Father Knows Best - Recap

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The scene opens, and it turns out that Maya has run away leaving a note behind for her parents and the police have come to question Emily. She is still being ignored by Maya and does not want to elaborate with Hanna; she’s too tired to deal with it. Melissa is finally talking to Spencer about her relationships with both Ian and Garrett; she can’t believe that she would marry a murderer like Ian yet Garrett has been so kind to her, taking her to doctor’s appointments. Melissa tells Spencer that when Aly was killed, their father seemed relieved; prior to that, she went on to text Aly repeatedly about not flirting with Ian. Of course, she spilled her guts to Garrett who is so not trustworthy and now she regrets it. Aria is not looking forward to the father/daughter dance because there is still too much tension.

Her mom said that she would try to understand Aria’s relationship with Ezra but that did not work so well as of now. Hanna finds out that her dad won’t be going to the dance with her so her mom offers to be her date. The girls are convinced that Melissa is A while Spencer keeps denying it, not wanting to believe that her sister could have been a part of it. On top of that, Melissa was on tape the night Aly was killed so it makes everything much more complex. Spencer begs for more time to get in to the details and truly understand it all. At home, Spencer receives a card and a gorgeous necklace for the father/daughter dance and Melissa is convinced that her dad is hiding something in regards to Aly and blackmail. Hanna’s mom goes off to meet her cop friend who asks her to steal Hanna’s phone so they can find out who let out Hanna’s mug shot and paper work. Caleb has left Rosewood behind so Hanna and Mona are out bonding.

Mona took community service over turning Hanna or her mother in. As they are walking, they spot Hanna’s mom and the cop in the car together. Hanna confronts her mom about talking to Officer Wildon in private and now her mom wants to know where the police report has come from. She had to give it to Wildon to keep her daughter safe and reminds Hanna that all three of them have a lot at stake. Seems everyone is lacking somewhere. Fortunately, Hanna did not leave her cell behind for her mom to snatch and turn to the cops. Aria catches her brother, Michael shaving in the bathroom and says that she is not going to the father/daughter dance. Michael will be DJ-ing at the dance and he already knows that Aria is not dating Holden but rather Ezra. Michael does not understand what’s going on and why she is going through so much trouble for a relationship that seems doomed.

Emily’s dad has come to town for the dance where she reveals that Maya has run away so she will no longer be a support system for her. Emily’s father gives her pointers about how to possibly track down Maya since he ran away as a teen and offers to look around the town for the lost girlfriend. Spencer’s dad misses having her around but she knows that he is hiding so much that it is hard to have a good relationship with him. When her dad leaves, Spencer takes the time to search his home office for any Aly evidence since he is Jason’s father as well. She goes through his tax paper work and finds a receipt for $15,000 cash which is the exact amount that Aly had hidden in her box in her room. Melissa walks in a nosey Spencer claiming that she was just looking for a stamp, leaving her sister suspicious.

At the bus station, Emily tries to find out if Maya has been there. Her father intervenes and is able to use his military skills to get some answers. Maya did buy a ticket to San Francisco but also spent time in a dark-colored car so she could be anywhere. Aria’s father walks in as she is picking out an outfit for the dance and there is clearly tension between the two of them. It means so much to him to bring his little girl to this dance so she obliges and shows him what she will wear so he can match his tie. While in the shower, Emily sees that she has a missed call from Maya but when she calls back, the mail box is full. Hanna’s mom still wants to know where the police report came from then asks for her phone so that she can find answers. Instead of just walking away, she tosses her phone in the foamy sink and leaves. At the dance, Emily tells her father that Maya called but that they did not get to talk.

She feels bad that she is spending time with her father searching for Maya and he says he is happy being with her no matter what. He then reveals that he is being sent back to Afghanistan for six months. Aria’s father is recalling all these old memories as they dance and she knows that she does not want to play this game anymore. Hanna shows up at the dance and tells the girls about the police report and the new parental search for A. When it comes to someone making up a lie, the girls immediately point at Aria since she kept her relationship with Ezra hidden from everyone for such a long time. Spencer clearly hates dancing with her dad because she knows about all the underlying lies. Spencer reveals that she found the check stub for the amount Aly had stashed away and that she is ready to go home; she won’t lie like he did.

Aria tells her dad that she is ready to leave the dance because Hanna needs her and it devastates him because all he wants is a photo of them together. He still refers to her as his little girl but she is sure to stomp all over that. Emily is sad that her dad didn’t tell her about the deployment from the moment that he got there but he just wanted to spend time with his daughter. At Hanna’s house, Aria tells Hanna’s mom that she was the one who sent the police report, claiming she sent the police report as a way to scare her. Aria claims that she did it because Hanna had started shop lifting again and she wanted to scare her straight. It is hard to believe if she is believed or not. Meanwhile, at Spencer’s house, her dad’s locked drawer has been opened, his gun stolen, pictures of Aly in a folder. Michael asks their father if he is being a little too hard on Aria when it comes to Ezra leaving daddy a tad perplexed while Spencer waits for the patrol car to come.

Her dad reveals that he hired a private investigator to follow Aly because he believed that Melissa had something to do with Aly’s death. In Spencer’s room, Melissa startles her and reveals that their father’s gun was stolen. She tells her that she will be going back to the city because things are too weird at their house. She also offers Spencer a place to stay in case she needs to escape. Hanna’s mom is chatting with Aria’s and they acknowledge that the girls are terrified of who A is and that this person has contacted everyone. Someone was watching them from outside while Hanna goes to talk to Aria, when the guy with the info aka Jonah calls.

Jonah reveals that there is a second party in the whole texting mess so they go to the town where the texts came from. When they are there, they come across dolls similar to the psycho ones that A sent them. Aria gets cold so she goes to the car to get a coat which happens to be the red one Aly had left at the dry cleaner’s with the alias of Vivian. With her alter ego, she had dark hair, similar to Aria so when she puts the coat 0n, she hears a man behind her say “Vivian.” Frozen in her tracks, Aria turns around to see if he is the missing piece to this puzzle. The episode ends.