CTRL:A - Recap

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The scene opens with Emily back on the team, and there’s going to be a victory party. But Garrett comes in to impound Caleb’s machine because someone with his ISP has been hacking into the school; much to the dismay of everyone and to the surprise of Caleb. The Liars get texts: “Now it’s Caleb’s turn.” A message that shocks them to no end. Meanwhile, Holden confesses to Arias that he does a kind of Korean martial art; a fact he had kept under wraps, and it comes as a surprise to Arias. His parents won’t let him compete and there’s a tournament coming up; they are scared he might injure himself, but he is confident of performing well as he has enough practice. Meanwhile Ella and Byron bicker, because Ella has to kill time in Philadelphia when she drives Aria in; Byron isn’t crazy about the idea, a fact he makes visibly clear. He still doesn’t trust Aria, and makes it amply clear to her.

Meanwhile, Spencer talks with Jason—and tells her he found another hidden box of Ali’s, with letters from their mutual dad to his mom. And $15,000 in cash. She is surprised to hear this. Was Ali blackmailing Mr. Hastings? It’s a possibility that might turn out to be true. Meanwhile, the Liars wait to trap friend of Ali, aka Vivien Darkbloom, at a diner. “How much money does she owe you?’ a guy called Jonah asks. He used to work at Human Resources in Allegheny Cellular; Vivien bribed him to get information on blocked texts for her friend Alison. He thinks Aria is Alison. He voices his doubts to them. He didn’t get paid his $2,000, and he got fired. Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra make plans to talk about his upcoming job interview at a Vegan French place in town. He is looking forward to getting the job, and wants to be well prepared for the interview, so he gets the job.

Meanwhile, Byron finds a note under his windshield wiper telling him Aria was there that night. He is quite surprised to find that note, and plans to question Aria about it. Meanwhile, Hanna and Ashley are called to the police station, just after Maya tells Emily she’s worried because a dried up joint in her things has been found. She is worried about legal intervention, and falling in a lot of trouble because of this discovery. But the reason Wilden called Ashley and Hanna at the station is regarding a photo of the Liars as candy strippers outside the morgue; he wants to know more about the photo. Wilden thinks the girls stole the missing page of the autopsy. He wants to question them to find out if this is true, as he has his doubts. Meanwhile, Ella asks Aria if she and Holden can go on dates closer to home, because his parents worry—he has a heart condition.

That explains the pills. Hence too much stress or traveling could be harmful for his condition. Meanwhile, Spencer considers stealing one of Dad’s checks when he walks in. She makes him tell her what happened. But he insists he never gave money to Ali or to anyone in that family for any reason; a fact she doesn’t seem to believe, from the looks of it, she will make more inquiries of her own. Meanwhile, Byron waits to catch Ezra at the vegan place. As he is sure that Ezra will land up there at some point in time. Meanwhile, Spencer and Jason quarrel about whether Ali might have been blackmailing someone else; Spencer is convinced that she surely might have been. Meanwhile, Caleb is at the police station and he tells Hanna “I’m in a hot spot right now” which is code for “hack me now, with the passwords I showed you.” a code he decided to use to not raise any suspicions. Hanna catches his drift, as he was forewarned by Caleb, and gets to work. Meanwhile, Aria watches Holden’s competition; with bated breath, hope he doesn’t injure himself in any way. It, and he, is projected as being more attractive than Ezra.

He explains that he has an abdominal aortic aneurysm. It could rupture anytime; it’s news he feels he should share with her, even though he knows it might upset her. She looks upset, and worried at the same time on hearing this piece of news. Meanwhile, Maya and Emily quarrel, and Maya stalks off because Emily won’t run away with her. Maya was clearly hoping that Emily would come along with her, but Emily has her priorities elsewhere and isn’t down with the idea of them running away. Maya is clearly hurt by Emily’s decision. Meanwhile, Aria texts Ezra to reschedule; she is still trying to come to terms with the news that has been just revealed to her by Holden. Meanwhile, Ezra looks in the café and sees Byron, and hotfoots it. Byron doesn’t see Ezra, who has spotted him; thus Ezra manages to make a clean getaway with Byron still waiting to catch hold of him. Ezra will surely not be seen in those parts for a long time to come; with Byron completely oblivious to this.

Meanwhile, Hanna and Spencer hack, Hanna remembering the code to his password, the initials of every town he’s lived in, alternating capitals and lower case, exclamation point and four numbers. She takes time to remember these details though, thus they aren’t fast enough, in fact they get stuck at one point; much to their frustration, meanwhile the clock is ticking, and the police are getting into Caleb’s computer; from the looks of it the girls won’t make it. But when Spencer asks is it an anniversary, it works, and they are through, much to their relief; Caleb might be saved after all, and that too with just moments to spare. A bunch of illegally obtained student records are in a folder called Hefty, the girls manage to find this out; they get to work and delete the files just in time. And just as the police are opening them, the files disappear, much to surprise and consternation of the cops; seeing this Caleb is visibly relieved to no end, with the cops left helpless.

I told you I was hacked, says Caleb, rubbing it in, with the cops left with no option but to believe him; especially after they have seen a live demonstration of hacking, right in front of their eyes. Holden wins his meet; he has proven the fact that he is good, thanks to years of practice, and Aria grins; she too is happy he won; a fact that is apparent. “You stayed,” he says. From the looks of it, he is happier with her staying back, than he winning the competition. Meanwhile, Byron calls Aria and asks to speak to Holden, who is actually there. Caleb gives Hanna a “good girlfriend” grins as he leaves. “1105,” November 5, the night that we, you know? Jason comes over to apologize to Spencer. She asks him to trust her, $2000 worth. The episode ends with Emily leaving an apologetic message for Maya. And A watching at the window.