Take Two - Recap

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The show opened with Pete and Violet in their kitchen discussing wedding plans, seemingly happy but Violet having secret thoughts of doubt and uncertainty.

Addison had broken up with Sam because he had not wanted to have a baby with her and him having struggles with his married teen age daughter and her on again off again husband and their struggles with their newborn baby.

Cooper was having jealousy pangs because Pete and Violet were getting married and being very concerned that his best friend, Violet, would not be there for him when he needed her, that his previously easy access to Violet would now be cut off because Pete might not allow it. Would Violet and Cooper remain good friends now that Pete would be in the picture full time?

A middle aged man named Ryan was brought into the hospital suffering from kidney failure and cardiac arrest, hooked up to several tubes and told what was happening to him by Charlotte, his doctor. Ryan was terrified that his kidneys were failing and asked Charlotte what might be done to keep himself alive. Charlotte said that only a kidney transplant would keep his heart beating and suggested that he tell her what family he might have available to give him a kidney. Ryan said that his only remaining close relative was his mentally challenged brother, Kevin, who lived in a nearby group home. He said that he thought Kevin was healthy and happy where he was, but admitted that he had not spent much time with his brother in the past, but had been paying for his keep all these years. He told Charlotte that he had been jealous as a child about his parents spending most of their energy and time on Kevin, but had tried to make it up to him by paying his bills. Charlotte said that she would find Kevin and bring him to the hospital as soon as possible to visit with Ryan and help Kevin understand what the kidney matching process and operation was all about. Kevin was brought to Ryan and after an explanation was given, said that he understood what was in store and the procedure was begun. He was a match for Ryan and the operation was done. When Ryan woke up in recovery, he immediately asked about Kevin. Charlotte told him to ask Kevin himself and pulled aside the curtain, showing an awake and alert Kevin in the next bed. The brothers were happy at the kidney match and observation was begun to see if Ryan's body would reject or accept the organ.

A couple in their thirties, Mr. and Mrs. Walker, were assigned to Naomi for advice on having another child.They sought fertility treatment or a surrogate. Wallace ws called in on the case because Naomi had found out that three years before, Mr. Walker had accidentally left the couple's five month old baby boy in his car all day and the child had suffocated in the intense heat of the day. When confronted with this information, the couple said that they deeply missed their son but wanted to move on and have another child. Addison was included in the case because Kendra Walker had some issues that needed addressing. When Wallace asked Addison to help, she adamantly said no, that she thought the couple should have no more children because of what had happened to their baby. Wallace kept after her until he told her that he thought that the reason she didn't want to help the couple was because it had not worked out between herself and Sam, that Sam had not wanted a baby with Addison, and that Addison should get over that and decide to help the Walkers despite her misgivings. Addison thought about that and said that Wallace was right, that she should put aside her personal issues and help the Walkers. Addison agreed to help the couple and sat down with Kendra Walker and talked to her in depth, getting a better feel about why Kendra wanted another baby so much. Kendra told her that she was not sure she could ever trust her husband again but that she did love him very much and did want to have a family with him, that she felt it was time to move on with their lives and give it another try. Addison agreed and told the couple that she would try to find them a surrogate. A few days later, a surrogate was found, but the woman needed a fibrotomy to remove fibroids, then that would allow her to get pregnant and carry a fetus for the Walkers. When she was asked why she wanted to help the couple she said that she knew what it was like to want a baby and not be able to have one, that a few years ago she had thought she would never have one, but with medical help, she had had one of her own and was now ready and willing to help others. Her good attitude tipped the field, in Addison's mind, toward helping the Walkers and it was agreed that the surrogate would get the needed surgery which was relatively minor. The Walkers were very happy.

Ryan began to get very ill and Charlotte told him that his body was rejecting the new kidney and he was going into kidney failure once more, that he would eventually die. They would do what they could with kidney dialysis but the end was inevitable. Ryan cried and said he was very scared and wanted to see Kevin, to tell him the truth. Kevin was brought in and told his brother was dying. The two men cried and hugged and said that they would spend as much time together as possible. That was all that could be done.

At Pete's and Violet's wedding, an unhappy Cooper sat beside a very grumpy Charlotte and they began arguing about Cooper being so upset about his best friend getting married. Charlotte was a bit jealous, but resigned. Cooper, to relieve his tension, asked Charlotte if she was horny. Charlotte said she knew of a shed nearby to which Cooper said he'd never done that and the two headed off in search of the shed. A scared looking Violet began the walk up the aisle toward her bridegroom, Pete, when she suddenly stopped and looked around her, then tore off in a hasty run toward her dressing room. A concerned and worried Pete ran after her and talked to her in the room. She said that marriage was so permanent, so forever and she was terrified of it. Pete said he understood and talked her into going back up the aisle where they said their vows and enjoyed the reception and the champagne.

As the show closed, a very naked and smiling Addison was shown lounging in a full tub of water with an equally naked Sam. They had decided to give their love affair another try.