What Lies Beneath - Recap

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The episode begins with Aria asking Ezra about his mother paying Maggie to disappear. Aria's still upset he never told her and there is apparent tension between the two. At the coffee shop, Hanna is pouring over Maya's website, trying her best to find anything that might be pertinent. While she is at it, Wren stops by and asks her about their kiss the other day, as he is curious what that was all about. She though makes it amply clear to him that, it can never happen again, citing Spencer and Caleb as the reason. Spencer in the meanwhile tells Emily that Toby has taken a job out of town. She is also struggling in school, she tells Emily. Paige as it turns out is gunning for the anchor spot on one of the relays.

Ella and Zach are on the other hand having lunch in her classroom. Ella then catches Aria and Ezra kissing. Then after he leaves Aria seems a little bothered by his age. Elsewhere, Hanna has printed out the photos from Maya's website and is categorizing them in search of clues. They during their categorizing see that a few of the last pictures posted were taken at Noel's cabin. They then mull over this fact, as they aren’t able to figure out as to why she'd have been there during the day. In addition, it also appears she's wearing pajamas in the shots. Spencer later confronts Noel about his relationship to Maya. He in turn justifies himself by elaborating that, he'd occasionally hook her up with weed, and there was nothing more to it.

Nate on the other hand drops by to see Emily at the coffee shop. He then spots Jenna with Noel and starts getting visibly angry at this fact. Then after Noel leaves Nate walks over to Jenna and sits down, apparently keen on giving her a piece of his mind. The conversation consequently gets heated with Nate ensuring that he does exactly what he came at the table to do. Jenna eventually is unable to take it anymore and tells him to get out of her way so she can leave. Later, Emily sends Spencer a text letting her know that Noel is on his way to practice. “Opportunity knocks”, she writes. Ella and Aria on the other hand are busy discussing about Ella's social calendar. Aria in the end is stunned to discover the fact that her mother is juggling at least three different men and that too with relative ease.

Paige on the other hand isn't being allowed to swim in the county meet because of her grades. She is visibly distraught at the turn of events. Emily on her part tries her best to cheer her up and she does so, with a few kisses. Back in school, Spencer goes into the football locker and picks Noel's locker, hoping to find something pertinent in it. She is then almost caught by two players who come in for a shower, but in the end, somehow manages to escape their notice. Hanna and Emily on the other hand go to Noel's cabin to look around, and see if they can find something of relevance over there. They walk inside and it then shown that there is a security camera pointed on the location. Spencer in the meanwhile tries to put Noel's phone back in the locker, just then to her absolute shock and horror, he catches her.

She then seeing no other option left to her, beats a hasty retreat, before she can be questioned about it. Zack and Aria on the other hand talk about the situation. He tells her Ella is the only one he's seeing, and as it turns out, he is apparently quite serious about her. On their way out Hanna on the other hand, decides to check a door. They end up finding another, hidden door, much to their surprise. Inside as it turns out, is a bedroom set-up and Maya's bag. In addition, there they also find a card Emily gave to Alison and a one-way ticket to San Francisco. The door then suddenly slams shut behind them, consequently locking them in, much to their shock and horror. They then ask what the person wants and just then the light goes off.

Spencer on the other hand gets an email that reads "Stay out of my locker" In addition; it contains a video that appears to contain the security footage from Noel's cabin the night Maya died. Aria in the meanwhile, tells Ella about Zack sounding like he's into her, and also tells her that he isn’t seeing anyone else except her. She then tells Ella that, she thinks her mother should be straight with him, if Ella doesn’t feel the same way about him. At the cabin, Emily begins breaking windows in the desperation to get out and Hanna in process ends up cutting herself badly on the leg. They then much to their relief are eventually able to escape and find a spray painted message from A "I'm saving you for later". Emily on seeing her condition thinks they need to take Hanna to the hospital.

She though won't go and is adamant, seeing no other option Emily calls Wren. Later, Wren stitches Hanna up. He then asks questions about the whole issue, she though doesn't tell him what happened. Later, Nate apologizes to Emily for how he behaved at the coffee shop. He then tells Emily that, he misses Maya. Emily then shows him the bag and some of her stuff. They then hug and eventually begin to kiss. At this very moment, Paige walks by and is visibly shocked to see them. Then after Paige walks away visibly hurt, Nate reveals to Emily that he'd wanted to do that for some time. Just then Emily gets a text from Paige canceling their plans. Aria on the other hand apologizes to Ezra for not respecting his past.

He tells her he's found Maggie, but hasn't called her yet. Spencer in the meanwhile is busy watching the security footage, eventually in the footage she sees Maya arrive on her bike and go inside. Later, Aria drops by and Spencer shows her the footage. This shows Maya alive at 10:04pm, with Garrett having been seen with her a full hour earlier. At the coffee shop, Ella stops by and asks Zach if he wants to have a drink. He opens a bottle of wine. She tells him she's been dating other guys and finds it hard to believe he hasn't been dating women. She says she didn't expect to find someone she liked so much at this point and he says he thinks they should "give this a shot". They then kiss. Wren on the other hand tries to kiss Hanna, but she rebuffs him.

Emily tells Paige about spending the night with Nate, but doesn't mention the kiss. Paige seems to be giving her a chance to come clean. Later, the girls watch more footage. At about 1:14 Noel and Jenna are shown arriving and going inside. Seconds later, Maya is shown leaving and is shot on her way out. Spencer then points out that Garrett was arrested a full hour earlier; hence the killer couldn't have been him. They in the end conclude that, none of them killed Maya. The episode ends at this point.