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Dead to Me - Recap

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The episode begins and the girls are going back and forth about whether to go to a memorial service for Ali. They simply can’t decide whether going would be a good idea. At the same time, Maya’s killer, Nate keeps popping up in Emily’s head; she is visibly bothered by this. Fitz on the other hand has not had any communication with Aria since he left to see his son and she is apparently missing him. But the focus for now is on the notebook that they turned in to the police. At the same time, Spencer has hired a private investigator to follow Toby, to find out exactly what he is up to. Jason comes to the coffee shop to tell the girls that they are having another burial service for Ali now that her remains have been returned.

Everyone is glad to hear this news, minus Spencer who has had about enough of the drama, from the looks of it. But it turns out, the only things that have not been retrieved, are the items originally buried with Ali. Mona later approaches Spencer about the decathlon and she does not want to hear anything of what she has to say. She hates that Mona is team captain and she hates it even more when Toby is brought up during their conversation. Caleb in the meantime tells Hanna that his childhood home is being torn down and he has the chance to go see it one last time but claims he does not want to. Aria is making herself at home at Fitz’s while he is in Maryland when his brother shows up.

He asks if he can stay for a few nights and she tells him she will leave but he sees her head print in Fitz’s pillow. He tells her to keep coming by, figuring out that she misses him a lot already. The private investigator in the meantime has some info but in order to turn it all over, he wants more money from Spencer. She is not so sure about it all so he leaves and tells her to think on it since Toby’s last purchase was hydrangeas. Spencer is visibly intrigued on hearing this. Emily in the meantime shows up at the police station to take a photo with her phone but it has gone missing; she instead uses visiting her mother as a cover-up. “A” seems to have followed her, as well as a card written in French, which Spencer translates.

Emily on her part is trying to figure out what happened between Spencer and Toby and lets her know that things are not always what they seem. She mentions how in her case, when Hanna thought that Paige was flirting with another girl, she was actually talking to someone from a costume shop. She was on a mission to find out who was dressed as the Queen of Hearts. The old school counselor is back but she has her own office and is not involved with the school anymore. Emily is in the office with Dr. Sullivan and she is tired of talking about how she killed Nate in self-defense. She feels like she really murdered him but the doctor wants her to consider hypnotherapy, which the doctor feels might help reveal what really happened.

She’s reluctant but agrees, as there doesn’t seem to be a better alternative. Spencer in the meantime agrees to give the investigator another $500 to track the key. Hanna and Caleb on the other hand are in the shed of his old home looking around at old artifacts while she is trying to make sense of it all. Jason catches up with Spencer at the ATM and he cannot believe that she won’t go to the funeral for Ali. Back at the shed, Hanna is questioning the man who lived on the property as well, named Jamie. She apparently suspects that there is more to Jamie than meets the eye. At the doctor’s office, Emily is in a safe space, undergoing hypnotherapy to remember the entire night at the lighthouse. Over at Fitz’s, the phone rings and Aria asks his brother to answer it.

There is no one on the line and it appears that there is more to these phone calls than he is letting on. Emily in the meantime starts having a panic attack during the session as she recalls her and Ali in a field and Emily as it turn out is holding a shovel. Ali falls back and Emily slams Ali with it. It apparently seems as if she killed her best friend, and Emily is disturbed to no end on seeing this. Jamie in the meantime gives Hanna a photo of him at 6 months old, then reiterates that he must take really good care of her. The scene flashes back to the moment that Ali and Emily are looking at the Eiffel Tower picture that was left on her mom’s desk. She recalls how she and her best friend were ready to run away together.

It therefore seems like Ali was in love with her too. Spencer in the meantime meets up with the PI and it seems the hydrangeas would be code for her and Toby’s love, so she is scared of what she will find. While younger Fitz and Aria are out on the town, they run into his Physics teacher’s husband and it is about to go down between the two, it seems. He apparently was jealous when his big brother left so he decided to rebel but their mother used her checkbook to clear his name. Then he hit on the Physics teacher and now he is hiding out, as a result. Hanna gives Caleb the baby photo of himself and points out that the ring of the man in the photo was the same ring that Jamie was wearing.

But, Caleb seems in extreme denial and apparently doesn’t want to concede to anything, although from the proof at hand it clearly seems Jamie is his father. Mona on the other hand goes to see Dr. Sullivan, who is leaving town for a few days. She apparently is still shaken by the sight of Mona and isn’t at all comfortable with having her around. The funeral on the other hand seems like a way to lure the girls in until Spencer shows up and announces that Ali was pregnant when she was killed. This is a shocking piece of information for the girls. She thinks that it was Officer Wilton’s baby, the officer that they turned the diaries over to. Later, when Emily goes outside with the girls, she realizes that she did not kill Ali but was there when she was being dug up.

There was a blonde in a red coat she recollects; she’s was the ring leader from the looks of it and they question if it was Abby. At the same time, over Marion Cavanaugh’s name on the mausoleum, Spencer carves Toby’s name with a key. She has a crazed expression on her face while she is doing it. She apparently is starting to lose it, from the look of things. The episode ends at this point.