I'm Your Puppet - Recap

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The episode begins with Aria, Hanna, and Emily paying Spencer a visit at the sanitarium. Emily tells Spencer that a body was found in the woods, but it wasn’t Toby’s. Despite hearing this, Spencer insists that she saw Toby’s body. Spencer then tells the girls that she wants to stay for some more time because she feels safe. The next morning, Emily tries to get more information out of her mother about the body found in the woods, and she says she will look into it and tell her later. Aria and Ezra are at the café together. Aria is a bit hesitant to be seen with Ezra, because he has applied for the teaching job. Maggie calls and asks Ezra to pick up Malcolm from a karate lesson. Ezra has the job interview, so he requests Aria to pick him up, but she is reluctant after what happened last time. In the end, he convinces her and says he will deal with Maggie.

At school, Emily tells Aria that the coroner’s report doesn’t mention the name of the victim. Aria says that Spencer won’t willingly leave the sanitarium, unless it’s proven to her that the body is not Toby’s. Emily suggests they visit the morgue to confirm things. At the sanitarium, when Wren arrives, Eddy brings Spencer a game. Wren, on seeing the game, asks her who chose it. After finding out, Wren mentions that this was the same game Mona was obsessed with when she was here.

Ella calls Hanna into her classroom and mentions that there has been a misunderstanding. She explains that on Ashley’s recommendation, Caleb’s father was handed the responsibility of the church renovations. As part of the renovations, he has removed the church bell for repairs. It was made of bronze, and worth $8000. It has now been discovered that the bell he returned in its place, isn’t the same one. At the sanitarium, Spencer discovers that Mona drew a map of the facility on the game. She uses it find her way around the place and it leads her to a window that’s unlocked. Spencer’s mother arrives to pick her up, but Spencer tells her she isn’t ready to leave yet. They get into an argument, and Spencer lashes out at her mother in anger. Spencer then begins to cry and her mother tries calming her down. She insists that Spencer tell her what happened between her and Toby. She says the last time Spencer was holding on to a secret this hard, it was about Ali, and she was found dead a week later.

The scene then flashes back and her mother recollects how she was standing in the kitchen and saw Ali walk in the back door. She asked Ali what she was up to because it was 3 am and she was supposed to be sleeping in Spencer’s room. Ali told her she had gone home for a bit, and she noticed Ali was crying and bleeding from her mouth. Ali begged her to not tell anyone about it, and said she didn’t want to discuss the matter. Back in the present, Spencer is shocked to hear all this and asks her why she didn’t tell the cops. She says she was worried Jason might hurt her and their family, but now she knows Jason is innocent. She is now wondering if Toby was behind all this.

Hanna is out to dinner with Caleb and Jamie, when Jamie presents her with an expensive necklace. He gets a call from Pastor Ted, who says he has been fired because he hung the wrong bell. Jamie says he plans to go down to the foundry to clear things up. Aria, Hanna, and Emily later arrive at the morgue. Aria stands watch outside while the other two open the body bag. Aria sees the girl in the red coat walking in. On opening the body bag, the girls see an “A” mask on the face of the dead body. Aria comes in and tells them they have to leave, and they rush out of there.

At the sanitarium, Eddie walks in to give Spencer her medication. She mentions that she noticed there was some friction between him and Wren. Eddie doesn’t say much. He says that the moment he saw Wren, he knew he was there for the wrong reasons. After Eddie walks out, Spencer spits out the pills she was given, and hides them in her pillowcase. Hanna tells Caleb that she knows his father stole from the church collection box, and mentions the bill with the lucky dice on it. Aria arrives at Malcolm’s karate class, and is informed that he has already been picked up by someone using Aria’s name. She is shocked to hear this and, on her way out, she sees a flyer with “A” circled on it. Next it’s shown that Malcolm is at a circus with the hooded figure. Aria arrives at the circus and runs after them. She eventually loses them when they duck into a tent.

At Hanna’s house, Caleb confronts Jamie about what Hanna has told him, and he takes offense at the suggestion. They get into a heated argument, and Caleb brings up how he was never there for him as a father. Aria calls up Emily and tells her everything. Emily suggests she go to the cops and, just then, Aria notices a tent with a puppet show sign and goes in. Inside, she sees Malcolm sitting by himself. He tells her that her friend, Alison, picked him up. Emily arrives at the station, assuming Aria would be there, but she receives a text from her that Malcolm has been found. She then runs into her mother, who says she has to stay late at work. She notices that her mother is carrying a Missing Person’s file. At the sanitarium, Spencer is walking around the premises, when she runs into Ali. Ali says it wasn’t Toby who gave her the bloody lip and mentions that girls fight dirtier than boys. Ali then points her to a room with toys in it. In the room, Spencer walks up to a rocking horse and removes its head. Inside, she finds a badge with Mona’s photo and the name Ali Dee on it. She also finds a guest pass with CeCe’s name. Wren walks in and asks him how many times Cece paid Mona a visit. He says he nearly got fired for letting CeCe in, because Mona was on the restricted patients list. He adds it was from Melissa that CeCe found out Mona was at the sanitarium.

At the café, Ezra tells Aria that Malcolm really enjoyed his time with her, and she is his new hero. Aria isn’t very happy though and, after telling Ezra she can’t do this anymore, she leaves. Emily’s mother tells her the body that was found was of a young man in his 20s, and they will ID it tomorrow morning. Hanna is trying to cheer Caleb up, when the church bell is heard ringing. At that very moment Hanna gets a text from “A”: “Hear that? It’s the sound of your mistake. When you want the bell back, gimme a ring!” Caleb sees the message. Hanna later tells Aria about the text, and they realize “A” is framing Caleb’s father. Emily arrives and tells them about the body. She says it was found in a shallow grave, at the very spot that Spencer had mentioned. Spencer’s purse was also found there.

At the hospital, while Spencer is turning in for the night, she is shown picking up a black hooded shirt and tickets to the circus. Spencer seems to have an internal conversation with Mona, where she tells Mona she is in. Next, a body is brought into the morgue covered with a sheet. The sheet shifts slightly and reveals a dirty and bruised body, with Toby’s tattoo on it. The episode ends at this point.