The Kahn Game - Recap

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The episode begins with Aria showing Spencer a picture with a stamp on Maya's wrist that Emily remembers from "that night". Spencer thinks she needs to take a step back, mentioning she's so distracted she forgot to apply for early admission to her dream college; Penn. Cece later tells Spencer that she went to Penn and is going to a party with an old high school friend named Stephen who works in admissions, and therefore might just be able to help. Meanwhile, a police offers drops by Hanna's place and tells Ashley that, the court order came through and she has five days to provide a sample to match against blood found on Alison. Ashley then calls Veronica's firm, regarding this matter.

Caleb meanwhile, gives Hanna the login for Maya's website to give to Spencer. They make awkward small talk, while they are at it. Then as soon as he walks away she gets a text from A "The Apple Rose Grille at closing time. Go alone or Caleb pays". Meanwhile, Spencer doesn't think Hanna should go and Hanna promises her she won't. Also as it turns out, they still haven't told Emily about getting into Maya's website. Aria meanwhile, arrives at Ezra's door and catches the end of an argument between him and his brother Wes about an offer of some kind. Ezra at the end of the argument sends him away without introducing Aria to his brother. Aria meanwhile, guesses from their conversation that, his mother offered him money to break up with her, and then tells him she made a similar offer to her.

But it turns out; the conversation with Wes was about a car he'd sold a few months back when he needed cash. The car it turns out, had been left to him by his grandfather, but when he disowned his inheritance it went to Wes instead. Despite that, Wes let him sell it as Ezra was in trouble financially. But now his mother wants the car back and the buyer as it turns out, wants double what he paid Ezra. Emily meanwhile tells Hanna she knows something is up and Hanna then tells her what’s actually going on. Emily isn't very pleased about the fact that, they waited two days to share with her, this new revelation. Hanna later gives her the password, but Emily says she wants check out the website, all on her own. Meanwhile, Ashley runs into Ted on the street.

He suggests they go for coffee sometime and she apparently seems to like the idea. Spencer and Aria meanwhile, thinks it's strange they never knew about Cece's existence earlier. They figure Alison would have bragged about her constantly, which she strangely never did. Later, Aria and Spencer recognize the location of the party as Noel's cabin. At the door they get stamped and it turns out, it is the exact same stamp from Maya's wrist. Meanwhile, Emily is busy watching some of Maya's videos, on the website. Cece meanwhile isn't exactly thrilled to see Eric playing the host. Stephen it turns out isn't there yet and Cece offers the girls a drink. They turn it down. Meanwhile, Hanna leaves home for the Grille. Before she heads out the door her mother tells her about the visit from the police. Ashley says Veronica is on the case.

Then after Hanna leaves, Ashley calls Ted and sees if he wants to have dinner. Cece and Eric meanwhile are playing Truth or Dare, Aria and Spencer on the other hand think about leaving. But just then, Noel and Jenna walk in the door. Noel then challenges Spencer to the next game of Truth or Dare. Meanwhile, Hanna runs into Caleb at the Grille, much to her surprise. He in turn tells her, he was the one who sent the text "I'm 'A.' Get in the car". In the car Caleb seems to think this means she can stop lying to him. Hanna on the other hand says it isn't that simple, telling him about all the things A has done recently. Noel meanwhile tells Aria that Maya used to hang out over there occasionally. Spencer then asks him about the night Alison's body was taken. He says he was home, which Eric vouches for.

They then ask Aria about Ezra and she leaves in a huff. Outside, Spencer assures her that nothing she said could have gotten Ezra into trouble. Spencer later goes back in, to play with Jenna. Meanwhile, Aria calls Ezra's phone and gets Wes. Wes tells her that, Ezra is meeting the guy about the car. She wants Ezra to pick her up when he gets back and she leaves the address of the party. Meanwhile at dinner, Ashley gets a call from Wilden. Jenna meanwhile, tells Eric she's not sure about playing truth with Spencer. He though, convinces her to stay. Emily meanwhile is busy watching Maya's videos, just then Paige walks through her bedroom door, much to Emily’s surprise. She says Emily's mother let her in. Spencer meanwhile, asks Jenna where she and Noel found Emily.

Jenna says she lied to protect somebody, and reveals nothing more. Eventually, time runs out with Jenna asking about the video and Spencer asking her where Alison's body is. Meanwhile, Wes arrives to pick up Aria, much to her shock. She accepts the ride albeit reluctantly, he then asks if they can grab a bite on the way home. Meanwhile, Caleb tells Hanna he's going to help her stop A, whether she wants him to or not. They then end up kissing. Meanwhile, after a lot of looking Spencer finally finds Cece. She doesn't think there ever was a guy from Penn named Stephen, but Cece says he stopped by briefly while Spencer was in the game room and she gave him her application. Meanwhile, after Ashley gets off the phone with Veronica for what was apparently a long time, she finds Ted had been busy cleaning up the whole time.

She later tells him about Hanna and Wilden. Eventually they kiss and begin making out. Meanwhile, Wes accidentally tells Aria about Ezra getting a woman named Maggie pregnant when he was younger. She is visibly shocked to hear this. He then also reveals that, Ezra's mother used her money to make the problem go away. Aria is clearly upset at learning this news. Emily meanwhile, tells Paige about the website. She tells a story about her late grandfather that seems to lessen the tension. Paige then holds Emily in her arms. Aria meanwhile drops by Ezra's and says she knows about Maggie. Aria then demands to know the complete truth, regarding what she has been told. Turns out, Ezra got Maggie pregnant when they were in high school.

His mother on coming to know about it, told him she'd handle it, which meant giving her money on the condition, she never speak to Ezra again. Ezra after this incident decided to attend college further from home and also decided to change his last name. Spencer meanwhile calls Toby and leaves a message. She says "I miss you and I'm worried about you". She later gets an email from Penn's admission department that says she's been accepted for early admission, much to her pleasant surprise. At the same moment, A is renting a hotel room. The episode ends at this point.