That Girl is Poison - Recap

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The episode begins with the girls talking about Hanna being a mess. The girls are all freaking out because of the possible ways they could be arrested, for the whole graveyard incident. A police car and an ambulance pull up to Garrett's place and take his mother out on a stretcher. Aria spots somebody in a hoodie watching from the shadows. Later, Aria seems to be worried about Ezra's money situation, but he assures her he's fine, and tells her there is nothing to worry about. She sees Lucas pounding on a door asking about "my stuff." Meanwhile, Emily asks Paige if she wants to go the movies. Paige doesn't seem sure of where Emily's coming from, since she thought Emily had been avoiding her.

They comment on the now openly-sighted Jenna. Meanwhile, Hanna tells Ashley that Caleb won't return her texts, and she is visibly bothered by this. She wants Hanna to help her sort clothes for a church rummage sale the following night, as it would help her keep her might off Caleb. Hanna pretends to leave for school, but is staying home, as she is in no mood to do anything at all after her break up with Caleb. Meanwhile, Lucas was pounding to get into a photography studio and the girl wonders if perhaps he took the photos at the graveyard. Spencer tells Emily that Garrett is being released to see his mother. Jenna walks over and hands them invites for her birthday party. Jenna tells them she feels safer when she's in control of her life. Meanwhile, Emily's boss is making her work Jenna's birthday party. She walks over to where Jenna is speaking with photographer Laurel, who will be shooting her party.

Emily overhears Laurel say she had a "thief" working for her. An angry Nate stops by complaining to Emily about Garrett being let out. Meanwhile, Spencer advises Aria not to baby Ezra too much. Ezra meanwhile texts the words that, he has been invited to Jenna's party. Spencer wants to find out when Garrett is visiting the hospital so she can be there. Meanwhile, Emily has to cancel the movie date with Paige, but they'll see each other at the party, is what they decide. There is a lot of tension between the two, from the look of things. Paige spots Emily's flask. She assures Paige "I'm done with that." Meanwhile, Jenna starts flirting with Nate. Emily in the meanwhile tells the girls about Laurel shooting the party and Lucas. They speculate whether Lucas was the one who dug Alison up and whether there are ulterior motives for Jenna's party, as they still can completely trust Jenna, although she has come clean with them.

Meanwhile, Hanna begs Ashley to let her leave the rummage sale. No dice. Ashley runs into a man named Ted who is the volunteer coordinator. They appear to hit it off, from the look of things. Ezra meanwhile, is surprised Aria is interested in stopping by Jenna's party, as he always felt she and Jenna were never on good terms. He gives her an antique camera as a gift. Meanwhile, Spencer is spying on Garrett at the hospital, while giving Emily updates over the phone. Strangely Garrett writes a card for his flowers, despite the fact his mother is in a coma. Spencer later runs into Wilden, who doesn't buy her bogus story for being there. While Paige and Emily talk, they see Nate walk in the door. Meanwhile, Hanna is alarmed by something she spots in the clothes pile. She stuffs what appears to be a jacket into her bag. Ted sees this and Hanna asks where the last bag came from.

He doesn't know he claims. She then calls Spencer and tells her she just found a jacket from that night. Meanwhile, Nate tells Emily about meeting Jenna the other night. Paige is then shown adding booze from Emily's flask to her drink. Ezra and Aria arrive. Aria asks Laurel about the vintage camera. Laurel says if the camera works it was expensive. She also brings up the possibility of being Laurel's new assistant and hears that Lucas' camera bag is still there. Meanwhile, Paige appears to be jealous of Emily talking to Nate. Aria meanwhile pours water on Laurel's equipment. Meanwhile, Toby drops by Spencer's place. He has no plans to attend Jenna's party and she asks him to stay, so they can spend some quality time together. She wonders how nobody else knew Jenna was faking for so long.

Toby reveals to Spence that, Jenna told their parents she was scared her sight might not return, so she didn't tell them when she started seeing shadows. Meanwhile, Ezra wants to leave, but Aria talks him into waiting a little bit longer, although he clearly doesn’t want to stick around any longer. A drunken Paige meanwhile starts embarrassing herself, eventually falling over and hitting her head, much to everyone’s shock. Later, Emily and Nate take Paige to the hospital. Hanna meets her there and shows her the jacket. Emily thinks A is responsible for it getting to the rummage sale and thinks maybe she saw more than just Jenna that night. Hanna in the meanwhile leaves the hospital. Emily sees Wilden leave and immediately sends a text. Meanwhile, Ezra is getting angry that Aria keeps ditching him at the party.

This leads to a discussion of money and he tells her he got a new job. Laurel in the meanwhile spots her wet equipment and is visibly bothered. Aria offers to run to the studio and bring her back dry memory cards, pretending to offer help. Inside the studio Aria finds Lucas' equipment. While she looks through it, a shadow is seen lurking nearby. Aria meanwhile pulls out some film and leaves. Outside she runs into Lucas who says "I need to get inside." He initially won't let her pass, but just then Ezra pulls up and Lucas sprints off. Meanwhile, Nate asks Emily about her relationship with Paige. Spencer meanwhile drops by and wants to go upstairs. Meanwhile Nate goes after Garrett but is held back by police. During the commotion Spencer jumps into the elevator. Meanwhile, Paige comes out with a few stitches, but is otherwise fine. She as it turns out doesn't remember anything, but it turns out alcohol wasn't her problem.

A tox screen found traces of a sleeping pill in her system. She gives a concerned-looking Emily back the flask. Meanwhile, Spencer goes into Garrett mother's room and reads the card. It seems pretty straight-forward. But underneath her hospital bracelet Spencer find a note reading: “April Rose has the proof”; much to Spencer’s surprise. Meanwhile, Aria calls Emily and looks at the negatives, in order to see if they can find out something. Emily then looks up the drug from her flask and much to her surprise finds that, it's a sedative used to subdue aggressive patients and inmates. She also finds out that, one of the side effects of the drug is memory loss.

Thus Emily realizes she was drugged that night, and hence cannot seem to recollect anything much. Aria meanwhile finds three of the pills in Lucas' camera bag, much to her surprise. Meanwhile a pair of hands wearing gloves is shown rummaging through a handbag, and it is then show that from the hand bag is recovered a bottle of the prescription drug, with Maya’s name written on it. The episode ends at this point.