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Will the Circle Be Unbroken? - Recap

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The episode begins and the girls are wondering why Spencer hasn’t replied to any of their texts. Melissa meets them and asks about Spencer, but when she finds out the girls aren’t aware of her whereabouts she decides to go to the cops. At the hospital, a nurse tells Spencer where she is and explains to her why she has been brought there. She says that she has amnesia. At home, Hanna and Ashley discuss about Wilden and Hanna says if someone had found something it would have been reported in the papers and the cops too would have questioned them. Just then, Pastor Tim calls and Hanna picks up the phone.

He asks her if Ashley is still on for coffee. Hanna says yes on Ashley’s behalf and she, along with her mother, head out to meet Tim. While they are chatting with him Wilden arrives. Aria informs the girls that she checked at the bookstore while on her way to Ezra’s house, but didn’t see Spencer there. At Ezra’s, Aria notices that he is really stressed about his writing job and tries to comfort him, but much to her surprise he tells her that he misses her, although she is right there. At the hospital, Dr. Sullivan, the psychiatrist, pays Spencer a visit and she tells the doctor everything that happened including the part about finding Toby’s body in the woods.

She also reveals that she lost her phone and wallet and knew that if she pretended to not remember anything, for a few moments she could get away from being Spencer Hastings. At home, Aria tells her father to help Ezra get a job, but he doesn’t seem too keen to help out. Melissa pays Spencer a visit at the hospital and informs her that their parents are stuck in Europe and she on her part will do her best to get her out, but Spencer tells her that won’t be required because she will be released after a 72 hour evaluation. Melissa later informs the girls about where Spencer is and tells them that she is fine, but when the girls say they want to meet her, Melissa informs them that Spencer isn’t allowed to meet anyone but family.

The girls aren’t too happy about this and while they are discussing this, Hanna gets a text from “A” and it’s a photo of Ashley getting back into her car and Wilden standing in front of it. It’s from the night the incident occurred. At the hospital, Spencer sees the tag “E-Lamb” on the uniform of the nurse giving her medication and recollects that it’s the same tag Toby used to use, when visiting Mona at the hospital. Hanna tells her mother all about what’s going on with Spencer and she says she will cancel her work related trip to New York, but Hanna advises her against it because this trip could lead to a promotion, which could be their ticket out of Rosewood.

Emily meets Dr. Sullivan and asks her how Spencer is doing and the doctor tells her that Spencer is now fine, but was earlier shaken on seeing Toby’s dead body in the woods. Emily is really shocked to hear this news because she was really close to Toby. At school the next day, Ella and Byron discuss about helping Ezra get a teaching job and they both think it’s a good idea. Byron feels this new job would bring some stability in Maggie and Ezra’s life. Ezra will begin distancing himself from Aria. During a session with Spencer, Dr. Sullivan suggests that Spencer might not have actually seen Toby’s dead body, but Spencer assures her that it was Toby, although she admits she did not see the face of the body.

While E-Lamb is changing her bandages Spencer asks him if he has ever lost his badge, but he only reveals that there were issues with the old badges and that is why the whole system was revamped. At the café, Emily meets the Olympic swimmer, Missy Franklin, and turns out that Emily is a huge fan of hers. At the hospital, Spencer is having a chat with Eddie, the nurse, and she tells him about Toby and Mona and he says there were issues with visitor’s badges too and just before leaving he reveals that Mona was kept in this very same room.

Spencer later sees the words “Will the circle be unbroken?” engraved on the desk in her room and has a flashback about her asking Ali what she is writing in her diary and Ali telling her that she is writing some scandalous things for Spencer to read after she (Ali) dies. Byron pays Ezra a visit and tells him that he wants to help him get a job, but Ezra says he did not tell Aria to ask him for help. He adds that there are some issues he hasn’t been able to explain to Aria yet. At the hospital, Eddie tells Spencer that he too knew a boy named Toby whose mother was admitted in this hospital, but feels his Toby and her Toby being the same person would be too much of a coincidence.

Spencer tells him that her Toby’s last name is Cavanaugh and just then a man and a woman wearing suits enter and Eddie leaves in a hurry upon seeing them. At school, the girls try to think of a way to meet Spencer and just then they see Mona and accuse her of orchestrating the whole thing. She denies knowing anything and just then Aria is called to the principal’s office. The principal asks Aria if she has been seeing Ezra and reveals that she is being asked this question because Erza has applied to be a substitute teacher. Aria lies and says that she and Ezra did date at one point, but things did not work out between them.

At the hospital, Mona pays Spencer a visit and tells her that Ali wasn’t pregnant and she knows this because she has Ali’s diary. Mona also tells Spencer that she knows a lot of things about the whole Ali saga that would help her piece together the whole thing, but Spencer can’t take her presence anymore and asks her to leave before she strangles her. Ashley tells Pastor Tim about her possible promotion, which means she might have to move to New York. Tim isn’t very happy to hear this and just then he sees a police car across the road and asks her if there is some other reason besides the promotion that she wants to move to New York.

Ashley insists that there isn’t any other reason, but Tim says if there is she can tell him and he will help her out with it. Hanna notices Wilden following her and confronts him about it and he says all he wants are the keys to the car and for her to tell him where she left it. At the hospital, during a group therapy session Spencer tells Dr. Sullivan her experiences while she was in the woods and she then hallucinates that her friends are sitting in front of her and telling her that they can’t count on her, but it passes and when she looks up again she sees other patients in front of her.

Next, a hooded figure is shown sitting in front of a computer and the person gets up and moves a curtain revealing photos of the girl including Ali’s. The episode ends at this point.