Can't Find My Way Back Home - Recap

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Sam and Addison were lying naked under their sheets at home, discussing Charlotte's rape and ensuing trauma. Addison said that she had done a vaginal washing on Charlotte the night that she had been raped, and despite Charlotte's vehement protestations that she did not want even the police to know that she had been raped, Addison had secretly saved the washings in a hospital refrigerator as she was obligated to do, by law. Addison had released those washings to the police and told them what had happened so that they could have all the information she had about the case. Addison asked Sam if he felt that she had done the right thing; Sam felt that she had. Addison said that she felt that once Charlotte knew what she had done, that all hell would break loose. Sam felt that nothing else could have been done, since the rapist was still out there some where.

Charlotte got a call from the police to report to the station, that her rapist had been picked up and would she please look at the lineup? She would, very reluctantly. She and Cooper went to the station and she sent him to talk to the police while she waited in the lobby. He returned with the information that she was wanted now, to look through a mirror at the lineup. She did so very reluctantly and eyed her rapist who stood in line. He could not see her, but she could see him. She panicked and balked, lying, saying that she could not see him there. She was allowed to go home, but she felt violated all over again.

At the hospital, a middle aged mother was brought in with severe epilepsy fits, her fifteen year old daughter at her side. The daughter, Julie, sat anxiously at her mother, Sharon's, bedside, making notes in a black notebook as Addison discussed her medical history with Sharon. Addison was concerned that the woman was having several severe episodes every day and she explained that lesions on Sharon's brain was causing the fits, but that surgery would almost certainly cure them, thus adding years of quality to the woman's life. Sharon protested that she and Julie were doing just fine even though the fits interrupted an otherwise idyllic life for the pair. Sharon said that she had possibly ten more years of life just as it was with Julie, that she was fearful that the surgery would kill her. Addison worked hard to convince Sharon that the life Julie led with her mother now was no fit life for a teenager or herself, not to worry because she had performed this type of surgery before and had a very good outcome. Sharon agreed to go ahead with the surgery and would see how it turned out. Suddenly Sharon went into another severe fit and was put on oxygen and held down, but was alright, despite her exhaustion. Addison had Sharon taken to the MRI machine and given scans which showed that she did have lesions on a certain area of her brain. Addison decided that Sharon needed immediate surgery. In a private moment out in the hall with young Julie, Addison told her that her mother needed surgery now, that future fits would possibly kill her. Jule was reluctant to agree, but she did, to the surgery. It proved to be a relief to the fit wracked Sharon who did not have any more fits after the surgery.

A man appeared at the hospital and asked to see Pete. It turned out to be Pete's long estranged brother, Adam, who told him that their mother, Frances, who was imprisoned for murder was dying of cancer and needed to be released. Could Pete possibly see his way clear to sign a humanitarian medical release for Frances? Pete said he would have to think about it and left his brother standing there. Later, Pete said to Violet that he did not want to have anything to do with Adam or their mother, but Violet said he should at least go see Frances. He reluctantly agreed and traveled with Adam to see their mother. Frances proved to be the same selfish woman Pete had known in the past, that she had not changed at all. Back at the hospital, Pete decided that he could not sign the release and told his brother that fact. Adam left, upset and angry, but that didn't seem to bother Pete. He talked to Violet about what he had found out about his mother and she didn't know what to say. Pete told Violet that he would continue to remain estranged from his mother and his brother.

Lee, Charlotte's rapist, was allowed to walk free because she had refused to identify him in the lineup. Sheldon could not believe this fact and secretly followed Lee as he left the jail house. He approached a woman playing with a little boy in a park who proved to be Lee's girlfriend and her son. Sheldon was very discouraged that the rapist had walked free, but without Charlotte's conviction, there was nothing he could do. He just hoped that Lee would not repeat his heinous offense in the future. Sheldon was a professional therapist, but he was helpless to help Charlotte because she would not help herself. He knew that she needed special and concentrated counseling, and he would be there for her if she ever wanted to use his services, but she would have to make the first move, it was all up to her.

In a private moment near the end of the show, Sam and Addison were once again in their bed. Addison confessed a long held hope to Sam: she wanted to have a baby with him in the near future, that she didn't want to wait too much longer because she loved him very much, wanted to have a part of him with her in case something happened to him. Was he up for it? Sam hesitated, then said he liked the idea. Addison smiled and said that they should get started as soon as possible. They bent to their work with enthusiasm.