Single Fright Female - Recap

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The episode opens with Hanna trying to find that clothes that cover up her knife wound. Hanna then ignores a phone call from Wren and Spencer wants to know what's going on. Hanna though isn’t very comfortable discussing this issue. Ted drops by to tell Ashley he found a flash drive in one of the church pews. Spencer and Hanna are listening from the stairs and Spencer says it's what she threw to get away from Ian. Hanna is visibly worried that, the drive has turned up like this. Spencer though calms her down saying that it’s fine. Ted on the other hand tells Ashley the drive has video of the girls that seems to have been taken without their permission.

Ashley leaves the drive on a table and Hanna walks by and grabs it, before anyone else can get their hands on it. Ashley catches her and asks who took the video. Hanna says it was Mona and wants them to throw it away. Ashley's though says she is going to watch the videos herself and then decide what to do. Ezra in the meanwhile, tells Aria he's written an email to Maggie but is worried he shouldn't send it. He doesn't think it's fair of him to interfere. Emily on the other hand tells Paige about kissing Nate. She thinks it makes sense given their relationship to Maya and the emotion involved. Aria tells Spencer she wishes she had a way to get in touch with Maggie. Spencer thinks that is a terrible idea. Cece is upset Spencer completely forgot about a trunk show that night she was supposed to help her with.

Spencer says she's going to do what she can and get her friends to help. Cece calls Paige "pigskin" and tells Spencer that Paige and Alison didn't like each other. Spencer then flashes back to the girls noticing a huge bruise on Alison's shoulder. She is shown telling them a "psychotic" girl named pigskin kicked her and she is planning her revenge. Hanna on the other hand asks Caleb for advice in the computer lab. He advises against her trying to steal the drive. Nate in the meanwhile, asks Emily if she wants to go out for dinner and a movie. She cuts him off, saying she wants them to just be just friends. He is visibly upset at this suggestion of hers and tells Emily that he recalls Maya giving the same speech to "20 different guys".

Aria on the other hand pays Maggie, who is a teacher, a visit at her school. Spencer in the meanwhile, asks Emily about Paige's history with Alison. Emily is upset Spencer is asking about Paige and eventually yells at her for this very reason. Hanna on the other hand tells Jenna about the drive and the fact it might end up with the police. Nate tells Hanna about Emily blowing him off. Jenna's name comes up and Hanna lets slip that she had been faking being blind. Aria at school tells Maggie she's there because she's interested in being a teacher like her. One of the boys in her class, Malcolm, is her son. She then tells Aria she was a teen mother and Aria looks stunned. Cece in the meanwhile, isn't thrilled that Spencer is without any of her friends. The topic of Paige and Alison comes up again.

The scene then flashes back; to Alison telling Cece she's been toying with Paige by anonymously pretending to have feelings for her. They spot Paige leaving her a note. Alison takes the note and threatens to tell Paige's father. She says "I own you now". While studying Emily asks Paige about Alison. Paige says she barely knew Alison. Paige asks whether or not Emily should be questioning her friends. Aria in the meanwhile runs into Ezra's brother Wes. She tells him about seeing Maggie, saying that she wanted to make sure Ezra was okay with how Maggie was doing. She tells him about Malcolm and wonders why Maggie wouldn't have told Ezra that he has a son. While helping at Cece's thing Spencer sends a text to Hanna saying they need to talk about Paige.

Her message doesn’t go through and it shown that the door has been locked. Also, there is now a snake in the room, as it turns out. Spencer on seeing the snake bangs on the door in panic as the creature tries to bite her, but nobody hears. She eventually is let out just in the nick of time. Spencer later tells Hanna about the snake and is starting to think Paige might be behind the whole thing. She's thinking Paige's obsession with Emily might also mean jealously of her friends. Emily calls Hanna and says she can't find the knife. Spencer thinks Paige might be the one to blame. Aria asks Wes how she could possibly go an entire weekend without telling Ezra. Aria is worried this might ruin their relationship. Hanna and Spencer on the other hand return to help Cece, who assures them the snake problem has been taken care of.

Caleb surprises Hanna in the dressing room. He's talked to Ashley and thinks he might have convinced her not to turn the drive over to the police. Hanna tells him there may be a new person they should fear. Ezra comes home and Aria tells him she's invited Wes to stay for dinner and help celebrate his birthday. Ezra tells them he called Maggie and she sounded great. Maggie told him she lives alone. Emily arrives at the trunk show. And Paige is with her. While Emily tries on something Paige and Spencer talk alone. Paige tells her she'd like to make a fresh start. Aria on the other hand wants Wes to talk to his mother. Spencer at the do, tells Hanna about the talk with Paige and wonders if perhaps the knife is in her bag. They snag it and quickly look through.

Spencer gasps just as Emily and Page come out of the dressing room. Emily knows what's going on and tells Paige they're leaving. After they leave Spencer shows Hanna that they got the proof they were looking for. Paige and Emily in the meanwhile talk on the front porch. Paige comes clean about Alison torturing her for years and begins to cry. Paige says she became suicidal but ultimately didn't want to let Alison win. Ashley later tells Hanna "I'm going to take care of it" and puts the drive into the disposal. Part of the reason is there was a video of her on there. The doorbell rings with Ted there for their date. He thinks they should give the drive to the police. Hanna though saves her mother by taking credit for destroying it. Spencer on the other hand shows Aria the ring.

She thinks Paige took it out of Alison's grave and may in fact be A. Paige leaves to wash her face. While she's gone Jenna walks up and says "I need to talk to you about your friend". When Jenna sees two cups she leaves, warning her to be careful who she spends her time with. Emily walks to the street and sees Jenna get into a cab. While she's doing that Paige returns and declines a call from Spencer on Emily's phone. The episode ends at this point.