The Great Wall of Silence - Recap

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The scene opens with Duffy attending a psychiatric interview at NYPD because of an upstate shooting that he and Jane were involved in while investigating a crime. When asked what he is thinking, he says that he left his underpants on the bathroom floor that day, which would only be a red herring for those who would have investigated his murder if he got killed in the gun fight. Later, when Jane and Evrard arrive at a busy Chinese eatery on Baxter Street, they find an officer well versed in Chinese is carrying out some investigation. Jane gets to the basement and finds Patty taking a close look at the dead body of one James Paget. He has been shot. Since the building houses an illegal Poker racket, Patty opines Paget must have come there for it.

Jane notices the crowd upstairs getting quieter and thinner. When she gets there quickly, she discovers that everyone has left, and restaurant owner – an elderly Mr. Ma is with his lawyer – Richard Zhou. Although he appears helpful at first, the detectives hardly find him useful. Later, Jane and Evrard learn that Zhou is a lawyer for the local association that looks after the neighborhood – in which George Lin is the man of importance. Then the two detectives meet Alice – Paget’s wife. She tells them she felt something was wrong, but never imagined that her husband would be murdered in Chinatown. Moreover, Paget and Poker are not going together. He has stopped gambling for years and his thing used to be horses. Jane and Evrard later meet Walter Skolnick, who used to be Paget’s partner in the construction business. While Paget took care of proposals and the money, he is the engineer. On the night of the murder, their meeting ended around 8 pm. After that, Paget did not want to hang out for beer. Skolnick also mentions that Paget’s gambling never affected his work. Later, Jane goes off to pick a dress because she has been chosen Detective of the Month.

When Evrard and Jane get to another Chinatown joint, they meet George Lin. He treats them to a special dish, and tells them that lawyer Zhou was not there to empty the place. He is supposed to counsel business owners in the area because trouble affects tourism, and it is their main source of revenue – an industrial bedrock. However, fact remains that witnesses are unwilling to talk. Later, when Auggie and Calderon have an argument about why Auggie is not picking up his wife’s call, news telecast shows that the Baxter Street joint is getting raided. The only thing witnesses say on camera, is that the place has been running for a long time.
After Jane orders Calderon and Auggie to check out Paget’s Gamblers Anonymous background, Detective Bondlow rages in thinking Jane might have ordered the raid in Chinatown. If she did, she better know that George Lin is willing to cooperate, and her dad’s bar might also lose reputation. Bondlow has Lin with him, who tells the detectives that whoever murdered Paget is not a member of his community. After Duffy points out from a report that Paget was not drugged or poisoned, Alice shows up with her son Ethan. She hopes Jane will at least work on case for Ethan’s sake if not hers.

Auggie and Calderon meet Stew Bailey. He sponsored Paget to wean himself off gambling through the Anonymous forum. He tells them that Paget had been out of the habit for the last five years, and what changed him was something drastic. Alice had taken Ethan to the hospital after a minor car accident. During this time, Paget was busy gambling at a horse-racing track, and he ignored Alice’s calls. When he realized his mistake, he changed his habits forever. Later when Auggie’s wife calls again and Calderon insists he should answer now, Auggie explains that he has had a vasectomy because his wife never wanted a baby. However, now she has changed her mind, and does not know about the vasectomy.
Later, when Jane and Evrard revisit Skolnick, they learn that Paget and company maintained close contact with vendors who happened to have criminal records. Their lawyer Paul Robie points out that the business accounts could be worth looking into – Paget has withdrawn large amounts that they cannot account for. Moreover, they have a pile of documents that they tell Jane would be worth going through. However, Jane is sure that it is a distraction, and will not help her with what she wants to know happened between Skolnick and Paget. When the detectives get back to precinct, they meet FBI agents Brazie and Biddle – they want to know the progress on the Paget murder case. Jane is quick to figure out that Paget worked for them as an informer. Not before long, Evrard leads them into the documents they recovered from Skolnick.

After Jane, Matt and Duffy have a brash session joking about Costello toasting loudly at the same bar, Jane gets a little disturbed. After she and Matt get back home, an argument ensues. Moreover, she is quick to realize that Duffy being a partner in crime-investigation has overstepped his line in handling the Costello situation at the bar so carelessly. Next morning, Jane attends her psychiatric assessment session at Dr. Philbin’s desk. She is late, and tells him that she has been distracted. Although Philbin gets an intercom shortly enough to release Jane quickly, he expects her on time on Friday. As Jane leaves the office, she gets a call from Alice. Ethan’s gone missing. While Alice and Jane meet at a station, Duffy is quick to bring Ethan to them. He has been driving after getting heavily drunk. Although the mother and son want to leave, Duffy takes Ethan to a cell for some advice.

It turns out that FBI agent Biddle has found the documents very helpful. He has discovered that Skolnick and his lawyer swapped high quality steel for some cheap alternative from abroad. Moreover, he is willing to help in whichever way he can. Although Paget had brought it up, without him alive, the charges are of no real help. Jane sees the advantage of having Biddle on the case, and shows him in. Skolnick’s lawyer Robie meets with Jane and Evrard sometime later. The detectives want him to go over the sequence of events like he wants them to know. Robie tells them that Paget did not know Skolnick was under the FBI scanner, and the detectives make him go over his story, as if they were purely inquisitive. Later, Evrard and Jane decide to interview him through Biddle. Although Biddle will have no different an approach, he might ask him why Skolnick wanted to kill Paget.

At night, Auggie and Calderon are getting Robie ready for a sting operation. He will have tapes wired around his body so that he can pick up the discussion with Skolnick. However, soon after Robie starts his talking and digs out the fact Skolnick actually planned to kill Paget, Skolnick realizes what’s happening. He takes out his gun and drags Robie into his truck. However, the FBI is waiting for signal. Not before long, Jane goes after Skolnick’s truck. And as he rams it into a car making the truck catch fire, Jane drags Skolnick out and handcuffs him.

Later, when Alice and Ethan hear that Paget did the right thing by siding with the FBI, they have something to rejoice. However, while it is a happy ending for most, Jane has not been able to solve her problem with Matt. She talks to her father about the problem, and he points out that may be she is just unable to talk about Costello the way Matt wants to hear about it. When Des suggests that she should sort it out with Matt by apologizing, he is already in bed that night. The next day, Jane turns out smart enough to hold her ground with Dr. Philbin. The episode ends.