Aftershock - Recap

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The episode begins and its shown where all the characters of the show are presently at, in their lives. The focus then specifically shifts on Violet. She receives a text from Pete informing her that he has gone for a run. She tells her little son, how Pete’s case hearing is “today”. She later arrives at work. She reasons with everyone there that, Pete’s case could last for months and she simply can’t neglect her work because of that. Later, she sees patients. Her first patients are a father-daughter duo, who has come face to face after 23 years. The father was an alcoholic but he is now reformed. The daughter though, isn’t in a very forgiving mood.

She recounts the hardships she and her mother had to face, thanks to her father’s alcoholism. Also, the daughter is pregnant, and her water breaks, while she is ranting about how bad a father he has been. She is rushed to the hospital. Later, Violet tells Addison how worried she is about the possibility of Pete going to jail. Addison does her best to make her feel better. In the afternoon, Violet arrives at the courtroom and is informed by Pete’s lawyer that he hasn’t arrived yet. She also tells her that, he is unreachable on his phone. The judge enters the courtroom just then, and on finding Pete missing, she issues a warrant for Pete’s arrest.

Later, Violet tells Addison and Charlotte that, Pete must have jumped bail and run off to South America. Then, while she is sitting alone in her office, she receives a call from Pete; she picks up the call and asks “where the hell are you?” The focus now shifts to Addison and Jake. Turns out, the two spend the night together, at Addison’s place. Later at work, Addison tells Violet she definitely made the right choice as far as Jake is concerned but, she is a bit insecure, as Jake is too good looking. Jake on the other hand sees a patient named Debra, who had met Violet earlier, with her father. Debra recollects how awful her father was, and begins crying. Jake calms her down and tells her that, she is going to be a great mother.

Jake then asks her to trust him and put her faith in him, while he delivers her baby. Just then the nurse comes in and informs Jake, that there was an emergency and something has happened to Debra’s father. Jake asks the nurse to not say anything to Debra for now. The focus now shifts to Cooper and Charlotte. The two are having breakfast along with Mason. Later, Charlotte tells Cooper she might be pregnant. Cooper is excited on hearing this, but Charlotte asks him to hold his horses, till the pregnancy is confirmed. Later on the way to court, Cooper all excited tells Violet that, Charlotte might be pregnant.

Then in the evening, Cooper picks up Mason from school, and discusses with him the fact that, he might have a baby brother or a sister. The focus then shifts to Sheldon and Amelia. Amelia thanks her support group, for helping her stay sober, for a year. Sheldon is also there to support her. Later, Amelia has a chat with Ed, Debra’s father, who is also a part of the support group. Sheldon on the other hand, gets himself checked up by Sam. During the checkup he tells Sam, how he has hooked up with his ex, Laura. Sheldon is then shown receiving flowers from Laura. In the afternoon, Amelia asks Sheldon if he heard that, Pete might have made a run for it.

She though, believes that, Pete isn’t the kind of guy who would run from things. She also tells Sheldon, what Pete did was noble, and he risked everything for it. Later, Sam calls Sheldon into his office, as he wants to discuss Sheldon’s blood results. The focus now shifts on Sam. Sam is shown carrying breakfast for a woman he spend the night with. The woman tells Sam, the night she spent with him was really great. Later at work, Sheldon and Sam discuss about Sam’s and Addison’s relationship. Sam feels he was probably a little too late in making his decision and therefore missed out on a good thing.

Later, Cooper and the others, question Sam about his relationship with Stephanie the delivery nurse. Sam though, isn’t ready to divulge anything. Later, Addison apologizes to Sam about Cooper, questioning Sam about Stephanie. She tells him they shall all respect his space, if he wants to keep his relationship under wraps. She feels he is doing it because of her. He though, assures her that he is fine, and confesses to her that, probably his timing was off. “All I want is for you to be happy” she tells him. “I am happy” says Sam, with a smile on his face. In the afternoon, Stephanie and Sam discuss about Pete. Sam feels Pete should have thought about his family before doing what he did.

Sam then sees Ed walking toward the room where Debra is. He sees that Ed is barely able to walk or talk, Ed then collapses in Sam’s arms. Sam tries to revive Ed, while Stephanie rushes to get help. The focus now shifts to the whole group. Later it is shown that Ed too has been admitted. Sam tells Ed he just had a “cardiac event”. Sam is busy performing a procedure on Ed’s heart to unclog his coronary artery. Ed tells Sam about all the things that transpired with him throughout the day, including the part where he met Violet and about the AA meeting where he had a chat with Amelia. Ed then tells Sam, it’s not his time to die yet, as he still has something left to do. Amelia watches Sam perform the procedure on Ed, from outside the surgery. Later, Sam meets Jake and tells him “we are ok you and me”.

Amelia enters Debra’s room, where she is sitting with her baby in her arms. She tells Debra “I am friend of your dad’s”. Sheldon on the other hand is busy downing a bottle of alcohol. He looks visibly worried. Amelia on the other hand brings Debra and her baby to Ed’s room. Ed on seeing his daughter is overcome with emotions, and tells his daughter how sorry he is. Debra with a smile on her face introduces her son Max to him. Charlotte informs Cooper that, not only is she pregnant, but they shall be having triplets. Cooper is visibly stunned to hear this news.

Jake tells Addison, he is moving in with her, as he is convinced she is in love with him. “We are suppose to be together, you and me” he tells her. “I am in love with you too” he then adds. Cooper asks Violet if there is any word from Pete. She tells him she got a call from Pete’s phone, and it was a cop who told her the owner of the phone has met with an accident. Turns out, Pete had a heart attack while on his run and he collapsed and fell off the path, then somebody found him. She then basically tells Cooper that, Pete is dead. The episode ends.