Prime Suspect (2011)

Prime Suspect (2011)

"Prime Suspect" follows Det. Jane Timoney (Maria Bello), a homicide investigator with a mysterious past who has the skill to get into the mind of a criminal better then anyone else. After being transfered to a new unit, Jane finds herself trying to balance the life she has and her difficult job as she catches criminals. Originally from the UK version of the show, this fresh idea focuses on the police officers and the work they do.

Created by Alexandra Cunningham (Desperate Housewives, NYPD Blue), "Prime Suspect" shows that life and work can work if you have the right tools and people around you to help you.

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Prev: 1x13 -- Stuck in the Middle With You (Jan/22/2012)

Jane and the team find out a jailed hit man may be responsible for the latest drive by at local store. Sweeney orders 24 hour a day security when a hit is ordered on one of their own. Meanwhile, Jane is a third wheel on an uncomfortable date.

Maria BelloMaria Bello
As Detective Jane Timoney
Aidan QuinnAidan Quinn
As Kevin Sweeney
Brian F. OBrian F. O'Byrne
As Reg Duffy
Damon GuptonDamon Gupton
As Evrard Velerio
Elizabeth RodriguezElizabeth Rodriguez
As Carolina Rivera (Episode 3 onward)
Joe NievesJoe Nieves
As Eddie Gautier (Pilot only)
Kenny JohnsonKenny Johnson
As Matt Webb
Kirk AcevedoKirk Acevedo
As Luisito Calderon
Peter GeretyPeter Gerety
As Desmond Timoney
Tim GriffinTim Griffin
As Augie Blando

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1x13: Stuck in the Middle With You recap: The scene opens with Augie canvasing a dead body at a store on a street corner. Every time he hates his own life, such dead bodies remind him how things could be worse. When Evrard looks at the corpse, he points out there is a possibility that more than one man has fired at the victim. And unlike, Augie, he is feeling horrible, because it reminds him of losing asset value in the shop, and the difficulties he has to face with insurance people. While Augie is feeling life is a precious, precious gift, Jane doesn’t believe he is the same guy as the one who vowed to kill himself over non-diary cream during break. Before long, Augie is interviewing the shop-owner, who as it turns out, saw a blue car, small fiery bullets, and the glass crashing down when the attack happened. However, he turns out to be a bit of a con when an old man comes asking of him for a ticket fraud... read more.

1x12: Ain't No Sunshine recap: The scene opens with Duffy and Calderon at a building stairwell when their construction workers. They are drilling out a chunk of concrete from a wall. As the drilling is in progress, Calderon and Duffy are arguing over what he should have said to Macy. After the drilling is done, it turns out a young girl has been shoved inside some kind of a metallic box behind the wall. One of the helpers hands Duffy a purse, in which he can find lip glosses, and an unofficial ID saying the girl may be Gloria Lopez, and stayed in apartment 4a. Meanwhile, Jane and Augie are investigating the death of a woman in her bathroom. Her husband was last seen blowing air into her mouth presuming collapsed of a heart attack. However, it turns out she has been shot in under her armpit... read more.

1x11: The Great Wall of Silence recap: The scene opens with Duffy attending a psychiatric interview at NYPD because of an upstate shooting that he and Jane were involved in while investigating a crime. When asked what he is thinking, he says that he left his underpants on the bathroom floor that day, which would only be a red herring for those who would have investigated his murder if he got killed in the gun fight. Later, when Jane and Evrard arrive at a busy Chinese eatery on Baxter Street, they find an officer well versed in Chinese is carrying out some investigation. Jane gets to the basement and finds Patty taking a close look at the dead body of one James Paget. He has been shot. Since the building houses an illegal Poker racket, Patty opines Paget must have come there for it... read more.

1x10: A Gorgeous Mosaic recap: Jane arrives at the crime scene where a diamond seller, Simon Cash, has been shot in the head. Augie has eye-witnesses to depend on, but Jane already despises the idea. Although Augie tries convincing her that the witnesses can be right, Jane doesn’t believe they can get anything. However, they do talk to the three eye-witnesses, and find out that the shooter was wearing a black net cap. Telling them all this is Lena, who happens to be one of the three eye-witnesses, but they soon get into a fight over a petty hate statement from one of the witnesses. When Jane and Augie arrive at the Cash residence, Simon’s wife tells them her husband got a phone call, but he never wanted to call back. The next time, the call was a threat, and Simon would have to face trouble if he never answered back... read more.

1x7: Wednesday's Child recap: The scene opens with Sweeney having a conversation with Ms. O’ Malley. She is 70 years old, and wants to get her son Brian out of conviction. He has been in jail for more than 8,300 days but has been unable to get release on the previous two attempts, but later, Sweeney admits to Jane, that the son, Brian, made the mistake of picking up a girl when he was high, and consequently killed the girl. Jane insists that the boy should be in jail, but Sweeney wants to check out Brian, and probably Calderon can be effective. Then Sweeney tells Jane about the case of a five year old’s death. According to news, the kid, Ben Martin died from seizure. This happened during an event at school, but Jane refuses to buy it... read more.