The Time Has Come - Recap

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The scene opens with Dr. Addison explaining how much she hates surprises. Things like surprise birthday parties and stuff. You are planning your birthday, but all your close ones pretend they don’t play a role in it, your home folks are all acting strange, and when you arrive home, with it looking like a dark and desolate place, and you feeling paranoid, everybody jumps into a frenzy. However, Addison’s therapist asks doesn’t she like the love and honor everybody has for her on that day. She does not want any of that. She hates surprises. Later, Scott arrives at Violet’s place with coffee. The share a kiss, but before long Dr. Wilder comes in, and is not really happy about what he sees. He drops their son back home, and wants to know if he should stick around for the nanny, or is she going to be around. He leaves with an angry look at Scott.

Soldier back from Afghanistan, Rick, has problems, which he won’t talk about. However, his partner is determined to get him counseling under Dr. Sheldon. He explains soldiers do have problems after returning from war, and it often requires help. Kelly expresses frustration about Rick’s lack of sexual response, but Sheldon hopes he can see them separately. It helps. What does Kelly want him to say? Whatever happened there, Rick doesn’t want to bring it here. However Kelly insists it is here. He just has to speak. She promises to help him. Meanwhile, Addison and Jake are leaving for a conference. Addison wants to drive, but Jake is the man – a rather traditional one, and opines it’s the man who should be in control. Addison doesn’t mind as long as she gets to choose the music.

Later, when Rick and Kelly are leaving the clinic, Dr. Sam sees them off, and promises to come by because Rick keeps moping all day at home. Before long, rushing into the clinic are bruised patients Erica and Mason – Dr. Cooper’s wife and son. They have just had a bad car accident. Meanwhile, Dr. Sam is at Rick’s place, where no one is answering the door. After looking around, Sam finds Rick ODing in the backyard. He immediately calls for an ambulance. When admitted, Rick doesn’t want to be there, and the doctors should not have cleansed him. He wants to die. He tries to get out of bed, but as soon as the doctors, try to hold him down, he gets violent, and tranquilized with an injection.

When Erica gains consciousness, she is confused, and is worried about her son Mason. Is he okay? Before long, the kid comes running out of his bed hearing his mother’s voice. However, she still cannot make out where they are. The doctor tells her it is normal for her to feel confused because she has been unconscious for a while. When Cooper arrives in the ward, he talks to his son, who explains what happened. He and Erica were discussing his book report in the car, when she ‘fell asleep’ behind the wheels. When Rick recovers from the tranquilizer dosage, Dr. Sheldon is with him. He wants to know Rick understands what he tried to do. Sheldon understands something is bothering him. Wars are damaging. However, it wasn’t the fighting that affected Rick. He was trained for it. However, he wasn’t trained for something else. His seargent raped him. And now he feels ashamed. He explains how it happened – how his commanding officer overpowered him. Sheldon can understand how it makes him feel, but that is not his real reflection.

Later, when Cooper chats with Violet, he talks about his wife’s concussions. But he would rather talk about something else. He notices Violet’s ex-husband is upset about something. When she lets on about the younger guy – Scott – he tells her she should do whatever makes her feel good. Meanwhile, Jake and Addison are catching up on some food in a restaurant. She feels happy about eating, and she eats more when she has had a break up. She hopes to develop more adipose than one can imagine on her, so that she can use it like a shield against the rest of the world.

Sheldon goes looking for advice from Violet. Yes, he has treated rape victims before, but not men. When Violet opines a rape is a rape, he explains it’s different for a man to be overpowered. He stops trusting that he is man enough. Meanwhile, Cooper and his colleagues are discussing if it would be right to tell Mason about his mother’s real situation. Before long, Dr. Amelia comes in with the test reports on Erica. It turns out she has only a few more months. And within that time, she could suffer from complete or partial paralysis. Later, Cooper lays into Erica for driving in spite of knowing about her tumor, and that too with their son. He leaves the ward with Erica wondering where she went wrong while looking after their son everyday. Later, when Kelly arrives at the clinic, she thinks she pushed Rick towards a suicidal act. However, Sam and Sheldon try telling her it wasn’t her fault. And Later, Violet’s ex-husband is complaining to Sam about Scott seeing his ex-wife.

Addison is drinking away, and hopes to get drunk – although she claims otherwise when Jake checks her out. Back at the clinic, Sheldon learns from Rick he has sent Kelly back home. He explains Rick needs to tell her what really happened. And Cooper is angry with his wife’s carelessness. However, Charlotte makes him see he is not angry about that as much as he is with the fact that his wife is dying. Later that night, Addison knocks on Jake’s door. Completely drunk, she lets on she wants to have sex. However, Jake explains to her that she is not wanting sex with Jake, but with anyone, just to forget her break up with Sam. She is gorgeous, hot and desirable, but he will not indulge her because she wants it while the alcohol might be messing with her head.

The next morning, Kelly arrives at the clinic, and hears the rape story from Rick. She cannot understand why he could not resist. She asks him if he is gay. Leaving Rick in disarray, she leaves angry. Meanwhile, when Addison wakes up, she realizes how stupid she was behaving at night, but Jake tells her they are not talking about it. He has ordered a grand meal for her, just the way she likes it and she must eat. Besides, Addison has a conference in a couple of hours. Back at the clinic, Violet’s ex-husband lays into Scott – he is going after him if she harms Violet, or tries to act funny in front of Lucas. When Sam visits Kelly, she hates saying it, but she cannot look at Rick the same way as before.

When Violet is working at her desk, her ex-husband turns up saying she has to stop seeing Scott. Well, that is not his call. They are separated, and she can date whoever she wants. Ex-husband does not like Lucas seeing them kissing. That is when Violet lays it back on him saying that is not his concern. He is concerned about she seeing Scott because he loves her. When she walked out that door, she begged him to stop her, but he wouldn’t. And now he can’t be saying whom she can see. Ex-husband is not liking it one bit that Violet is going to tell him what he thinks. Livid, he leaves asking her to go to hell. Later, as Rick says he wants to go back home, he is also upset that Kelly has not been returning any of his calls. However, Kelly arrives at his room almost immediately, and puts her hand in his. Later, Cooper begs Erica to put up a fight. After a few minutes of coaxing, she agrees. And as Sam is about to fetch his unwinding beer, he gets an emergency call. He arrives at a precinct, and picks up his derelict sister. The episode ends.