Short Cuts - Recap

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This week's Private Practice dealt with William White dying and leaving his several millions to Naomi who was heartbroken that he had passed away, but she confessed to Sam that she was alright with it because he had been suffering for quite a while. She missed him very much but she felt that this money would enable the Practice to merge with another firm, thus bringing into existence the plan for expansion that she and Sam had so long ago drawn up and dreamt about.

Sam had been secretly seeing Renee behind Naomi's back and they both feared to tell Naomi because of her possible reaction, but they felt compelled to tell her some time, just not now.
The show opened with Violet and her new husband in bed early in the morning, the phone ringing, and her husband telling her not to answer it because it would inevitably be Sheldon, Violet's overbearing, bothersome best friend, who could not seem to accept the fact that Violet was married now. Vi's husband said that Sheldon was calling the house ten times a day and seemed to want to come over to visit her far too much. Could Violet not tell him, in a nice way, to stop all this? Violet told her husband that she would talk to him, try to stop the incessant bombardment of "harrassment". Her husband said he certainly hoped so!

Meanwhile, at work, the elevator was being used as a makeout spot, Sam and Renee making love as it went up and down. Renee pulled away as it traveled up once more, telling Sam gaspingly that she could not do this any more, like this, as Sam chuckled and just kissed her once more. Renee straightened her clothing, grabbed her valise and tore out the elevator door toward her office. Sam followed slowly, a look of pure contentment on his face.
Justine Bateman guest starred as a harassed and tormented mother of a twelve year old autistic son prone to fits. One of the doctors had previously prescribed medical marijuana for the boy to calm him down, but the herb had left the boy, Zack, glassy eyed and lethargic. The mother was sharply questioned by a doctor as to where she had gotten the marijuana. She told him one of his fellow doctors had told her to give her son the medicine. The two doctors conferred and a loud argument erupted between them, prompting a violent disagreement. The mother left the hospital in confusion and dismay, not knowing what to give her son now.

She eventually bought some marijuana from a street drug dealer, which unfortunately for Zack was heavily laced with PCP, angel dust. The drug sent Zack into a violent reaction, having a fit and babbling madly. An ambulance was quickly called for him. The EMTs strapped Zack to a gurney, questioning his mother as to what he might have ingested. The resultant blood showed the PCP. Later in Zack's hospital room, police officers arrested his mother, telling her that she was an unfit mother for giving her son illegal drugs and was taken into custody, her protesting tearfully, loudly, all the while. Zack was remanded to custody of the state until his mother could prove that she was a fit mother.

A young black man came to Drs Sheldon and Wallace claiming that he was wanting surgery to remove his male genitalia as the final step to becoming an anatomically correct female. The doctors said that they had doubts as to his complete readiness for the final step, but that they would consider his case. During the interview with him, one of the doctors noticed that he had carefully concealed slash marks on the insides of his wrists. "Jane" confessed that he had tried several times in the past to cut his wrists during fits of deep depression. Jane said that he had already gone through the obligatory year of therapy for this much wanted operation and that he felt he was entirely ready for it. The doctors said that they would look further into his background before okaying the procedure.

Later in the show, a frantic call was made to Doctors Wallace and Sheldon by the distraught landlord of Jane who had found him in his room, covered in blood. The doctors responded immediately, finding Jane drenched in his own blood from vicious self inflicted cuts on his wrists and genital area. He had chopped off his own male member! He was hurried by ambulance to the hospital and the damage repaired temporarily. The next morning, as Doctor King sat by Jane's beside, she told him that the doctors had decided to go ahead with his much wanted surgery. Jane smiled with relief and revealed the losses that he had suffered due to his condition: his father had kicked him out of the house upon discovering his son trying on his mother's bra; he had been fired from jobs because of his gender confusion and had lost friends from it, also. Dr King reassured him that that was all over now and to look forward to the future, once he was fully healed from his self attack.

Violet and her husband were having a private love making session in their own home when Sheldon burst in upon them by using his house key, apparently unable to stay away from Violet any more that evening, his deep anxiety pushing him to do so. Violet and her husband were angered and chagrined as Sheldon frantically apologized and retreated, shame faced. The next evening, upon Violet's phoned invitation to Sheldon, he turned up for a deep and meaningful chat with Vi. She told him that he had to stop coming over so much, only Tuesdays and Thursdays would do from now on.

He accepted with protest, saying that he completely understood but he wanted to be with her. She gently mentioned that she was married now and that he needed to give the new couple space. He could phone her once a day, not morning and evening as previously. They agreed upon certain terms and parted, still best friends.

Sam and his girlfriend agreed to tell Naomi about them being a couple now. Sam went to Naomi's office with a copy of the blueprint that they had so long ago drawn up together, gently telling her about him and his girlfriend being together now. Naomi accepted the fact with a bit of anger and tears, but seemed to be okay with it. Later, Sam's girlfriend talked to Naomi also, but Naomi seemed to take it harder this time, saying that she didn't want her to talk to her about Sam ever again.