Drifting Back - Recap

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The episode begins with Amelia telling her support group that she has been more than 6 months sober. Violet in the meanwhile, tells Pete that she is putting the house up for sale. Meanwhile, Addison discusses with Sam about the way she parents Henry. Meanwhile, Sheldon is back and happy to see Amelia. Amelia it turns out isn’t too happy to see him, and walks away angrily after seeing him. He is then told about the baby. Meanwhile, a patient Troy David is brought in with congestive heart failure. His partner is also with him. Meanwhile his father also comes in and is told about his condition. The father then tells the doctors to keep Troy’s partner away from him. Troy’s father is later told by Sam that Troy’s partner Roger has been by his side for the last 3 years that, he has seen Troy struggle with heart disease.

Roger says that Troy did not want to be kept on a ventilator. His father on the other hand wants the doctors to do all that is required to keep his son alive. Roger is then told to leave, as Troy’s father is now legally responsible for him. Troy hadn’t made any will naming Roger his partner legally. Meanwhile, Sheldon has a couple come in for therapy. The husband tells Sheldon that he has sexual feelings about his daughter. Meanwhile, the daughter who is talking to Violet, tells her that her father comes into her room or her bathroom at the most inappropriate times, even when she tells him not to. The wife is mortified to hear about her husband’s urges, and tells him to leave the house. Just then the husband begins to have seizures. Meanwhile, Sheldon comes in and tells Amelia that he is sorry to hear all that she is going through.

Amelia meanwhile is in no mood to entertain his sympathy and tells him to go away. Later Sheldon, Amelia and Violet discuss about Ridge the man who has sexual feelings for his daughter Whitney. Turns out he has a lesion in a part of his brain which increases sexual urges. Violet feels Ridge could be a danger to Whitney. Amelia feels she can get rid of his urges by removing the lesion, which would cure him. Meanwhile, Roger comes to meet Troy on the sly. Roger tells Pete how Troy’s dad cut him off, after he came to know Troy is gay. Sheldon in the meanwhile, tells Addison that someone has to talk to Amelia. Meanwhile, Pete tells Violet he doesn’t care about the house, and she can do what she wants with it. Stephen meanwhile is worried about Amelia being an addict. Amelia on the other hand reminds him that she has completed 26 surgeries since he left, despite her being an addict.

Violet meanwhile, tells Cooper about how Pete is behaving with her, and basically avoiding her. Meanwhile, Amelia tells Ridge about the seizures he has had, and what his ailment is. Ridge tells Amelia that he doesn’t care if there is a risk in the operation; he just wants to be better. Meanwhile, Sam tells Troy’s father that putting Troy on life support won’t help, and that Troy is going to die. Troy’s father wants him put on the pump, despite it not being Troy’s wish, according to Roger. Meanwhile, Addison and Sam share a drink and talk about things. Meanwhile, Amelia comes into Sheldon’s room and asks to have sex with him, as she wants to forget everything just for some time. Sheldon turns her down, saying he is sorry. Meanwhile, Roger gets Pete printouts of Troy’s journal, where he has expressed his wished to not linger on as Roger would go crazy with worry.

Pete tells Roger that the journal is not a legal document. Meanwhile, Ridge’s wife and daughter are waiting for him to get operated. Violet tells Whitney to remember the good days she spent with her father. Violet then comes to Cooper and tells him that she can’t give up on Pete and let him go, because she loves him and her family. Meanwhile, Pete and Sam have a debate about the Troy issue with Pete on Roger’s side, and Sam although sympathetic to Roger, still wanting to follow the rules. Meanwhile, Ridge tells Amelia to kill him, if she can’t fix him. Post operation Amelia tells Ridge that everything went just fine and the whole lesion was removed. His wife and child then come in. He promises Whitney that he would do anything it takes to win back her trust. Meanwhile, Pete gives in to Roger’s request and agrees to pull the plug on Troy.

Roger bids Troy a final goodbye before the plug is pulled, by telling Troy all the things he wants to do with him. Later, Sam questions Pete as to how Troy can pass away while on life support. Meanwhile, Troy’s father comes in. He is livid and physically assaults Pete telling him that he killed Troy. Pete tells him to calm down and tells him that Troy is gone. Troy’s father then gradually calms down as the realization sinks into him that Troy is no more. Meanwhile, Jake and Amelia get to talking. Jake tells Amelia that his wife died of overdose. He then tells her about how he realized that his wife was an addict but hoped that she would ultimately choose him over drugs. He then tells Amelia that she can choose to take drugs if she wants to, or she can choose to take care of her health and the baby inside of her. Her baby can then help many other babies. The two then go out to get some coffee.

Meanwhile, Sam is there to meet Addison and Henry, at her home. Addison tells Sam not to give her hope of them being a family, by landing up at her place every day. Addison always wanted them to be family but Sam kept rejecting the idea. She tells Sam that if he wants to play family he has to completely commit, as he can’t come and play house when he likes, and then leave. Sam isn’t able to really give an answer. Addison is agitated by him having to think about it, and leaves. Meanwhile, Violet comes in and tells Pete that she wants to talk to him, and she isn’t giving him a choice, but to listen to her. Pete in reply says “do you ever stop talking”. Just then Charlotte comes in, livid with how Pete has handled the Troy issue.

Pete in the meanwhile maintains that he did what he had to do, and he doesn’t feel he did anything wrong. Charlotte then says “I did what I had to do”, just then cops walk in and arrest Pete for Troy’s murder. Meanwhile, Jake comes in and tells Addison that in his previous jobs he was attached emotionally to his coworker, but now at his present workplace he has begun to feel like everyone is one big family. Addison comes, sits on Jake’s lap and the two, end up kissing each other passionately. Addison then asks her shrink if she sound delusional for talking about people’s hopes and dreams, being sealed in bottles. The episode ends.