Love And Lies - Recap

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A man arrives at a bar, and starts scoping out a woman, Michelle. Amelia
advises her to go over and strike up a conversation. Oh, let's see.
Should she lead with the possibility that soon she'll be in diapers? Or
should she cut right to the dementia that's en route? She saw her mother
die of Huntington's. The man passes her table, and she pauses. No one
wants to be part of that. She refuses to be tested, she doesn't even
know she has the gene. She'll just go ahead and give herself a death
sentence. Amelia advises that she take the test and know for sure.

Naomi arrives at work to an office full of flowers. Gabriel wheels in
right behind her, saying they are African Flame Lilies. They're the
national flower of Zimbabwe, and he had to go through six importers to
get them there. He thinks they should try again. Sam's gone, and Gabriel
is back, so let the wooing begin.

Addie returns to the clinic. She ran into a wall with the captain, and
Archer. Just so they know, she appreciates it. Everybody's guard drops
when she bursts into tears. Naomi is very surprised to find her back.
She tells them Gabriel is back, and Sam looks sulky. Addison says
something bitchy to Naomi, then apologizes. It comes and goes with the
tears. Naomi tells her if she needs to talk, she'll listen. She blows it
off, and asks about Fife. Naomi says too soon to tell, but she's not
going to count him out.

Charlotte drops in to talk about a case. It's a married couple whose
baby has a fatal syndrome. Addison regrets to inform them that their
baby isn't strong enough to go through surgery. They understand she'll
die within a day of being born. They have an idea they want to float
past the team. She's on her last egg. But the baby has 100's already.
They've done quite a bit of research. They want to treat the fetuses
ovaries with hormones to speed up the maturation process. They're asking
the doctors to remove their baby's ovaries and fertilize her eggs with
donor sperm. Isabelle wants another chance at motherhood.

Vi and Pete go over her head shots for the book's jacket cover. He's
totally lusting over one of the pictures. She notices that he's all lust
struck over pictures that don't even actually look anything like her,
and jokingly tosses him from her office.

Naomi and Addison fill Coop in on what the couple wants. He tells
Charlotte she can't possibly be considering this, in all seriousness. Of
course she can. She's all for it. Naomi thinks it's morally wrong.
Addison points out that not everybody shares Naomi's compass. And if
it's going to possibly damage the mother's uterus, they can just as
easily perform the procedure after the baby is born. Coop says the baby
lives a day, going through surgery? Charlotte points out that the cards
have already been dealt. Maybe they can make something good out of this.

Amelia fills Pete in on her friend Michelle. She finally convinced her
to come in and get tested. He says there's a 50% chance she's going to
be handed a death sentence. She needs counseling. She can't just come in
and get tested, it's not that simple. Pete is exasperated because Amelia
won't listen to reason. This is why doctors shouldn't treat their
friends. Amelia retorts that she's doing this because she is her friend.

Michelle thinks she wants to go to Italy. If she's negative, she'll go
in the fall. She paints the disease in a worst case scenario. She won't
wait for the horror show to start. Amelia asks what that means, and
Michelle says if she's positive, she's going to kill herself.

Sam walks in and sits next to Naomi. They start talking simultaneously,
but she lets him go first. He alludes to their night on the deck, and
how tense things have been since then. She thinks it was just a
comfortable, nostalgic thing. He puts his arm around her and asks if she
is so sure about that. Gabriel wheels in and asks if they aren't
supposed to be divorced, since current appearances are to the contrary.
He wonders where the flowers went, and Sam informs him that Naomi is
allergic. He excuses himself, as he's sure Gabriel and Naomi have a lot
of catching up to do. He asks Naomi out repeatedly until she says yes.

Vi asks Coop about the pictures. He lays out their entire argument, and
she reminds him she's not Charlie. He picks the blue dress as Sheldon
arrives. He promptly tries to sneak out again, but too late.

Frank and Isabelle arrives in Addison's office. She wants to give birth.
She wants a baby that comes from inside her. This was the first baby she
carried this long, so they thought they made it this far for a reason.
Addison tells them she'll do it, but not until the baby is born, and not
before. Isabelle thanks her.

Amelia got the test results. Positive. She tells Pete what Michelle
said. He insists that Amelia get her some help, immediately. Naomi and
Gabriel enjoy brunch. She agrees that he's right, they have chemistry.
She's very fond of him. This just isn't the right time. Her life is
complicated. Gabriel thinks that's code for "Sam", but she says not.

Sheldon finds Sam watching Addison cry in the break room. They don't
know how to proceed, so Sam walks away, and Sheldon goes in so he can
have a banana. He almost leaves without a word, but comes back and
offers her his handkerchief. She blows her nose, and offers it back. No,
fine. She should keep it. Addison starts talking about her loss, but
that's not even what she's crying about. She's crying because they're
out of sweetener. It's like her tear ducts are acting on their own. She
wants it to be over, and he tells her grief has it's own time line. She
can't get off until the ride stops.

Amelia lies to Michelle. She's negative. She doesn't have it. She's not
going to get Huntingon's Disease.

Pete confronts her. He can't believe she lied to Michelle. She's letting
her friendship get in the way of her medical treatment. She cuts Pete
off on his way out the door. She's got ten years. Maybe more. She should
live those years happy and healthy until she can't anymore. She can know
the truth then.

Coop helps himself to a cookie from a food basket in Charlotte's office.
They're awesome! She knows. The basket is across the room because she's
already had three. He reads the card, it's from Frank and Isabelle, in
gratitude for her help. He's still angry that they're moving ahead on this.

Vi asks everybody for help picking the right picture. They all point out
that none of the pictures look like her.

Naomi checks in with Addison. Isabelle's water just broke. Naomi tries
to change her mind some more. She tries really hard. She says Addison is
grieving her mother. She pushes too hard, and Addison pushes back.
"There are lines that we should not cross." "Unless our teenage daughter
becomes pregnant."

Naomi goes to rail at Sheldon about Addison, and what's happening with
Sam. He tells her to do what she wants with her life. Just go. Do it.

The baby's cord is prolapsed.

Pete gives Amelia a judging look. When she asks why, he tells her that
as a recovering addict, honesty should always be her first choice. She
return volleys, and he walks out, leaving Vi standing there with her. Vi
tells Amelia Pete told her about Michelle, and she's so sorry. Amelia
thanks her. Vi tells her she shouldn't have lied to her. Amelia accuses
her of taking Peter's side, but no. Vi is taking Michelle's side. She's
going to need people she can trust when she becomes symptomatic. Vi
tells her to bring Michelle in here, so she can work her way through the

Gabriel tells Sam that Naomi can't move forward while he's still holding
on. Sam calls him an arrogant bastard, and suggests he return to where
he came from. Gabriel intends to, and he's taking Naomi with her.

The baby is resting, and isabelle and Frank are behaving badly. Addison
asks if they've thought of a name, and wouldn't they like to meet her?
No. They just want to know how soon she can do the surgery. Just remove
her ovaries. Frank gets pushy. Addison said she would do it, and they
need her to do it now.

Addison finds Coop holding the baby. He doesn't want to let her go. He
can't believe the parents don't want to meet her. He calls them cowards
and says they don't deserve her. He kisses her before he gives her to

Charlotte tries to force Sheldon to listen to her, but he's had enough.
He's a man. He feels like he's picking up for every guy that is actually
in a relationship, but doesn't have to listen to any of the annoying
stuff Sheldon has to. If they were doing their part, they'd have to
listen or they wouldn't get any sex. She understands, and she'll collect
the fundraiser check another time. Sheldon is properly chagrined.

He goes in the break room and tells Sam and Pete to man up. They turn
the tables and tell Sheldon it sounds like he really needs to find a
woman of his own. But since according to Sheldon, Sam has two women, he
suggest that Sheldon take his advice and join a monastery.

Michelle arrives at the clinic to show off her new sundress and hat. She
invites Amelia to join her in Naples. Amelia tells her the truth.
Michelle is very angry, and sad, and scared. And she never wants to see
Amelia again. She storms out.

Addison forces Frank and Isabelle to meet their daughter. They don't
want to bond. If they bond, they'll have to grieve. They want to be
parents? They have to go through this. As Addison walks out, Charlotte
says "We're not doing the procedure, are we."

Amelia meets Michelle when she arrives home. She insists she be given
one minute, and then she never has to see Amelia again. Amelia shares
that she thought her dad would live forever, but he went to work, he was
shot, and he never came home. Michelle says that if Amelia is trying to
make her feel better, it's not working. Amelia goes on to say she could
get mowed down by a car, and Michelle would outlive her. All this is to
say that right now is all anybody has. It's an unspeakably cruel
diagnosis, but as long as the good days outweigh the bad, she's got to
live those days. Why would you give up rocky road ice cream before you
have to?? Or swimming in the ocean, or driving with the top down on a
sunny day. That has got to be worth living for. Michelle agrees it is.
But when Amelia isn't there cheering her on, how is she going to make it
through this. Amelia says she's her friend. She'll be there cheering her
on until she draws her last breath.

Aside from that, though, there are therapists she can talk to. When
rocky road isn't enough, she will kill Michelle herself. Michelle hugs her.

Vi asks Pete what he thinks. He thinks it's incredibly brave. He's going
to photograph her, showing her scar, for the book.

Sam tries to talk to Naomi. They have a child, and a grandchild. There's
more to what they have than nostalgia. Gabriel just basically challenged
him to a duel. Addison walks in while they're talking and asks if
there's something they want to tell her. Did something happen between
them? Naomi snaps that Addison's boyfriend was her husband of 17 years
so whatever they have trumps whatever he has with Addison. She had that
marriage, she bore their child. So unless Addison hits those milestones,
she'll always come in second. Sam asks Naomi what's going on with her.
Maya and Olivia are her life. That's why she came back. But 'here' isn't
good for her. It's fraught with manipulation and cheating. She doesn't
want to live like this. Nothing feels right anymore. She wishes it did,
but it doesn't. She just can't be here.

Gabriel arrives and asks her to come with him. She gives him a
bittersweet smile and tells him he's her past. They all are her past,
and she walks out.

Coop watches the parents. Charlotte approaches and tells him he can
think what he wants, but she never wants to hurt him.

Amelia finds Addie crying on the deck. This time it's because her mother
killed herself. There were so many times she wished she would just
disappear, and now she'd give anything for just one last conversation.
One more chance. Amelia asks her what she'd say to her. "There's nothing
trashy about twirling a baton." Her mom wouldn't let her twirl baton,
because it's trashy. Amelia wonders if she should get Addison a baton.

Sam arrives. Addison returns his "hey" and takes another drink of wine.