Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Recap

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The episode begins and Spencer reveals to the girls that Toby is “A”. The girls are visibly shocked by this revelation. Hanna and Ashley on the other hand try to figure as to what they should do about Ashley’s recent hit-and-run. Ashley wants to call up the local hospital to find out if Wilden has been admitted there and then she also wants to call up her lawyer. Hanna feels Ashley calling up her lawyer isn’t a really great idea because it would mean she is admitting to the hit-and-run. Ashley agrees with this argument but tells Hanna to not tell anyone about the incident including her friends. Emily is still not ready to believe Toby is “A”.

She feels Toby can’t hurt anyone. Spencer argues that Mona couldn’t have locked her in the steam room because she is in New York. Hence it had to be Toby. Next day, Aria pays Ezra a visit. Ezra asks her to stay so she can bond with his son Malcolm. Aria and Malcolm apparently bond well. A little later, Maggie who had gone out returns and things get a little awkward initially. But, Aria explains that she wasn’t the one who spilled the beans about Malcolm and things get sorted out. Aria even offers to take care of Malcolm because both Maggie and Ezra have to go out for work. Emily and Hanna have gained entry into Toby’s apartment using a key Emily had. They look around for any clue they can find that proves Toby is “A”.

Emily feels Mona must have blackmailed Toby into doing things like she has many others in the past. Spencer hears a knock on the door and opens it. She sees a large wreath in front of her with a note “Someone close to you will pay for your loose lips”. At home, Ella tells Aria that Ezra had called her about a job for his friend Maggie. Aria isn’t too happy to hear this. Emily is at Toby’s house wondering where he is. A truck drives up to the house and turns out its Toby’s. But, someone else drove it there. The man who drove the truck there says Toby lent him the truck and asked him to take care of something for him. At home, Spencer sees the banner that came with the wreath and all of a sudden realizes something. She as a result rushes out of the house.

Spencer figured out that all the letters on the banner are shiny except the letters “E” and “M” therefore she concludes Emily might be “A”’s next target. Spencer informs Emily about it but Emily doesn’t buy her theory. At Ezra’s house, Hanna and Aria are babysitting Malcolm. They discuss about Toby and wonder what his and Mona’s connection is. Hanna leaves a while later. Aria goes to make Malcolm a snack. Malcolm begins jumping on the bed and falls and ends up hurting his chin. Emily on the other hand is still trying to find out where Toby is. She goes to the police station to confirm if his family has filed a missing person’s report. Turns out they haven’t. Emily’s mother feels his family would have filed a report if there was something to worry about.

Emily on the sly is about to search for Toby on the police station computer when she gets a text from Toby that says: “Stop searching. I’ll meet you”. Spencer is at the coffee shop and Mona too is there. Spencer sees Mona leaving after receiving a call. She follows Mona. Mona drives into the woods in her car and Spencer follows her in her vehicle. Mona then parks her car and gets out. Spencer follows her on foot. She suddenly comes across a body that has a motorcycle helmet on. There is a little blood on the body and a tattoo that says “901 Free At Last”. Spencer recollects that it’s Toby’s tattoo. She is on the verge of removing the helmet when she hears Mona’s voice yelling out that “he’s dead”. Spencer runs after her but Mona disappears somewhere.

Spencer is absolutely hysterical and can barely catch her breath. Aria and Ezra are at the hospital. Malcolm is getting stitches on his chin. Aria is beating herself up for what has happened. Ezra says it’s not a big deal and that such things happen with kids. He asks Aria to not be so hard on herself. Maggie arrives a little later and the nurse asks Aria to leave the room because she isn’t family. At home, Hanna is trying to get in touch with her mother but she is unreachable. She leaves her a voicemail. Just then she hears a honking in the garage and assumes her mother is back. She rushes to the garage and much to her horror sees Wilden’s vehicle parked there. Also, the dashboard camera is on and it’s playing the whole hit-and-run incident. Emily is on her way to meet Toby.

Aria on the other hand tells her mother about the predicament she is in because of Maggie and Malcolm coming into Ezra’s life. Aria doesn’t really know what she should do and is in tears because she loves Ezra and doesn’t want to break up with him. Ella feels Aria needs to take a step back and give herself some space so she can breathe freely. Emily is waiting for Toby and just then she sees a woman in a red coat walk into a nearby building. Emily follows her and ends up in some sort of a workshop which it turns out is owned by the guy she met earlier at Toby’s house. He is visibly shocked to see Emily there and tells her that Toby is out of town just like he had mentioned earlier. Emily asks him about the woman in the red coat but the man says he has seen no such woman.

In the end the man tells her “Sorry Emily, no Toby, no girl in a red coat”. Emily is shocked that the man knows her name although she hasn’t told him her name yet. Aria is at Hanna’s trying to figure out who could have dropped the car there. They conclude this is “A”’s doing. They drive the car to the nearby lake and dump it into the water. They watch the car submerge completely and then leave. Emily returns to her car and sees that her front window is shattered. She also sees a red envelope with her name on it. Inside she sees a note that says: “Toby is no more” and apparently it’s written in blood. Hanna returns home and sees her mother has returned. Ashley reveals that she thought she saw Wilden in town and tried to follow him. She in the end lost him. She then drove by the scene of the accident and saw that his vehicle had disappeared.

Ashley tells Hanna that she feels Wilden wasn’t seriously injured because if he was by now they would have heard about it. Also, he would have pressed charges by now. Spencer it turns out was found wandering in the woods by a hiker. The hiker called park rangers who picked her up. She is apparently delirious and the rangers have brought her to the hospital. They feel she isn’t in the right state of mind and needs to see a mental health professional. At Emily’s house, the girls are exchanging notes about all that has happened. Aria feels that Toby simply wants them to think he is dead. They are all wondering where Spencer is. Spencer is shown sitting on a hospital bed in what seems like a mental health facility.

She has a completely blank expression on her face and is staring at a wall. Next, a man is shown fishing on the pier. He catches something but it’s only a Rosewood Police Department baseball cap. Apparently, someone is watching the man from the nearby bushes. The episode ends at this point.