True Colors - Recap

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The episode begins with Addison talking to her shrink; he asks “you think nature trumps nurture?” Pete in the meanwhile tells Violet to take out time for dinner, as it would be a good way to rekindle the romance in their relationship. Violet says she will think about it. Meanwhile, Addison is searching for a trustworthy nanny for Henry, as this is her first day back to work. Sam agrees to babysit in the meanwhile. Meanwhile, Cooper is facing certain discipline issues with Mason. Charlotte comes in and is firm with him, but he ends up obeying her. He says “you suck” to Cooper, before leaving the room. Meanwhile, a 36 week old pregnant is brought into emergency, complaining of nausea and vomiting.

The patient reveals to the doctors that she has had a concoction to expedite the delivery, but she isn’t having any contractions, so all the concoction has done is give her nausea and stomach ache. Her father got her the concoction. She wants her baby delivered in the US, so her baby can have a good life. Later, Addison and Pete tell Jake about how the woman tried to self induce, so the baby would be born in the US and would hence automatically become a citizen. Meanwhile, they also come to know that she was already set for deportation but didn’t show up on her deportation date. The doctors then have a debate as to whether they should induce the delivery before she is set to be deported the next day afternoon. Addison is resistant to the idea of the baby been born before time as there is a risk involved, Pete on the other hand argues that the native country of El Salvador where the woman comes from has abysmal medical facilities. Jake in the end concludes that it’s the mother’s call.

Meanwhile, a little girl Melody is brought in for a check up to Cooper as she is constantly complaining of discomfort first in her ear then in her throat. Meanwhile, Amelia is getting her usual checkups done for her pregnancy, by Jake. Jake then tells her the procedures he will follow if there are any complications. Amelia in the meanwhile, hasn’t told anyone else besides Jake about her plan to donate her baby’s organs. Meanwhile, Addison comes to thank Sam for watching Henry, but Sam isn’t too gracious in accepting her thanks and is in fact quite rude to her. Meanwhile, the little girl is absolutely fine; she then proceeds to tell Cooper that her parents aren’t listening to her, when she tells them “I am a boy”. Later Cooper discusses this issue with Sam and Amelia. They tell Cooper that the girl might just be a tomboy, and it’s not possible to know things for sure till she is older.

Violet comes in and gives her take on it. Cooper tells Violet to talk to the little girl and make a diagnosis. If it then turns out to be GID (Gender Identity Disorder), the parents would then have to be told. Later, Violet and Addison discuss about the pregnant woman from El Salvador. Violet then tells Addison about her plan to convince Pete to go back to therapy, over dinner. Meanwhile, the woman from El Salvador tells Pete about how bad the situation is in her country, and how much crime and poverty there is. That is why she wants a life for her baby in the US. The mother is ready to risk the premature delivery rather than have her child in El Salvador. Later, Sam tells Pete how angry he is with Addison, for he having to take care of her baby, that too when he is her ex. Meanwhile, Addison is still not too convinced about inducing the pregnancy before time.

Meanwhile, Violet and Cooper meet Melody’s parents, and try explaining to them the whole issue about Melody. Melody’s parents discount the whole issue, and say that she just likes to play like a boy. They just aren’t ready to accept that, their daughter might just have GID. The mother of the girl tells them to leave, although they seem to have made headway with the father, who gets to thinking. Meanwhile, Violet and Pete have a wonderful dinner followed by passionate lovemaking. Later Pete tells Sam and Jake that he and Violet are doing more than ok. Sam in the meanwhile, feels that sex can’t really be a permanent solution to relationship issues. Meanwhile, Charlotte tells Addison to take a call regarding inducing pregnancy, in the case of the pregnant woman from El Salvador.

Addison decides to induce labor. Meanwhile, Amelia tells Jake that the baby in her stomach kicked like a normal baby. She tells Jake to do more tests to find out if things have changed for the better. Jake tells her it’s not possible, and tries calming her down. Amelia herself being a neurosurgeon knows what the facts are, but can’t get herself to come to terms with it. Meanwhile, Melody has come to meet Cooper. Her parents think she is in school. Cooper asks Violet to talk to her. Later Cooper and Violet talk to Melody. Melody reiterates that she feels like a boy, although she is forced to be a girl. She tells them how her mom tries to make her dress up like a girl, and when she doesn’t want to, how her mother and she end up having huge arguments. Melody breaks down into tears, telling them how much she hates being a girl. Meanwhile, Mason comes in, with Charlotte, Mason and Melody then tell each other their issues, and Mason then asks her to come out and play.

Meanwhile, Addison is delivering the woman’s baby. The baby comes out absolutely normal and healthy. The woman doesn’t want to go back to El Salvador; her life now is her baby. Meanwhile, Cooper fondly watches Mason and Melody play. Melody’s parents who have been called by Cooper come in. Violet again explains to Melody’s mother that she can’t force her daughter into feeling like a girl. Melody’s mother begins to drag her out of there, Cooper stops her. Melody’s mother then breaks down saying “this is my little girl”. The mother and daughter then tearfully hug each other. Violet promises to help them through this. Meanwhile, Violet wants to go back to therapy although Pete isn’t too crazy about the idea.

Later Pete tells the woman from El Salvador that he would move with her to her country to help her settle there, as immigration isn’t allowing her to stay. Later, Pete tells Violet about his plan to move to El Salvador. Violet is outraged by this plan of his, and wants him to think about her and their son first. Violet begs Pete to not go through with this plan of his. Later Addison and Pete find out that the woman and her baby have run away from the hospital. Meanwhile, Mason is slowly warming up to Cooper again; the two of them along with Charlotte end up on the couch, watching TV together. Meanwhile, Addison comes home and finds Sam taking care of Henry. Meanwhile, Amelia signs the consent forms for donating her baby’s organs. The episode ends with Addison telling her shrink that nurture beats nature. The episode ends.