Regrets, I've Had A Few - Recap

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The scene opens in Cloisters Park where Dominican inhabitants are in the area are in a furor. They are angry about news that a girl has been found dead there. The crowd wants to know if her name is Marta Suroz, as she has gone missing a few days back. Zoe, a girl in the crowd expresses her anger against the police, who have turned up only when it is too late. Jane, Evrard and Duffy arrive at the scene. So does a TV reporter named Ron O’Brien, whom the crowd seems to hate. Jane greets him warmly and later goes for an inspection of the dead body with the park manager – Ben Lyons. They find Marta dead. She has been choked to by strangling, and her naked body has been kept for viewing with flowers placed around specific parts of her body. The crowd is about to erupt, and the detectives rush for controlling it. In the meanwhile, Zoe brings Marta’s father, Junot and tries to get through the park gates.

However, they end up in a brawl when not allowed. Duffy tries to threaten Junot, but the crowd does not like that one bit. Soon after, an old woman gets through the crowd, speaks a line or two in Spanish, and throws a branch at Duffy as a witchy curse on him. Jane meets the medical examiner, and finds out that Marta was strangled with a weapon that could have been difficult to kill with, but it definitely bore jagged edges. She also finds out that Marta’s vocal cords were beaten out. Jane gets to hear from Marta’s mother, Emilia, that Marta was a girl whom everyone loved. She had moral righteousness, no boyfriend, and that she wore a moonstone ring that her father gave her – this was missing from the dead body. However, when asked about her husband, Marta’s stepdad, Emilia says he does not believe in God, he is angry and will not be an easy person to handle.

Zoe is giving a hard time to Duffy when he tries to coax her for information, but she refuses to comply, as she hates the cops for craving popularity. Evrard gets a little more aggressive, but explains that she should say whatever she knows, as that will help them find Marta’s killer. She reveals that LTD, a bunch of local goons, had beaten up a guy so bad, that he went into a coma, and Marta had seen them do it. She only told her stepdad, Suroz about what she saw. After some time, Jane learns about Zoe’s interrogation from Evrard, but he tells her that although the LTD is dangerous, they would not put up her body with flowers the way it was found. Duffy has his suspicion fixed on Suroz, especially because he is missing. Evrard and Duffy go looking for Suroz, and Jane wants forces to clear out the park to preserve evidence. Although Sweeney agrees, he has to later deny the help as he needs them on the job for a missing student from New York University. Jane blames Sweeney for his choice of priority, pointing out that the crowds get angry with them, mostly because they assign their best resources for the rich and white, and not a brown girl who has been found brutally murdered. Sweeney argues that he is doing the right thing because the NYU student is still alive and there only a limited number of men available.

Jane manages to get her the requisite squad from One Police Plaza. She has to be a little uptight about her demands, but manages pretty well with the chief – Costello. She arrives with forces at the park and surprises Evrard. As they approach the basketball court, the players there start evacuating rather quickly. Meanwhile, Evrard and Duffy continue their search for Suroz. They arrive at a family restaurant owned by his family, and ask Emilia about Suroz. She tells them that he has gone missing, and surely Marta’s death is eating into him. Emilia also suggests that Duffy gets his curse removed through the services of a priestess, who is available in their neighborhood. Back in the park, Jane meets a homeless guy. Jane thinks he might have the good information they need. While the park is being cleared of people in order to preserve the precious evidence that may be helpful later, one of the loiterers starts running away. Calderon excuses himself saying he has a bad hamstring, and sends Augie after him.

The escapee is a young boy, who gets around a street corner, and catches Duffy’s attention. Duffy gives a loud cry, and the youngster takes out his gun. Duffy takes out his, but the runner throws his gun to the pavement when it fires and misses Duffy by inches. He chases the boy and drags him out of a church, where he was hoping to find refuge. He throws him into a police van and meets Augie and Evrard. They joke about him bleeding saying it is because he was cursed. Almost immediately, he notices a bunch of cut flowers. Jane interrogates Ivan, an LTD himself. He claims to have not killed anyone, but referring to the encounter with Duffy, Jane tells him that he will be charged with attempted murder. Then she asks him about Marta’s murder. He tells her that there had been talk about it because Marta had seen some of the gang members earlier, but they decided to not do anything with her. Moreover, he had admitted to his pals that he was eyeing Marta as she was hot.

Jane finds out that Sweeney can release his men for Jane’s work. However, he is upset about Jane having gone across to a different police head for the men she needed. Jane apologizes without much argument, and goes to a squad room and finds Duffy. He is angry about a TV telecast saying Suroz has gone missing. He thinks Jane’s friend O’Brien might have leaked the stuff, but Jane insists he would not do such a thing to harm investigation progress. Jane storms into the other police station to give Costello a darned good firing, but only gets a teasing reply that he is not the rule maker. Evrard jokes about Duffy for wearing a bulletproof jacket, especially because he thinks Duffy might be scared about the curse. Suddenly, Suroz runs into their enclosure and punches Duffy hard. Jane gets to an interrogation with him, gets to know that he has been looking for God in churches, and tells him that she had never seen anyone like him. He remembers about Marta and starts crying in a while. Augie gets to the homeless guy, Duke, now shaking from alcohol withdrawal in another room, and asks him if he knew anything about the flowers. He replies that he put them on Marta because her body was lying in garbage.

Jane gets a bottle of alcohol for Duke to get him talking. He tells her that he did not know how long Marta was dead when he put the flowers, but that he saw a moving white light in the dark – what is known as a padiddle. After a while, Jane leaves Duke with Augie, and learns from Evrard that Lyons, the park manager, is the only person who works there on a permanent basis. The remaining are part timers and cleaners who work in the summers. Jane gets to the park and finds out that Lyon has some of the workers’ records on his computer. He also offers her a round in the park. Back in Sweeney’s office, it becomes clear to Duffy and Augie that a padiddle is nothing but a one-headlight vehicle. Meanwhile, Jane has got inside Lyon’s truck with him when Duffy calls her to tell her what a padiddle really is. Noticing only one headlight working in Lyons’ truck, she realizes the possibility that Lyon has murdered Marta. Then Duffy gets to the truck to search it, while Jane manages to distract Lyon with a gossip about the case. When Duffy and Augie find out the jagged tools in Lyons’ truck, he realizes what they are up to, and tries to escape.

Evrarad manages to catch Lyons as the others could not run that fast. Besides, Duffy is able to get blood samples from the weapons in the truck. They match with Marta’s. A few minutes later, Calderon is able to find jewelry items in Lyons’ office. One of them is the moonstone ring that Marta had got from her father. Emilie and Suroz are handed over the ring, but say that the other items are not theirs. Jane shows Lyons the other jewelry items and coaxes him to get talking about the other girls he made ‘go missing’ in his park. However, her session gets interrupted as an ADA comes in to take Lyons to booking. Jane promises that nothing is over yet. Later, after a small bout with Costello on the phone, Jane leaves the precinct to enjoy with her dad on his anniversary.