The Lady Killer - Recap

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The episode begins with Hanna disconsolate, while a body is carried into an ambulance. Spencer and Aria are with Hanna and are doing their best to console her. People are gathered around the area and it has been cordoned off by the police. A cop asks Emily who is also at the scene if she knew the victim and if the victim who is now deceased, was a friend. The scene then flashes back to two days earlier. Three of the girls are together with Emily slated to arrive. It’s an intervention of sorts that they have planned for Emily. They basically are going to try and make Emily see the truth about Paige. Emily later arrives and they try to make her see reason.

Spencer says they are pretty sure Garret did not kill Maya. Emily is outraged at the suggestion that it was probably Paige who killed Maya. The girls then show her the earring Aria had put in Maya’s casket, and tells her that it was found in Paige’s backpack. Emily believes A must have put it there. Later at school, Aria tells Hanna that Ezra has a kid, and reveals to her the whole story behind it. She adds that she has found the baby’s mom, but hasn’t yet told Ezra about it. Hanna suggests Aria tell Ezra about it. Paige on the other hand asks Spencer to leave Emily alone. “I won’t let you come between us” Paige tells Emily. Later at home, Emily and Paige have a chat. Emily says that she and the girls believe there is somebody else helping Mona.

Paige then rightly assumes that, the girls think she is the one helping Mona. Emily reassures Paige, telling her that the girls will soon realize they are wrong. Just then Paige receives a text from A “10 PM Saturday Rosewood Cemetery” Paige though doesn’t tells Emily about it, and instead tells her she has something she needs to take care of. The girls on the other hand receive a text from A “Stand down, bitches. Play it my way and Emily stays safe”. Mona on the other hand is seen escaping the mental health facility wearing a nurse’s costume. Spencer at Hanna’s house, receives a mail from A “Let’s settle this. Alison’s grave. 10 pm. Bring Maya’s bag”. An attachment with the mail shows some of the pictures “from that night”. One of the pictures has the text “Tell Emily and I’ll leave you holding the bag”.

The girls then hear a noise outside their room, and see a shadow of somebody, downstairs. They all stand near the room’s door, ready to attack anyone who enters. Just then the doorknob turns and in comes Caleb. Emily later tells Hanna over the phone that, she is going out of town this weekend with Nate, to a place called the Lighthouse Rock Inn. Emily later tells her mother that she is going to be with Maya’s family and will be absolutely safe. Later Spencer meets Toby on the street and is relieved to see him. She apologizes to Toby for all the secrets, but Toby tells her “you never have to say sorry”. The two then kiss. Maggie arrives at Ezra’s door. Aria and Ezra are both surprised to see her. Ezra invites her in. Maggie pretends as if she and Aria have never met before.

When Ezra goes away for a bit Aria asks Maggie “what are you doing here?”Maggie says she was curious if Aria had told Ezra, as Ezra is the father of her son. She tells Aria there is more to it than meets the eyes. She then tells Aria “I am not the only one with a secret Amy”. Mona is shown wearing a hoodie and standing in front of a mirror. She picks up a call and says “I am here”. She is then given instructions by someone over the phone, and in the end says “I understand” and hangs up. Toby and Spencer on the other hand are busy making out at home. Toby later leaves, and assures Spencer he did not get the job in Bux County, just to get away from her. The two then kiss goodbye and says ‘I Love Yous’ to each other. Mona is standing in A’s room wearing the hoodie.

She looks around and sees the various pictures and cutouts on the walls. She then tells a hooded figure sitting on a rocking chair in the room “change of plans”. The girls on the other hand wait for A, at Alison’s grave. Emily is woken up from her sleep by a phone call. A voice on the other side tells her “you have one minute, get out”. She is visibly worried and calls out for Nate. Caleb on the other hand is from a distance keeping watch on the grave and the roads around it. Nate comes back home and Emily acts as if everything is fine. She is baffled by streaks of yellow paint on Nate’s shoes. Emily then looks through a few photographs on her cell phone, while chatting normally with Nate.

In one of the pictures Maya is shown sitting with someone else, whose shoe and a part of the leg are the only things that is seen, and on the shoes is the same kind of yellow paint that Emily is now seeing on Nate’s shoes. The girls decide to go to Bayhead, as they and Caleb conclude that Paige never intended to meet them at the grave. Emily on the pretense of wanting to get some fresh air leaves the house. Once outside she tries calling the girls, and suddenly sees Nate standing in front of her. She tells Nate “you scared me off to death”. Nate with a smile on his face replies “not really, but I will”. Later Emily is seen watching a video of Maya talking to the camera and indirectly to her, with Nate standing right behind her, knife in hand.

Maya in the video is heard saying she thinks a stalker has found her “at a party the other night”. She then changes the topic and tells her she is coming home, and she and Emily can still be together if Emily wants that. Emily breaks down in tears on watching the video. Nate then switches it off. Emily then asks Nate why he has the video; Nate says “I think you know the answer”. He then adds how much he loved Maya. Nate then tells Emily he is going to take something from her just like she took Maya away from him. He then opens the closet in the room, and sitting inside is Paige, restrained, gagged and in tears. Nate is also angry that Emily picked Paige over him. The girls arrive at the Lighthouse Rock Inn. They then arrive outside what looks like Emily’s cabin. Inside, Nate is threatening to hurt a gagged Paige.

He tells Emily while he is at it that, actually a person named Nate doesn’t exist. He reveals that, his real name is Lyndon James. Nate suddenly hears some noise outside and proceeds to check it out. He then turns around and sees Emily missing. The girls are on the other hand shown entering an empty cabin. Emily is running through the woods near the cabin. Emily in the end climbs the top of the lighthouse. Her cell phone, even there is showing no signal. Eventually it catches a signal and Emily immediately calls 911. Then before she can describe the nature of her emergency, Nate arrives at the scene and attacks her. The two get into a fierce struggle and Emily somehow manages to acquire Nate’s knife. She then stabs Nate in the stomach, with it.

Caleb arrives there just then and sees Nate senseless on the floor, and the knife in Emily’s hand. Caleb then begins consoling her; just then a gunshot is heard inside the lighthouse. The scene then returns to the present day. Turns out, Caleb was the one who was shot in the stomach, and is being rushed to the hospital. Nate too is being carried away in a body bag. Emily tries consoling a sobbing Hanna. Spencer’s mother later arrives at the hospital with Garrett, where the girls are waiting while Caleb is undergoing surgery. Mona on the other hand is shown telling the hooded figure “If I knew Nate was going to get Garrett out, I would have stayed in tonight”.

She then adds “you have to get Maya’s cell phone back; it should be difficult, Paige doesn’t even know she has it”. Mona then goes back into the asylum. The hooded figure then turns around, and it’s revealed that the person under the hood is Toby. Later, a hooded figure, who is possibly Toby, is heard booking two tickets for the Halloween Ghost Train Party. The episode ends at this point.