The Remains of the 'A' - Recap

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The episode begins with Spencer and Hanna formulating a plan to swap the note for a fake, leading whomever to the Rosewood church at night when it will be deserted. Spencer is expecting to see Lucas. Hanna goes in to Mrs. Reynolds' room and puts the note under her medical bracelet. She starts twitching, Hanna runs. Meanwhile, Aria gets texts about what's going down at the hospital. She debates bailing on her first day of work, but Ezra points out they need the cash. Ezra tries to boost his confidence by encouraging her to take pictures of him. Meanwhile, Spencer Googles April Rose, PA. Toby distracts her by making out with her. They're interrupted by her dad coming home. Veronica got called in to work on a time sensitive issue; Garrett's case.

The physical evidence they have against Garrett can't be retested because there isn't enough or it's tainted. Her mom is pushing to get it thrown out. Spencer leaves. Meanwhile, Hanna gives Emily the pick-up location of the bag that had the jacket in it: Riverside and State Street. Meanwhile, Spencer waits for Jason, offering that she has a way to help the case. She mentions April Rose. Spencer's dad pulls up down the street and spies on her. At the rummage sale, Ted asks Hanna if her mom is coming. He expects to see her at the party tonight. It's a thank you party for the volunteers, thrown by the council in the church rec room. Hanna realizes this messes up their A trap. Spencer asks Jason if April Rose might have been one of the NAT girls they filmed. Or she was an employee; he thinks Ian and Garrett were paying girls to set up their friends.

Jason thinks Ian had help with the filming, and might have been doing it for someone else. At home, Aria runs out of socks and looks in Ezra's drawer. She finds a plastic bag filled with wads of rubber banded $50s and $100s. She leaves. Spencer is resolved to get to April before A does, she's could be the only thing to keep Garrett in jail. They wonder if Maya found the tapes in Aly's stuff and if they're what Garrett was after all along. They try to figure out the Garrett/A dynamic; who's really in charge of the two, they wonder. Meanwhile, Aria meets up and Hanna tells her the new plan: she and Emily will hide at the rec center and just see who comes. Meanwhile, Aria asks how much reward Jason offered: $50,000 cash. Spencer thinks anyone with that much cash on hand must be a criminal. Meanwhile, Peter confronts Jason, asking him to leave Spencer out of things. Peter says Veronica didn't take the case to spite Jason.

Jason thinks she took it because she hates Peter. Meanwhile, Ashley arrives at the rummage sale to pick up Hanna, but she's really interested in saying hi to Ted. Ashley and Ted are going to the party as a date. Meanwhile, Hanna says they can't ride together because Toby's giving her a ride to get some do gooder creep to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Emily checks out the clothes drop box. She notices a diner across the way. Meanwhile, Hanna asks Spencer if Toby can take her. Spencer is getting overwhelmed by the whole thing, but Hanna assures her they stopped Mona and they can stop this person. Meanwhile, Emily gets coffee at the diner. She gets a text to meet at the dance. She notices the maze place mat and flashes back to seeing it another time, when the waitress was telling someone she didn't look too good and had better go home before she passed out. She was with someone with an eyeball symbol tattooed inside their left wrist and holding their hand.

We don't see who. Meanwhile, Jason comes to Spencer's: he found April Rose. It's an antique shop. Meanwhile, Toby takes Hanna to the dance. Ted thinks they're dating. Meanwhile, Hanna hides when Wilden walks into the dance. At April Rose Antiques, Jason asks the owner if he was asked to hold anything. Spencer recognizes a charm anklet. She remembers seeing it on Aly, who said it was from "just a friend." One night, Spencer had plans with Aly and she bailed to go get fake IDs. She was wearing the anklet, like always. The owner doesn't recognize it and says it must be new to the shop and he can't sell it because it has no tags. Jason gives him $400 for it. Meanwhile, Toby asks Hanna to dance and she reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Ted tells Ashley about mountain climbing and offers to take her.

She suggests Sunday, but he's busy every Sunday, which is how she learns he's an associate pastor. She suddenly regrets her low cut dress. Meanwhile, Toby can tell Hanna is distracted and asks why he's there. Ashley comes to talk to her. Meanwhile, Toby leaves Spencer a message telling her he needs to know why she and Hanna lied to him. Meanwhile, Ashley is mortified, but Hanna didn't know he was a pastor either. Emily meanwhile arrives. Holden says hi and offers Emily a cupcake. He has an eyeball tattoo inside his wrist. Except it's not a tattoo, it's a stamp for a rotating party. He mentions he used to see Maya at them. Meanwhile, Ashley tries again with Ted. She asks him to dance, but Wilden interrupts, sort of being vaguely menacing. Ashley gets psyched out and makes an excuse to leave. Meanwhile, Spencer listens to Toby's voice mail.

Jason takes the charm anklet to the police station, saying he got an anonymous tip. Meanwhile, Spencer asks to see the letters that helped him figure out they were related. Meanwhile, Emily tells Hanna about her conversation with Holden, who she thinks knows something about that night. Meanwhile, Hanna goes into the church rectory to wait for A. She hides in a pew when she hears someone coming. Wilden finds her crouching there. He has the note from the hospital. She denies knowing about it. "Why are you helping him?" he asks. "All that fuss you girls made pointing the finger at Ian, was that all for Garrett's sake? I don't get it, why are you in his corner?" he asks. He continues to be vaguely menacing, saying she causes problems. Meanwhile, Aria comes home and tells Ezra she had a terrible first day because she was distracted by what she found in his sock drawer. He tells her he sold a '67 Jag his grandfather left him.

He got paid in cash so the buyer wouldn't have to pay taxes. He was embarrassed about how broke he is. She seems to recover and snuggles with him on the couch. In the morning, Peter asks Spencer about the anklet. The police have been looking for it for two years, but had kept it out of the press. He knows she and Jason found it. It had two kinds of blood on it: Aly's and not Garrett's. The judge threw out the case. She runs back upstairs and cries.

She takes out her phone to make a call, but gets a text from A instead: "Hey Spence, I have one more surprise for you. Garrett isn't their killer." Meanwhile, someone wearing all black and black gloves reads the news about the case being dismissed. Then the person goes through the classified ads, and circles one about a room, for rent. The episode ends at this point.