It Happened 'That Night' - Recap

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The episode begins five months later, in the night. The girls are shown having an all night party. They discuss all that they did in the five months. They all then receive a message from A, telling them to show A their breasts. They all then try to cheer up Emily, who is visibly depressed due to all that has transpired in the past. Suddenly in the middle of the night, Aria wakes up Hanna and shows her that the front door is wide open. They then discover that Emily is gone. Spencer too confirms that she looked everywhere but couldn’t find Emily. They then try calling Emily, who is shown standing near Alison’s grave with a shovel in her hand. Turns out, Alison’s coffin is empty. The girls then arrive at the grave and are as perplexed to see it empty. Emily meanwhile is visibly distraught. Spencer then discovers that somebody called Emily from Spencer’s phone.

Which means somebody was in Spencer’s house. They then get out of the graveyard after getting rid of the shovel. Later at home, Spencer and Emily mull over who could have done such a thing. Spencer then burns all of Emily’s clothes. The girls then leave for Spencer’s lake house. Later Spencer is informed by her mother that the empty grave has been discovered, and the place is crawling with reporters. She also tells them that the police haven’t found any leads. Aria is relived that nobody saw them there the previous night. Spencer then concocts a story that, the girls were at the lake house from afternoon of the previous day, and that they went to be bed early. She tells the girls to give this story, if anyone asks. Later, Ezra and Aria flirt around, and decide to make Labor Day special. The two then begin making out passionately. Meanwhile, Hanna does some shopping with her mother.

Hanna’s mother feels Garrett paid someone to dig up the grave. Spencer meanwhile receives a call from an unknown number, but lies to Hanna who is standing nearby about it. Spencer then tells Hanna how she is worried about last night, and the fact that somebody was in her house last night, and in the same room as the girls. Hanna then tells Spencer that she is seeing Dr. Sullivan again, but promises Spencer that she shall not reveal anything to the doctor, about the previous. Emily is meanwhile told by her mother that, there was a reporter at the door, asking about the disappearance of Ali’s body. Emily’s mother then also tries consoling her by telling her that, Emily will soon start feeling better and get over things. Hanna meanwhile is paying Mona a visit. At the hospital she asks Mona who is sitting blankly, what she had done for Mona to hate her so much.

Later when Hanna has left Mona is seen looking at her leave, from a gap in the door. Toby and Spencer in the meanwhile are busy getting frisky in Spencer’s house. Toby then stops Spencer midway, as she is the one who wanted to wait and proceeds to put his clothes on. Just then Spencer again receives a call from the unknown number, but doesn’t pick it up. Later at school, the girls see Lucas and call out to him, but he avoids them and walks away. Meanwhile, Emily looks at the girls from a distance. Aria meanwhile is shown entering the restroom, and getting into a booth. Outside she hears some noise and is alarmed. She then catches a glimpse, of a man outside. She then sees the legs of the man approach the booth, from under the door, and shrieks for help. Later, a visibly ruffled Aria tells Hanna and Spencer that she had a panic attack, and possibly saw A.

They assure her that Mona is in a straitjacket in a mental asylum. Aria fells Mona could just be putting up an act, but Spencer reassures her that Mona has gone crazy. Later at home Spencer once again receives a call from the unknown number, but doesn’t pick it up. Aria’s mother in the meanwhile assures Aria that she and her father aren’t separating because of Aria’s relationship with Ezra. They have a lot of other issues which they couldn’t resolve; hence separation was the best bet. She also tells Aria that, she doesn’t have too much of a problem with Ezra. Emily meanwhile meets up with Toby. He tells Emily that he hasn’t talked to Jenna since she left town. Emily then tells Toby that she wants to talk to him about something. Spencer meanwhile walks into what looks like an abandoned resort in the dark of the night.

Just as she is walking in, she hears a rustle of leaves from behind and is alarmed, but keeps walking anyway. She then enters a room and puts on the light, and then switches on her laptop. Hanna meanwhile receives a call from the mental asylum telling her that Mona is making progress, and Hanna’s visits might be helping. She is told to drop by the asylum later, and check on Mona. Spencer meanwhile picks up a call from the unknown number and says “I am listening”. Aria’s mother meanwhile tells her that, the police are here and want to talk to her. Spencer, Aria and Hanna are then questioned, and all the three confirm the fact that they were at Spencer’s lake house, the night Alison’s body disappeared. Later, Ezra, Aria and her mother go out for dinner.

Later, Hanna pays Mona a visit. She tells Mona who is blankly staring at the wall that, she has been visiting her for weeks. Mona then turns around and smiles, while looking at the wall behind Hanna. Spencer meanwhile visits Garrett in jail. It was he who was calling her from an unknown number. He tells her that he is innocent, and all the evidence against him is false. He tells her he doesn’t know anything about Maya, but he says he might know who killed Alison. He then tells her that he needs a lawyer, and also tells her that she and her friends aren’t safe. Spencer doesn’t believe anything he is saying, and just when he is about to be taken away, he tells Spencer he knows who took the body.

Emily meanwhile sees a car parked outside her house which she seems to recognize, she then receives a message from an unknown number which says “I bet you remember me”. The car then drives away. Later Emily meets the girls and tells them “I remembered something about that night”. She then tells them about the car. She then shows them the text she received. Hanna then tells the girls it can’t be Mona, as she has been visiting her at the hospital. Spencer then shows the girls, A’s lair, which was the room she had visited earlier, in the abandoned resort. Hanna and Spencer then tell Emily that, when they came to the lair the morning after Ali’s death, they found the room empty. The girls then conclude that there was someone else helping Mona.

Just then the girls hear Spencer’s car alarm go off. Outside they find all the doors of the car open, and on the seats and the dashboard of the car are strewn photos of the girls, standing over Alison’s grave. They all then receive a message from A, saying “I play with body parts, not dolls. Game on bitches”. The episode ends at this point.