Breaking the Code - Recap

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The episode begins, and Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna aren't the only ones receiving texts from "A."; they have company. We find out early on in the episode that Mona is going to be on the receiving end of whatever wrath A is still capable of doling out. She receives a text at school that threatens her and that this time Hanna's mom won't be able to save her. Now, it's Mona feeling the wrath of the dreaded “A”; and she is as disturbed about this as the rest. She also gets supplied with an incriminating photo of Hanna's mom locked in the throes of passion with Detective Wilden. More than likely, the heat will turn up on Mona until she has no choice but to go public with this piece of dirt. Basically “A” sent Mona a copy of Hanna’s shoplifting police report, threatening to out Mona’s theft of a necklace if she doesn’t give the report to the paper.

She spills to Hanna that she's been getting texts about Hanna's mom and her involvement with Officer Wilden (in an effort for Hanna not to face charges for shoplifting); much to Hanna’s surprise. The Liars come clean to one another: Hanna about the shoplifting, Aria about the letters, and that she’s still seeing Ezra. Later an angry Hanna confronts her mother about her past rendezvous with Wilden; this time much to her mother’s surprise. Mona should be more careful with the material threats she's receiving from "A" because a police report on Hanna gets into the hands of Hanna's mom, who in turn confronts Wilden. But he didn’t send the report. “If this came out I could lose my job,” he says. So they both wonder who did send it. Meanwhile, Mona's decision to be a good friend doesn't prove beneficial, as she's now forced to do community service, as a punishment for being a good friend.

In the end, she becomes the girls' latest ally. Meanwhile, Aria and Spencer meet Jonah get information on "A" and after he gives them a green slip of paper -- after Spencer is forced to hand over $2,000 from Jason -- all that's on it is an address: 2672 Southampton Rd., 19116. And to say the girls are disappointed is an understatement; as they were expecting much more, especially something that would give them a clue that, would help them reveal some information regarding “A”. Just as they're about to head over to the location (20 minutes away), they see Garrett creepily stalking them; they are quite alarmed by this. Later, once the time is right, Hanna, Aria and Emily drop by the address and when they think they've got "A" firmly in their grasp, not so! It's an elderly guy living in the dark, gated building. "Well that's not 'A,' " one of the girls says; much to their dismay and disappointment.

They were really hoping that this mystery regarding “A” would be solved at last; but alas, it was not to be. Meanwhile, things are already touchy for the Hastings family, after Spencer tells a pregnant Melissa that Jason is a sibling; news that is certainly not received too well. That's not all though. To make matters worse Caleb is right back on the case of decrypting the video of Allison's final few moments after being released from police custody. And what he uncovers provides truly the first genuine shocking detail to come out of the phone since the girls first picked it up weeks ago. Caleb sends a video that shows Melissa storming into a room demanding to know where Alison is. Melissa is basically seen entering the room where Allison was presumably killed.

This causes Aria, Emily and Hanna to warn Spencer that she best have a one-on-one with her sister; in order to sort things out. The girls all instantly want to take the evidence into the police, but Spencer is still willing to give her deceitful sister the benefit of the doubt. However, when she was all liquored up to talk to her sister, Spencer sees Melissa pull a 180 and get in a car with Garrett. This should cement the real possibility that Melissa was in cahoots with the rogue cop and his blinded beau. Meanwhile, Spencer bumps into Wren and the two reconnect; and discuss things, while the underage drinker pops back some shots and engages in a make out session at Wren's apartment. Is she going to regret it the morning after? Probably; from the looks of it she would. But darn, Wren is too much the English gentleman to let things go awry (he even tells her she's "pissed," as in drunk) and leaves Spencer be; thus avoiding any kind of an awkward situation. Meanwhile that letter that "A" put on the dashboard of Byron's car?

He must've told his wife because before you know it, Ella's passively confronting Aria about it; she doesn’t look pleased at all. Turns out, she made the connection between the letter she received about her husband's infidelity being from the same "A" person. So what's going on; that’s the question that comes to mind. Meanwhile, Ezra and Aria break up for the umpteenth time, but for the first time they do it accompanied by a weepy, coffeehouse cover of Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love." Ezra breaks the heartbreaking news to Aria that he may be ready to move on from Rosewood, taking a job in New Orleans; she is shocked to hear this, and visibly hurt. This time, he's serious; he makes that fact amply clear.

The whole thing is an exercise in heartbreak. But Ella drops by Ezra's apartment unannounced, giving Aria and Ezra an opportunity to explain themselves, and also to sort things out between themselves; at least that's more than what Byron would ever do. This separation seems to barely last a commercial break, as we return with the two having dinner and suddenly receiving a pep talk from Aria's mom. Meanwhile, Paige is back -- with a new hairstyle, no less -- and she and Emily make a great team; as is apparently clear from the look of things. All episode long, it's teased that the two swim team members have chemistry, and it was Emily's "coming out" that gave Page the courage to do the same with her parents; thus things have sorted out for them to quite an extent.

But alas, all that's short-lived when a police officer asks Emily if they could question her regarding Maya, much to her surprise. Did Maya hurt herself; that is the question being asked? Meanwhile, Melissa appears behind Spencer while she re watches the incriminating tape. She says she tried to tell her something at Ian’s funeral, but their parents will be home soon, so she coaxes Spencer away. That's the last we get to see of them this week but we do get to find out the quick nugget that Hanna's mom used a law firm for her divorce where Melissa had worked as an intern, a shocking revelation indeed. Meanwhile, Emily is shown going through the entire episode trying to contact Maya, with the ending of the episode giving an ominous idea of where she could be.