If These Dolls Could Talk - Recap

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The scene opens, and Aria’s father threatens Ezra, he decides not to leave his love and calls her to tell her how he feels. Meanwhile, Maya is still missing but safe, according to her emails and Hanna saved Jenna from a horrid house fire. Aria took flight with someone from Aly’s past and everyone knows Jason is Spencer’s brother.Is Spencer’s sister, Melissa the evil A? She seems to be very well associated with Deputy Garrett which is why her parent’s hired a PI. On top of that, the girls have made their way through a bag of Aly’s old belongings which were packed up the day that she went missing. Spencer wakes up and sees Aly who is searching through the bag, telling her not to get hung up on the details and look at what’s right in front of her.

She tells her that she is sorry for not spilling about Jason but they are getting warmer. Before Aly leaves, she tells Spencer she is taking some pain killers for the road and when Spence actually wakes up, the door is open and pills are missing. She tells Emily who thinks that she is just having a reaction to her meds. Emily finally confides that she has seen and talked to Aly as well and that she is holding their brains hostage until the truth comes out. Emily soon gets a text from Maya; it’s an angry text asking why Emily told Maya’s parents about her whereabouts and wants to know who she can trust. At home, Hanna’s new phone rings and her mom now knows that Mona has given her a spare phone. Fortunately Mona comes in to the house, Hanna’s mom hands her the phone so it really goes nowhere.

Aria goes to see Ezra while her dad is away; she wants to celebrate the fact that he is staying and not letting her dad control their life. There is a lot of fallout from Ezra staying at the school, especially with the Dean but they kiss and are happy. As Jenna is getting ready for school, she has decided that she is going to remove the bandage from her eye from the surgery to restore her sight. It appears that the surgery did not take but I think that is a lie. At school, Spencer reveals that A and Aly had taken out personal ads so that they could speak back and forth and make plans. Jenna is escorted to their table by Toby and the big question is if she can see but she claims that she cannot. She starts talking about how Hanna saved her life and she realizes that people can grow so she has decided to apologize and let go of her anger.

She also tells them that she has never been the person that they really need to fear and with that, she takes out her walking stick and goes about her day. Now that they have ruled out Jenna as A, they are questioning who is: Garrett, Melissa? It is now time to go back to Brookhaven and retrace Aly’s footsteps. At the same time, Mona gets a text from A telling her to break up Caleb and Hanna. She also gives her back the loaner phone to see if she got texted as well. When Aria goes to her mom’s classroom to leave her a note about going out, she sees her transcripts that have been sent to a boarding school. In Vermont. Where her dad is visiting. So if they cannot get rid of Ezra, they will get rid of Aria.

The girls go to the creepy doll store where there is an even creepier little kid hanging out in the shop. This kid knows about the voodoo doll that Aly had and tells them that Aly was in the store, in a dark wig, as Vivian, with two people coming after her. The little boy is apparently gifted in a 6th sense sort of way and can see things before they happen. He even knew that Aly was buried alive and apologized for their loss before the store owner shooed him upstairs. As the girls are trying to figure out what is going on and Spencer confirms that Jason is her brother and that Melissa may have in fact killed Aly. When Aria gets home, she confronts her mother about boarding school and threatens to tell the Dean about her father’s affair with one of his students.

When Spencer gets home, Melissa asks her about the bag in her room and she flips it around and asks her why she was in Aly’s room the night she was killed. Apparently Melissa does not take kindly to this for she lets Spencer know that there are some incriminating videos of she and her friends out and about. Spencer tells the girls what’s going on with Melissa and they doubt it but they decide that it is time to try and trap A in their own game. Aria’s not going to boarding school at the moment but her mom says that she does not even recognize her own daughter. She is now ashamed of her daughter’s actions; even her dad is appalled. Caleb has agreed to hang out with Mona, despite their mutual hate for each other.

She rehashes how she and Hanna made themselves over and Caleb came in to the picture, leaving Mona jealous. At the same time, Emily is watching Melissa in hopes that she will catch Caleb and Mona thus proving to be A. Hanna and Spencer patiently await a text that may or may not come. The text does come and Hanna is now thoroughly convinced that Melissa is A. I’m still not so sure. Hanna thinks that Melissa should have been turned in the moment that she started texting Aly but Emily thinks that there is more to the story and they think that they should go back to the doll store where the gifted boy resides. Though Aria is not going to boarding school, Ezra has now been fired from his job. Over at Jenna’s, Garrett is sitting in his car watching her and Toby.

Suddenly, Jenna takes out a piece of paper for Toby to see and of course it is page 5 of Aly’s autopsy report, the missing page and link. It’s late at night but they decide to go to the doll shop to see Seth anyways. The door happens to be unlocked and that is just one place you don’t want to be in at night. When they go downstairs, they find a box of voodoo dolls, which the owner said that they no longer sold. They hear a doll’s voice saying “follow me and end up like me” in a cabinet. When they open it, there is a doll recreating Aly being buried alive. The whole store begins to fall on them but Hanna needs to rush out her laptop. Aria feels awful that Ezra has been fired and he tells her she will not break up her family to keep them together.

He has decided that he will go to stay at his parent’s home to regroup and look for a new job. Since he can’t teach in Rosewood, he needs to leave and find a new place to teach. He tells her that he absolutely loves her and this is not easy as a viewer to watch because it is so sad that this could be their last night together. Time for the rest of the girls to go to the police with Aly’s bag and belongings. Spencer reveals to Hanna that she has seen Aly while Melissa and Garrett are making out. She tells him that she has scared her sister enough that they will not go to the police about Melissa but the police show up anyway.

They make Garrett surrender his weapon and they put him under arrest for Aly’s murder and the girls get to watch from the stairs. In Jenna’s room, she is clearly not blind from the fact that she smashes a fly on the mirror. Meanwhile at the doll shop, Seth and the owner are in on A’s game. The episode ends.