Stuck in the Middle With You - Recap

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The scene opens with Augie canvasing a dead body at a store on a street corner. Every time he hates his own life, such dead bodies remind him how things could be worse. When Evrard looks at the corpse, he points out there is a possibility that more than one man has fired at the victim. And unlike, Augie, he is feeling horrible, because it reminds him of losing asset value in the shop, and the difficulties he has to face with insurance people. While Augie is feeling life is a precious, precious gift, Jane doesn’t believe he is the same guy as the one who vowed to kill himself over non-diary cream during break. Before long, Augie is interviewing the shop-owner, who as it turns out, saw a blue car, small fiery bullets, and the glass crashing down when the attack happened. However, he turns out to be a bit of a con when an old man comes asking of him for a ticket fraud.

Meanwhile, Duffy is at court, where he is meeting his co-witnesses, ladies named Carrie and Tavera. Carrie is out of sorts about having to sacrifice a great deal of work time. It is hard on her, and getting to court is hard too. However, they have to see this through. Without this, all the effort will mean nothing. And yes, Cordera is going to prison. When Duffy gets takes to the witness box, Cordera and he are sharing a glare, but Duffy’s staring is getting more aggressive. Later, Evrard is getting cranky about different shades of blue on cars. Jane asks him to take it easy, but soon arrives Duffy. When he hears about the murder, and hears the description of the victim, he immediately suspects something. Duffy shuffles through the crime scene photographs, and recognizes the victim. He was supposed to be a witness at Cordera’s trial. Wondered why he never came, but now he knows.

Later at Sweeney’s office, Rick and Duffy are not in the best of terms, but Sweeny means business. When he is ready to provide anything required for solving the Cordera case, Rick needs ideas. At the DA’s office, Jane and Sweeney have a deal for convict Teddy. He will have to help them find out who Cordera sent to kill the witness. In exchange, Teddy will get a transfer of prison, work permit, as well as an increase in the number of visits he is allowed in prison. He wants four a month, but Jane is offering two and a half – the half being for things he might or might not get when he needs them. When Calderon is playing the video of Teddy in prison, he loves the fight Teddy starts with one of the inmates. He soon calls the rest of the squad to enjoy the scene, and they have a great laugh over it.

Later that night, Jane and Owen are playing cards with her dad and her husband. Owen ends up winning, and Jane’s father is loving the time he is sharing with his folks. The next day at Sweeney’s office, the squad hears from Teddy. Teddy offered to help Cordera. Cordera will be contacting ‘Teddy’s man’ for the next kill. Evrard has a new connection from the DA’s office, and it is untraceable. Teddy also lets on that Cordera admitted his previous man made a mess out of the first witness. Before long, Evrard’s phone rings, and after getting ready to pose as Teddy’s man, he, Jane and Duffy get inside an empty room. They put the speaker phone on, and Jane gestures Duffy for a piece of paper and a pen. Evrard may be the man Cordera is looking for, but only if he knows with whom he is speaking. Cordera identifies himself, and wonders who killed the first witness, when Evrard mentions about the murder. However, Cordera makes it clear he wants the detective who testified (Duffy) dead as well.

Although Evrard offers to do it himself – he’s done cops before – and he can keep it clean – Cordera says he has already put it together. Before long, discussions are on about protecting Duffy. It needs to be a 24x7 thing, but Duffy wants private time, which no one agrees to give him. Evrard wants to figure out who Cordera meant when he said his boys were handling Duffy. Later, Augie finds a young cop, Abe battling against his patience to beat up a molester as he sits in the interrogation cell. The girls had marks of all kinds, and had been choked, which the molester claims was due to chicken bones. However, Augie won’t let him do any such thing. He can understand Abe’s tempted, but as Augie later recounts, he would have a life-time of satisfaction by sweating out the suspect into confession, rather than settle for a moment of satisfaction by smashing him into pieces. Sweeney has the plan ready, and Jane calls everyone on the floor to follow up on people Cordera has been meeting. Any name that comes up more than once should be followed up. Get diligent, she tells the floor.

Later, Calderon is at Duffy’s place, where Calderon is complaining about the coffee, which is when Duffy hopes Calderon hopes they can start talking business. Before long, arrives Duffy’s mom with laundry. She is delighted to meet Calderon, whom Duffy is hesitating to introduce as a friend. However, when Duffy is unwilling to have Calderon stay for dinner, he can hardly say anything as he and Duffy’s mom have already agreed on it. Later than night at the detective squad, Jane arrives with good news. The two names are Raphael Alenzo and Kevin Garvy. Among the two cousins, Raphael has already done time, and was involved in the little stunt Duffy pulled of before the trial. And Kevin Garvy owns a two-door blue Honda. Besides, Jane also has the plate number. When Sweeney says good job, is that all Jane gets? What about a proverb. Sweeney has a biblical one for her, but she likes Evrard’s one better.

Duffy is visiting a doctor, when he doesn’t want being followed in private matters, but to no effect. Later, he goes to Rick’s office, and rehearses his court statements. Rick helps him prepare. Meanwhile, Jane and Calderon are canvassing the building where Cordera’s men are staying. And back at the precinct, Augie arrives at the molester’s cell. At first, he announces Lisa has regained consciousness. Molester Frank says that is good, but Augie wants to know if what he did to Lisa, was something someone had done to him as a kid. He claims he has done nothing to Lisa, and he is not talking about what happened to him. Augie makes a deal. He will tell how he himself was molested as a kid, and then Frank has to tell his story. Augie tells he was molested by a man older than his father in a subway toilet, and how it happened, but Frank is not telling his story even then. Augie says he cannot ever forget the face of that man, and he knows Frank cannot either. By now, Frank is already in tears, and breaks down when Augie drives home the point the girl will not forget his face either. He leaves the cell, and tells Abe to put down everything that happened on a piece of paper. After that, Augie will go in for putting Frank’s signature on it, and then, Abe can have his one minute.

Later that night, Jane and Evrard are canvassing the building, when Raphael and Kevin drive out. They follow their car into the Bronx, until the two criminals enter a shabby apartment building. Before long, shots are fired, and Jane calls for emergency backup. Jane and Evrard are waiting as Raphael and Kevin are holding a family at gun point for money. Just as the helpless father and husband point out at the floor where the money is hidden, one of them bends down to fetch it, and in come Jane and Evrard to save the family. At interrogation, Raphael is being hard to crack, but when Jane tells Kevin his partner has leaked, he reveals Cordera sent money to be shared among future witnesses - $25,000 each.

Later at the DA’s office, Cordera is brought in. The DA announces his new and improved indictment – which involves conspiracy to commit contract murders and attempts. Sweeney lays in on him saying since Cordera was about to have one of his guys killed, he will call in all his favors to make sure his bid sucks like no other. Later in the night, Jane nabs a man breaking a car window and stealing a briefcase. Then she has him call 911, and in a hilarious sequence in which he nervously tells the phone operator he is being arrested. However, she has left her handcuffs in the office, and Duffy is already tipsy when he comes out with his drink to the sidewalk to see, where Jane is struggling with too many items. From the other side of the glass wall, detective squad is enjoying the scene as they party. The episode ends.