A Better Place to Be - Recap

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The show dealt with a young pregnant woman and her husband coming into the ER, the woman suffering extreme pain in her abdomen. She was twenty two weeks pregnant, the fetus not viable for another three and a half months. Ilana, the mother to be, begged for pain killers but the doctors told her that anything strong enough to eliminate her pain would be bad for the fetus. She was examined thoroughly and the idea of her having fibromyalgia was tossed about. One of the doctors decided that her pain could be caused by pressure in the brain, i.e., a tumor and she was examined for that. The MRI displayed the suspected tumor and her husband and Ilana were informed of the certain risks inherent in being given the operation. Ilana told them she wanted the operation despite the risks and gave her okay to go ahead. Her husband was not so sure.
He did not want his unborn son to be aborted, to keep him in the womb if at all possible, and he was afraid that the baby or his wife might die if the brain operation was performed. He knew that she might die of bleeding in the brain and said this was his only child. He told the doctors that she had been a completely different person before she'd become pregnant, but that the consequent pain had changed her totally and he wanted his wife back. He said Ilana did not even like to be touched by him any longer, that he was completely puzzled as to the vast changes in her now.

A woman named Monica left an eight year old girl named Betsy in one of the doctors' offices and failed to return, leaving the doctors in a quandary as to what to do with the troubled little girl. Doctor Wallace, a renowned therapist, stated to Violet, who wanted to adopt Betsy, that she would need daily therapy at least for a while. Violet took the little girl home that night and the next morning, when she went to pick up baby Lucas from his crib, could find him nowhere upstairs. Hastening downstairs, she found husband Pete with a finger to his lips, smiling and pointing to Betsy cuddling baby Lucas on the couch where the two children were quietly watching cartoons. Betsy mentioned that her dad had held her on his lap when he was alive, watching cartoons on a weekend morning, and that she had thought baby Lucas might like to do the very same thing. Later that day, when Violet recounted the event to Doctor Wallace, he told her that was most unsettling and that the little girl would bear watching since they did not know her well enough quite yet. Violet said Betsy was just a little girl and Wallace replied that she was a very troubled little girl.

Addison talked to Sam about adopting Betsy, feeling a bit responsible for her, and Sam confided something about his own daughter to Addison. Sam said that his daughter Mya was married to a man named Dink, that she already had a baby of her own and that Mya was just sixteen herself, and that Sam felt that Mya was just not ready for marriage or motherhood, but there it was. Addison was taken aback, but she forged ahead and told Sam that if they were to have a child together someday in the future, that she hoped that Sam would be as good a father to it as he had been to Mya. Sam said that of course he would be, if it came to that. He mentioned that he and his ex wife, Naomi, had done every thing possible for Mya, but that still, she had become pregnant at a very young age and married the father of her child. Sam seemed non plused about the whole thing, but that now he was a grandfather, he would like to spend more time with his grandson, but it wasn't working out that way and he was not sure why.

Kenny, a fourteen year old boy, was brought by his distraught mother, Jackie, in for an examination for a stomach ache. His doctor told him he would have to give him a stool sample in a plastic cup and Kenny said he most certainly would not! Doctor Cooper asked Kenny what was really the matter? Kenny confessed to being bullied by some of his classmates for being into anime. He said that they had pulled his anime pictures from his locker door and would not give them back. Doctor Cooper called in Doctor Wallace who chatted with Kenny and agreed to give him coping skills. Kenny would not agree at first, but then said it might be a good idea if he were to learn these skills. Therapy sessions then ensued as Doctor Wallace tried to teach him ways to deal with the bullies. The next week, Doctors Cooper and Wallace visited the boy's mother at home, confronting her with what Kenny had told them. Jackie said she had tried everything she had known to do, including pep talks and karate lessons, but that the boy needed his father, who was deceased. Kenny happened to overhear his mother and fled the house in tears.
Later that evening, the boy was brought by ambulance to the ER where the attending doctors were told he had tried to commit suicide by stabbing himself in the stomach with a kitchen knife, but failed to deal a fatal blow, luckily. When he was recovered enough to speak, Doctors Wallace and Cooper told him that things would get better, that time would change things as he matured. Kenny agreed that his suicide attempt was a cry for help and that he would listen to the doctors from now on, that there had to be a better way to handle things.

During one lunch episode, Violet found little Betsy in the lunch break room, looking lonely and bewildered. Looking round for some way to cheer her up, Violet chanced up a bottle of soda which she poured onto the floor, followed by a bottle of seltzer water. Handing a soda to the girl, Violet encouraged her to pour that onto the floor which Betsy promptly did. Violet sat down on the wet floor, patting a spot beside her. Betsy plopped down beside Violet and the two of them collapsed into giggles. The watching doctors could not help but laugh.

Violet wanted to adopt Betsy but was worried about what Pete, her husband, might think. They already were caring for baby Lucas, and Pete did indeed feel that was more than they needed now. Pete had Vi's best friend, Cooper, talk with her about the matter. Violet took it wrong and cried when Pete talked about Betsy. In the end, they both decided Lucas was enough work for now.

Toward the end of the show, all the doctors were gathered in the conference room discussing as to whether any of them could adopt Betsy. None of them could, they decided. A social worker was there to talk to Betsy and take her to the appropriate facility. The show ended on a sad note, but the best was done for little Betsy that could be done.