and kisses her in the rain. They know they are doing something dangerous, but Aria knows where she wants to be, and she has a plan. Meanwhile, when Hanna’s boyfriend confronts Spencer and Emily about what it is Hanna does not want him to know, they tell him. When they tell Aria that, she cannot condone what they did. However, Spencer explains why it was necessary. They hear something outside, and it is Toby’s car. However, is nowhere to be found. He has left a letter for Spencer, which she reads and tells her friends he is gone.