And Then There Was One - Recap

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The episode begins with Addison sharing her experiences as a doctor, and how proud she is to be one, until she recently had an occasion when she said, she was Henry’s mom and felt as proud. Later, Addison shows Amelia live images of her baby, in the womb. It’s a baby boy. Suddenly Addison looks visibly worried and turns away the screen from Amelia, with Amelia worried at Addison’s reaction, and calling out for her. Flash forward to five weeks later, Amelia gives good news to a woman regarding her pregnancy, the women excitedly asks about Amelia’s due date, but Amelia looks visibly depressed and replies with no visible emotion that, she is due in a few months.

Just then Addison enters with Henry in his crib, and there is visible tension between her and Amelia as they see each other, with Charlotte looking on awkwardly. The doctors then all come and gather around Henry and play with him. Meanwhile, Addison asks everybody if Amelia is doing ok, and if she is getting any pre-natal care. Later, Cooper tells Violet that Mason isn’t ready to sleep alone yet. Violet tells him to be firm but understanding with him, so he doesn’t always get his way. Cooper says that Mason isn’t a kid anymore since his mother died; he cries in his sleep and is lonely. Later, at the therapist Pete says he used to have a lot of fun with Violet, but now things aren’t the same, and they are there so they can be a family again. The therapist observes that, just as Violet corrected Pete it bothered him.

Back at the hospital Violet questions Pete about his selection of the therapist; just then a patient is brought in with multiple stab wounds, in a critical condition. The patient is a little girl, and her older sister Missy comes along beseeching the doctors to save her. Just then the parents of the girls come in, and are informed that the patient has to be rushed for an operation. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Cooper make out in her office. Meanwhile, Addison comes to have a chat with Amelia, and invite her home. Amelia isn’t interested. Meanwhile, Violet who wants to talk to Missy but is told by the father to leave her alone, as he is too worried about the patient at this point to think about anything else. Later Violet tells Pete that she found Missy’s behavior odd, owing to the fact that she was crying and then she suddenly stopped, as if ending a performance.

Pete tells her to stop being a shrink all the time, but she says she can’t. Meanwhile, Amelia is all clammed up about her feeling and doesn’t want to let anyone in. Meanwhile, Sam and Jake discuss Addison and her baby over a game of basketball. Sam tells Jake that he felt a vibe going on between Jake and Addison. Jake tells him that, he and Addison kissed the day she got Henry. Sam is visibly angry on hearing this, and leaves. Later, Sam tells Pete about Jake kissing Addison. Pete tells him to get off his ass and tell Jake to back off, if he (Sam) wants to be with Addison. Meanwhile, Charlotte talks to Mason about his issues. Mason tells her that he is forgetting everything about his mother and that is hurting him. He then tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about things, as he doesn’t feel up to it, as yet.

Meanwhile, Pete tells the parents of the little girl that their daughter is brain dead and won’t be coming out of her coma. Missy is bothered by all this and is taken outside by Violet. Meanwhile, Jake and Amelia talk about her situation, with her telling Jake that she is sick to death of people wanting to discuss her feelings. She asks Jake if she did the damage by taking drugs. Jake confirms that she did not; it’s just a “bad spin of the genetic wheel”. Meanwhile, Missy tells Violet that when someone is taken off life support they don’t die right away, Violet is surprised to hear her say this. Violet tells Missy how she had been attacked and stabbed and how the woman who did it must have felt when she did that.

Missy says the woman who did it must have felt powerful, as she could do anything that she wanted. Later, Jake and Pete talk and Pete tells him that he has dated Addison too. Jake is surprised to hear it. Pete tells Jake, Addison is complicated. Meanwhile, Cooper feels Charlotte has threatened Mason into talking and is upset with it. Meanwhile, Violet tells Pete that she thinks Missy might have killed her sister. Pete tells her to be wary as she can’t just go to the police with her gut instincts. She is worried that Missy might do it again. Meanwhile, Addison comes to talk to Amelia, with Amelia absolutely distraught about the fact that her baby has no brain, and that she can’t do anything about it. She hence doesn’t want anyone lecturing her about how she should feel. She tells Addison that, she is jealous of her for having a dream of a life with Henry.

Meanwhile, Sam tells Jake that he is hurt about Jake making a move on her right after she and Sam broke up. The both of them were kissed by Addison on the same day, so neither is sure who she loves. Meanwhile, Violet tells the parents that Missy was probably involved in the stabbing. The mother finds this ridiculous, but the father thinks it’s possible. Meanwhile, Mason once again doesn’t talk to Cooper. Meanwhile, at the therapist Violet and Pete are having a heart to heart, with each voicing their concerns. The therapist feels that their marriage still has hope. Later, Charlotte tells Amelia to deal with her emotions and not run away from them. Meanwhile, Violet talks to Missy, and gets her to admit things rather tactfully. She then admits to Violet that she was the one who stabbed her sister, with a lot of glee and pleasure written on her face.

She wanted to see what it was like, and she felt great doing it, and just as she admits these things the cops come in and take her away. Meanwhile, Sam confronts Addison about kissing Jake. She says she is sorry, but is too preoccupied with her child to care about how he or anyone else feels at the moment. Meanwhile, Missy’s father and Amelia talk, he wants to donated her stabbed daughter’s organs; Amelia is moved by his emotions and pain. Meanwhile, at the therapist Pete tells Violet that he loves her, and that is all he says that matters to him. Meanwhile, Copper asks Charlotte what she said to Mason to make him talk.

Meanwhile, Amelia comes to Jake telling him she wants to be taken care of well so she can deliver her baby and so his organs can then be used for other babies who need them. Meanwhile, Addison and Violet meet up and discuss things that happened with them. Then the show flashes forward to the present, with Addison talking to her therapist. The episode ends at this point.