Eye of the Beholder - Recap

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The scene opens with Aria sitting with the Hanna, Spencer and Emily. She tells them that Duncan came by asking about Vivian (Allison). Spencer asks what Aria told him and she says that she told him that she was friends with Vivian. Spencer says that Allison was looking for something and says that she was probably looking for A. They don’t like that this is happening. Suddenly, Spencer and the others see Jenna step out of a car with Toby beside her. She sees that Jenna got the eye surgery after all. Later, Hanna asks her mother for a new phone, but she is not budging since Hanna purposely threw her old phone in the kitchen sink to avoid her mother from seeing what she had on her phone. She says that there could be an emergency, but she still doesn’t want to hear it.

At school, Mona gives Hanna an old phone that she had lying around and says that the phone is in her name so that her Hanna’s mother won’t find out. She thanks her for the phone. Emily asks Aria if she got a hold of Duncan and she says that she is meeting with him later. Emily gets a text from Maya that tells Emily that she is alright and not to tell anyone. Spencer goes to the hospital and asks Toby why he is with Jenna. Toby says that she is his sister. Spencer corrects him and says that Jenna is his step-sister. He says that it is because of Spencer and the other girls that Jenna has to go through this. Spencer feels bad that Toby is with Jenna is with him again and he says that it is too late. Jenna comes out and asks if that is Spencer who is there. She is blind, but she could still know that it was Spencer. Hanna comes in as Jenna and Toby walk by. She sees that Spencer is affected from the meeting.

Aria meets with Duncan and he says that Vivian isn’t the name of the girl and Aria says that Allison is the real name of Vivian. He asks where she is and Aria says that she is dead. Duncan is upset and asks who did it. Aria says that they don’t trust the police and they are trying to figure out what really happened. He says that they should meet somewhere private/ Aria suggests that they go where Duncan last saw Allison near Brookehaven. Duncan says that he will call her and says that he was with Allison the weekend Aria and the rest of the girls think that she disappeared. The girls meet up and see that Garrett took off. All the girls get a text from A. It reads “Where there’s smoke, there’s payback”. They are unclear what that means, but see that Toby and Jenna are talking to the fire department. They wonder what he would be talking to them about and hope that they are not telling them that Allison and the other girls are responsible of the fire.

Later at the hospital, Toby and Jenna wait when Wren comes up and asks Toby how Spencer is doing. He says that he doesn’t know. Wren is polite with Jenna around, but there is clear tension. Jenna asks Toby if Wren is Spencer’s doctor and he says that he is. Back at school, Emily asks Spencer if she is alright. She says that she is worried about Toby. Emily says that her mom is going to be back next week and tells Spencer that she got a text from Maya. Jason comes up to Spencer and Emily and tells him that he has things that belonged to Allison. He says that Maya dropped it off on the doorstep. Ella goes into see Ezra and says that he needs to get out of their lives and Aria’s. Ezra says that it matters to him what she thinks of him. Ella asks if anyone would use this situation and hurt Ezra and Aria’s situation. He says that she used to be, but not anymore. Mona talks to Hanna and says that she hates Jenna and Hanna says that she needs a way to get Toby away from Jenna for 5 minutes.

Later, Mona pretends to be interested in a truck when Hanna comes in and says that she gets why he is mad at Spencer. He says that she needs to be quiet and Hanna says that he must have forgotten everything and he says that Hanna must have forgotten what she did to Jenna. Jason gets to Spencer’s and Aria comes in too. She tells Spencer that she is going to meet Duncan. She tells her to be safe. They start looking through the bag when Spencer’s mother comes in. Jason sees this as his exit and leaves. Spencer’s mother asks why he was there and Spencer says that it was just to show the contents that Allison had in a bag. Aria meets Duncan and they are at a hanger for planes. Duncan is a pilot and he says that he is going to take Aria in the air with him so that they can talk in private. Meanwhile, Spencer and Emily have no luck with the things in Allison’s bag.

In the air, Aria and Duncan talk. He says that he was serious with Allison and she loved it in the air. He tells Aria to take the controls to be able to be in control of something. She does and he continues to talk to her. He tells her that Allison would sit in the seat and her expression would change. She says that she was getting away from something and says that the papers that a man named Ian Thomas killed himself before confessing to killing Allison. Aria says that the note was fake and that Ian was trying to protect someone. Duncan says that he flew Allison from South Carolina to Pennsylvania and says that she figured something out. Aria realizes that Allison was 6-7 hours before the actual time of being there. Meanwhile, Byron comes into Ezra’s office and says that he is going to decline the position. He says that he can’t push him away. Byron is clearly upset about this and warns Ezra. He leaves and Ezra calls Aria. He leaves a message and tells her that he loves her.

Later that night, Emily reads an email from Maya. It reads that she is safe and that she is fine and that she has to say goodbye. She tells her not to tell her parents. Spencer’s mother tells Spencer to take over the bag to Jason rather him coming in the house. Spencer says that her father lied to her about what he was doing about the money and Spencer’s mother tells her that she was the one who hired the detective to get answers. Spencer is shocked. Hanna comes over after Spencer dropping off the bag. Hanna finds a news article from 2009. There are things highlighted in the newspaper. Spencer realizes that it is a clue for them. She tells Hanna to get the bag from Jason’s porch. Ella talks to Byron and tells him that he should have known that Ezra was going to decline the offer. Byron finds out that Ella visited Ezra too and realizes that Ezra was getting mixed singles. Hanna gets the bag from the porch when she hears something shatter. She sees that the house is on fire and Jenna is trapped inside. She manages to get her out with Spencer’s help right before the back of the house explodes.

At the hospital, Jenna panics and Toby tells her that it will be alright. Aria gets in and tells Emily and Hanna what Duncan said and that they had Allison in the city at the wrong time. Hanna’s mother comes in and asks if Hanna is alright. She says that she is. Meanwhile, Wren is patching up Spencer’s hand that got some glass stuck inside. She tells him that she is fine. Wren asks if she wants to forget what happened between them, but Spencer says that she doesn’t want to forget that at all. Jason tells Aria that he didn’t know that Jenna was in his house and Aria realizes that things are starting to get a little weird. Aria sees Spencer’s mother come in and they tell her what happened. Emily calls Maya’s parents despite her wishes. Spencer sees that Jason and her mother are talking and not fighting. Jenna asks to talk to the girls and tells them that they are not at fault of the fire. She asks Hanna why she saved her and Hanna says, “Your welcome”. The girls get back and go through the things. They find a postcard with #1 written on it. They have no clue what is going on with it. Later, a mysterious person goes up to Jason’s house and leaves a police badge in the rubble. The episode ends.