Stolen Kisses - Recap

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The episode begins, and the girls decide they need to figure out what is on the website featuring Maya's picture. Emily tries one possible password but comes up short, much to her dismay. Meanwhile, Byron tells Aria that Meredith got the job at Rosewood High School. He says he'll tell Ella about it. Emily and Nate meanwhile, go to one of Maya's favorite spots in town and reminisce, about her. He then tells her about Jenna standing him up. She simply called and told him "something came up", and divulged nothing more, for standing him up. Nate then in anger tells her, he's thought about killing Garrett with his bare hands. Meanwhile, Aria meets Ezra's mother Diane. She finds out his real last name is Fitzgerald.

There is an event the three of them are supposed to attend the following night, so Aria can spend some time with his mother. Aria also finds out that, Ezra fibbed about when their relationship began. Spencer meanwhile, is struggling to crack the password on Maya's website, but isn’t able to make a headway. She asks Hanna whether it's okay to ask Caleb for help, as he is good at these things, and might be the only one who can help. Hanna meanwhile, gets a text from Wren that they need to talk. Toby meanwhile, walks in the door wanting to know if Spencer knows where Jason is. Toby is furious because Jason's not at home, and he suspects he's across state lines getting his car fixed. Caleb meanwhile is still furious Hanna's not being open with him and tells her he'll find out what's going on by himself, if she won’t tell him.

Meanwhile, Emily tells Paige she wants to tell her the truth about what happened with her flask. Meanwhile, Wren tells Hanna that Mona is being moved to a facility in New York. Hanna is visibly shocked to hear this. He also tells her, they want added security. They think she's been passing pills to a visitor. Hanna asks him to try and change the hospital's mind. Later, Hanna spots Caleb and walks over to him. He sees that she was sitting with Wren and walks out in disgust, without talking to her. Meanwhile, Spencer asks Caleb about the best way to get around tough password protection. Meanwhile, based on Ezra’s mother's jewelry, which looks apparently expensive, Aria is curious if his family has money. Caleb meanwhile, tells Spencer he's more than willing to help if it means crushing Mona and helping Hanna.

After he leaves she gets a text from A "Mona's almost gone. Hanna's next". Later, Spencer shows the girls the text from A, and a visibly worried Hanna confirms what she heard about Mona through Wren. They wonder if Lucas might be the person Mona's been giving pills to. Meanwhile, Aria drops by Spencer's place for help with her wardrobe, as she needs to look good for the event she is going to with Ezra’s mother. The two then go through Spencer’s mother's bag and they take pictures of her files. Meanwhile, Emily and Paige go for a run. They stop in the woods and Emily tells her the drug was in her flask. She swears it wasn't on purpose and tells her she's not sure who was trying to drug her. Paige also reveals that for at least part of the night Emily was at Alison's grave, they were together.

Meanwhile, Aria and Spencer look through the files, in order to find out something pertinent. They find the name Bart Comstock in the prosecution witness list. It seems Veronica is planning to attack this person's credibility, as it turns out. Meanwhile, Paige tells Emily that at about 11pm that night Emily was sitting on her steps, all by herself. Paige on seeing this took her into her house, thinking she was drunk, and the two fooled around for a bit. Later, Paige came back with a glass of water. But when she came back, she discovered that Emily was gone. Meanwhile, Wren was unable to change anybody's mind about moving Mona, although he did try his best to do so. He suggests maybe Hanna should say something, as that might help the cause.

Meanwhile, Aria runs into Bart, who manages a movie theater in town. He says he told the police he saw Maya getting into a car with Garrett. Meanwhile, Caleb manages to get into the site, using his skills, just as Spencer had assumed he would. They then see a video of Maya reading a book and talking to the camera. Meanwhile, Aria tells Spencer what she learned from Bart. Later, at the art function Aria asks Ezra about his parents' financial situation, voicing her suspicions about them being wealthy. He's in turn confesses to Aria that, he is not comfortable with the fact his grandparents were extremely wealthy. Meanwhile, Nate tells Emily he believes that even when you do something in a dream, it's still you. Meanwhile, Diane asks Aria what her parents think of Ezra. She also asks about her parents being separated.

Diane then starts to get really nosy about Aria's family and begins to suggest how bad she's been for Ezra. She then says she's not going to let Aria ruin Ezra and hints at paying her to break up with her son. Aria is visibly shocked and offended with Diane’s behavior and insinuations, and takes off. Later, Ezra asks Diane what she said to Aria, since he now can't find her, and is guessing that something must have gone wrong, while he wasn’t around. Ezra also tells her visibly agitated that, this kind of stuff is why he doesn't want to have anything to do with his family. Meanwhile, Hanna speaks to the hospital board, in order to change their mind about shifting Mona. She tells them she owes Mona for her friendship.

She asks them to please not send Mona away from her friends and family, as that is a punishment Mona doesn’t deserve. Meanwhile, Paige apologizes to Emily and says she'll kill whoever put that stuff in her flask. Emily tells her that even though she was drunk that night, she was looking for somebody. Emily then kisses her. Meanwhile, Byron finds Aria sitting all by herself on the floor, looking visibly distraught. She then asks him if he thinks she ruined Ezra's life, just like Diane does. He in turn comfortingly tells Aria that, nobody could be harmed by having her in their lives and hugs her.

Meanwhile, Wren tells Hanna that based on her testimony they are going to delay any decision on Mona, as she has made a strong case against shifting Mona. At that moment she gets a text that says, she needs to see something. Next, a video of Emily is seen on Maya's site. There are hundreds of videos, seemingly in no discernible order. They are baffled as to why Maya send them to the site. They decide they need to watch the rest of the videos with Emily. Meanwhile, Emily's phone rings in her jacket, but she is unaware of the call, as she is in the pool, swimming with Paige. The episode ends at this point.