Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno - Recap

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The episode begins and although Spencer is trying to get past Toby’s involvement and move on with her life she doesn’t seem to be able to shake it, which is leaving her with nightmares. Aria and Emily are trying to decide how to break it to Spencer that her sister, Melissa, may also be involved. The girls want to make Spencer aware of the potential situation, but they don’t want to falsely accuse Melissa. Hanna’s mom is back and she’s grilling Hanna on how things are going at school, especially since Mona is back.

Hanna insists, a bit aggressively, that she has everything under control and that things are fine; but her mother suspects otherwise. The next morning, as the girls walk to school, Aria is discussing whether or not to tell Ezra that she knows about his son; the son he doesn’t know exists. While Hanna debates the virtues of telling Ezra about his kid, Spencer distractedly walks off. As Spencer leaves, the girls meet up with Emily and ask to see the things that Nate’s family sent over to her. As Hanna flips through Ali’s notebook she realizes that there are notes between two or more people in there. No names are given and the girls try to figure out who Ali was writing to if it wasn’t one of the three of them and why Ali was writing to someone about Toby.

As Hanna and Aria separate Hanna overhears Paige speaking to someone on the phone, telling them that if they already “put a wet brain in her locker” and that didn’t scare Mona away nothing would. As the conversation continues, Paige identifies the person on the other end of the line as Caleb, which doesn’t really please Hanna. Emily later shows Spencer the notebook asking if she recognizes the handwriting. As Spencer tries to end the conversation Emily pushes her, and Spencer eventually explodes, saying that she doesn’t know why they’re all so loyal to Ali since Ali wasn’t loyal to anyone. Spencer also says she’s learning to stop caring what happens in regard to the Ali case.

When Spencer goes to leave, Emily tells her to wait, and then hands her the notebook; indicating a section that clearly states that Ali and her mystery pen pal were discussing Toby. Apparently Ali had visited Toby when he was away at juvenile detention. Ali was getting letters from “A” and Ali suspected it was Toby sending them. As Spencer finishes reading the notes, she starts crying. Emily tries to comfort her, saying she shouldn’t be angry that Ali tried hooking up with Toby. Spencer tells Emily that she and Toby broke up the night before.

Later, while Spencer is sitting in class, she receives a text from Aria saying, “Ezra freaked. He broke up with me. Can you meet me in the park?” Spencer grabs her bags and leaves. Spencer arrives at the park and immediately confronts Ezra demanding to know “how he could do that to her.” Not only is Ezra caught off guard, but he has absolutely no idea what Spencer is ranting and raving about. While he sits in silence, Spencer tells him that if he’s mad at someone he should be mad at Maggie, because that’s who kept his son a secret for 7 years. Ezra is visibly shocked to hear this. Turns out, the text to Spencer came from Aria’s cell phone, not “A”. In other words, someone somewhere has Aria’s phone. The police station in the meantime has found a new employee; Emily’s mother.

She mentions to one of the officers that Nate’s family sent Emily a package, and expresses her concern that they have her address. The detective tells her that they shouldn’t be contacting her family at all, and that she should ask Nate’s family to send any and all correspondence directly to the police station so they can run interference. Over at school Emily is still flipping through Ali’s notebook when she comes across a photo of Ali and CeeCee. Emily then rushes to the cafeteria to join Hanna and Aria to tell them about the photo she found. But just then, Ezra walks in and he is not looking very pleased. He asks Aria why Spencer was talking about Maggie, and tells Aria that Spencer told him about his son.

Ezra and Aria head outside to discuss what’s happened, and Aria tells him she was afraid to tell him because of what it might do to their relationship. Ezra tells Aria that he is supposed to be able to trust her and then, with a disappointed look, he walks away. Next, Aria receives a text from “A” saying, “I thought you needed a little push, so I hit send for you”. Back at Spencer’s Aria walks in to see why Spencer left. She tells Spencer that her mother is thinking of calling Spencer’s parents, and Spencer says she understands. Spencer then tells Aria that she knows why Aria’s really there; to talk about what happened with Ezra. Spencer says she knows she shouldn’t have said anything, and asks Aria to get “to the part where you scream, or you cry”.

Aria tells Spencer that she didn’t go there to yell at Spencer, because she knows that Spencer was set up by “A”. Spencer, however, says she thinks they need to stop blaming everything on “A,” and start blaming themselves. She suggests that if they all stopped telling lies and hiding things then “A” wouldn’t have anything to hold over them. Emily on the other hand has taken matters into her own hands and taken the notebook to CeeCee. She confirms that she was the one writing notes with Ali, while they were driving back from the beach house with Ali’s parents and bored in the backseat. CeeCee says that she didn’t know who “beach boy” was, and Emily asks if Jason would know. CeeCee says that there’s no way Jason would know and then tells Emily that on one of their last nights at the beach Ali told her she thought she was pregnant, and that if “he” found out he’d kill her.

Back at Aria’s house she gets a call from Hanna, who tells her that she’s following Paige, since she knows Paige is working with Caleb. Spencer is texting someone, asking if they’re willing to meet her that night. They say yes, and Spencer says that she shouldn’t be talking to them and that no one should know about it. Back at the club Hanna starts to realize that maybe she followed Paige to the wrong place. It appears that Hanna has followed Paige to a gay bar full of ladies. The bartender comes over and asks Hanna for her ID. Spencer in the meantime is sitting in a car fixing her make-up and then crying. At the police station Emily runs in to Hanna, who’s being held for underage drinking.

As Hanna explains that she wasn’t drinking, but some of the drink got in her mouth when it got thrown in her face during a misunderstanding, Detective Wilden comes over and thanks Emily for turning in the notebook. When Emily walks away to grab a coffee and some napkins she stops suddenly at Wilden’s desk, noticing a photo. Hanna walks over to see what it is and Emily says, “look who else was in Cape May”. Standing on a dock, holding a rather large fish with some friends, is a photo of Wilden. Spencer on the other hand has finally stepped out of the car and has joined a man at a diner. He asks her to confirm that she’s 18, and she does and then she asks him “how this works”. He tells her that it can work “however she wants it to work”. Spencer then pulls out the “A” key, along with a photo of her and Toby.

She hands the key to the man and tells him she wants him to find out where it goes and that if she follows the boy in the photo he’ll lead her there. Hanna returns home to be reprimanded by her mother for underage drinking. She demands to know what Hanna was doing in that bar. Hanna tells her mother the entire truth. Aria in the meantime arrives at Ezra’s apartment and sees him leaving with his suitcases. Aria asks if she can explain things and Ezra says he doesn’t need her to because he spoke with Maggie and she admitted that she told Aria not to tell him. Ezra tells Aria that they, as a couple, are okay but he doesn’t know how he, as a person who has just discovered he has a 7 year old son, is. Ezra tells Aria that he’s leaving to go visit his son. He tells Aria that he doesn’t know how long he’ll be gone for.

Aria asks where he’ll be staying, and he says with a friend. He turns to get in the car and when Aria asks if she can call him he starts to cry, gives her a kiss on the cheek, and says “we’ll talk soon” before hopping in the car and leaving. Four bobble headed dolls of the girls are lined up in front of a dollhouse and then are melted with a blowtorch by a hooded figure. The episode ends at this point.