What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted - Recap

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The episode begins and the rest of the ladies don’t see Spencer at school, and when they do find her she’s essentially being kicked off the Knowledge Bowl team for not showing up to practice. Emily tries to comfort Spencer at her locker, but Spencer hurriedly grabs her things and leaves. As she puts on her sunglasses Spencer realizes there’s a message etched into the lenses threatening to harm Emily, Aria, or Hanna if Spencer rats out “A”. At the coffee shop later that day Aria gets a call from Ezra’s mother, asking if she happens to know if Wes has been hiding out at Ezra’s apartment. Aria lies and says that he hasn’t been.

Later at Ezra’s apartment Wes is explaining to Aria that he’s headed out of town since his mom was able to hunt him down, when the phone rings and CeCe asks Aria to help her with a photo shoot since the photographer she originally hired is “bogus”. Hanna speaks with Caleb’s “uncle” who has just confirmed that he is in fact Caleb’s father. When Hanna arrives back at her house she tries to convince Caleb to spend some time with his “uncle” and he doesn’t take it very well. The next day at school Emily heads into Jason’s classroom to speak with him about Spencer’s outburst regarding Ali’s pregnancy. Emily tries to convince Jason not to confront Wilden about it, but he tells her it’s too late because he’s already called him to set up a meeting. At home, Melissa and Spencer are hanging out in the kitchen when Wren knocks on the door, much to everyone’s surprise.

Melissa quickly exits the room and Wren tells Spencer that he’s there because he received a call from someone who’s concerned about her recent behavior. Spencer assumes that Wren spoke with one of the other girls, but he corrects her and tells her that it wasn’t any of them; it was Mona who alerted him to her behavior. At first Spencer seems quite put off but suddenly her tune changes and she asks Wren if he’ll take her on a “mental health outing” to dinner and a movie in Bucknell. Wren agrees and Spencer rushes off to change. Hanna on the other hand gets ready to leave the house to meet Caleb’s dad. Caleb walks in and tells her that he’d like to join her even though he knows it’ll be difficult for him.

They meet. Things are a bit strained and awkward at the beginning but seem to lighten up. Aria’s keeping things professional at the photo shoot. CeCe begins trying to give Aria boy advice encouraging her to hook up with Wes. Jason and Emily in the meantime have decided to head back to Jason’s house where the entire front porch is loaded with whiskey bottles. As Jason begins throwing them away Emily gets a text from “A” saying, “Tell him to save a few, he might need them”. Spencer and Wren head to Bucknell. On the way, Wren becomes concerned with how far they’re going, asking Spencer if they’re actually headed to New Hampshire. Over at the photo shoot Aria and Wes are waiting for CeCe to return from dinner.

As Jason and Emily go through the boxes in Jason’s dad’s office looking for the photo of Ali on the boat, Jason confides to Emily that Mona isn’t his friend, she’s “a link”. He thinks she knows who dug up Ali’s remains. When they find the photo it turns out that both Wilden and CeCe are with Ali in the picture, though they were obscured by other photos in the collage. Jason hypothesizes that the reason CeCe lied was because she had her own thing going on with Wilden and must have planned on meeting up with him the night Ali died. Jason has a flashback of that night and remembers seeing Melissa Hastings speaking with someone he thought was Ali, but turned out to be CeCe. He tells Emily that he never told the police because he wasn’t 100% certain of what he saw, and he didn’t want to look suspicious.

Hanna in the meantime heads home without Caleb, who has decided to hang out with his dad for a bit. In Bucknell, Spencer asks Wren to head into the restaurant and get them a table. Once he’s left, Spencer heads into a private room and it turns out that this is where the Knowledge Bowl match is taking place. Andrew looks flustered to see Spencer. Spencer then heads over to where Mona is seated. Spencer and Mona get into a catty exchange of words. When Spencer tells Mona that she won’t be able to take her friends from her Mona points out that none of them are even there, and wonders aloud if Spencer has any friends at all. Spencer stares blankly at Mona for a few seconds, and then jumps over the table at her screeching “die, die” and grabs her by the throat.

Two boys from the team drag Spencer off of Mona and out of the room. Over at the photo shoot Wes lets slip that he actually doesn’t have a place to stay and Aria offers to let him stay at her place. Just then, CeCe calls Aria explaining to her that she went to the restaurant to pick up the food and when she came out her car had been towed. CeCe is shown sitting in her car while talking to Aria, in other words she is lying. Jamie on the other hand gets the job repairing the town bell tower. At Jason’s dad’s office Emily and Jason are in the elevator when suddenly it stops between floors and they’re stuck. Jason manages to pry open the doors and they see that although they aren’t very far above the next floor it’s quite a long way down if they miss the landing.

Jason holds the doors open for Emily as she slips out of the opening but as soon as Emily lands Jason adjusts his grip, the doors slam shut, and the elevator free falls, leaving Emily watching in horror. Spencer and Wren in the meantime are driving home when Melissa calls. Wren answers and tells Melissa that Spencer has food poisoning and they’re headed home. As Aria makes up a bed for Wes they bond over some literary classics and share a quick kiss. Caleb, his dad, Hanna, Ashley, and Pastor Dan are celebrating Jamie getting hired with pizza. When Jamie goes to tip the delivery man Ashley sees that he takes the five dollar bill with dice on it out of his wallet. Turns out, it’s the same bill Hanna had put in the donation box. Emily sends out an S.O.S. text and the girls head to the hospital to meet Emily.

While Emily is speaking with Jason who is alive but quite banged up, he tells her that he believes Spencer’s theory that someone in the NAT club wants him gone. He also tells her that someone took the photo of Ali with CeCe and Wilden from him. Jason asks Emily to grab him a glass of water, and while she’s speaking with the girls a nurse comes out and asks where Jason went. Turns out, he slipped out when Emily’s back was turned.

Next four whiskey bottles are shown, each with a photo of one of the girls. One of the gloved hands spins another bottle and then adjusts it after it stops to land on the bottle with Spencer’s photo. The hands take the cover off the bottle, and pour two glasses of whiskey, then clink glasses.