100th Episode: Mourning Sickness - Recap

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The episode begins with Violet at the morgue. She is there to collect Pete’s body. Violet’s voiceover in the background, reads out Pete’s will. Turns out, Pete wanted to be cremated and wanted a celebration after his death, instead of mourning. Violet tries to follow everything he had wanted. Later at the celebration as per Pete’s wishes, Violet tells Addison that, she is putting her house up for sale. Addison asks Violet to reconsider this decision of hers. Violet though, tells her that, she and Lucas need to move forward, and hence they would be looking at some new houses. Sheldon on the other hand is seeing a patient at his office.

The man tells Sheldon, he somehow isn’t really happy. Sheldon suggests to the man that, happiness can be derived from “intentional activities” like volunteering and maintaining close relationships. The man though, doesn’t seem too receptive. The time for the session is over and Sheldon asks the man to come back the next week, so they can continue with the therapy. The man says he can’t, as he is planning to kill himself. Sheldon is visibly shocked to hear this. Charlotte at the party tells Addison how unhappy she is at news of having triplets. The primary reason for her being unhappy is the fact that, the pregnancy will take a huge toll on her physical appearance.

Jake and Sam too, discuss Pete. “He deserved better than dying in a ditch” says Sam. Cooper asks Violet to call him, if there is anything she needs. She in turn tells Cooper, if anything happens to her, she wants him to be Lucas’s guardian. Cooper though, doesn’t want to think about Violet being dead on such a day. She on her part is insistent, and wants him to talk to Charlotte about the request she has just made to him. Sheldon on the phone tells Addison, he can’t come to the party just yet. “I’ll get there as soon as I can” he tells Addison. He then begins talking to his patient once again. “How long have you been considering killing yourself?” he asks him. “Feels like forever” he tells Sheldon. He says he did not bring it up before, as he felt Sheldon wouldn’t understand.

Sheldon is worried at his patient Nick’s condition and urges him to go to the hospital. Nick though is adamant that, he wants to do no such thing. Sheldon asks Nick why he wants to kill himself. He reveals how he met a girl called Gail and how they hooked up and were getting ready to have sex, but seeing Gail without clothes did nothing for him. He then thought about Stella and things were fine. He reveals to Sheldon that, Stella is his goddaughter and she is only 8. At the party, Cooper discusses with Charlotte the request Violet made of him earlier. She reminds him how they already have Mason and are about to have three more children. She basically tells him, she isn’t crazy about the idea he is putting forth.

Cooper in turn is stumped at Charlotte’s reaction. Nick tells Sheldon, he has never had any sexual or physical contact with Stella. He assures Sheldon that, he has never acted on his desire for young girls. “But I think of them a lot” he tells Sheldon. He tells Sheldon how he sits in front of an elementary school, just so he can look at young girls. “I am a monster and no matter how hard I try, I can’t change the way I feel” he tells Sheldon. He controls his urges by going home and masturbating. Sheldon on his part is worried, as to what would happen if Nick loses his self-restraint. Nick agrees with him and says, the only solution he can see for his problem is to kill himself. Nick tells Sheldon how he can’t tell anyone what he is.

He curses his fate for not being an alcoholic or a drug addict instead. “The fact that you haven’t acted on your impulses, we can build on that” Sheldon says, calming Nick down. Nick is skeptical and says that there isn’t any magic pill to make him stop fantasizing about little girls, or a surgery to remove the deviant part of his brain. At the party, Addison and Cooper discuss Pete. He tells her about Violet’s request and his difficulty in trying to convince Charlotte. He in fact isn’t even sure if he wants to convince Charlotte. With the babies coming he feels his family should be his first priority. At his office Nick tells Sheldon, “I’m a freak you can’t fix me”.

Sheldon tries to convince him that, he can’t be cured, but things would be fine if he doesn’t act upon his urges. It would be a lifelong struggle Sheldon agrees, but also mentions that they shall be able to protect the people around Nick. Sheldon says there are things they can try to control Nick’s urges. Nick then suddenly collapses to the ground and begins writhing in pain. Sheldon calls for an ambulance. Turns out, Nick has possibly ingested something, in order to commit suicide. Addison is giving Violet, company and she is busy getting high in the bathroom. They ask Cooper to join them. Cooper does. Later Jake and Sam join them and they all reminisce about Pete.

At the hospital, Nick’s life is saved. Sheldon tells him that, the drug overdose he took did put him at a risk for liver failure. “I swallowed a whole bottle before I came to see you” he tells Sheldon. Sheldon tells Nick they can work together to control his issues and make him lead a normal life. At home, Charlotte tells Cooper, they would obviously take Luke in, if something happens to Violet. Addison receives a call informing her that, Mark Sloan has been taken off life support. She breaks into tears on receiving this news. Violet then loses her composure and breaks down. Sheldon who has just arrived asks Jake “what the hell happened here tonight?” Later Sheldon and Violet have a chat. She asks him to tell her everything is going to be all right and he does as is told, just so she feels better.

Addison asks Amelia “If anything ever happened to me, would you take Henry?” She is overjoyed at this proposition and immediately says that she would. She then tells Amelia about Mark. Sheldon tells Jake “I saved the life of a man tonight, I am not sure should live”. He then says how Pete who deserved to live has been taken away. “That right there, that’s why I don’t believe in God”. Jake says he is feeling a little guilty, as he has a lot to look forward to, at the moment, where on the other hand Violet is suffering. Sheldon asks him to not waste his time feeling guilty and instead asks him to be grateful.

Sam tells Addison that, they are going to be friends “someday, not just yet”. Violet and Cooper immerse Pete’s ashes into the ocean. She then breaks down and says “we didn’t have enough time”. Cooper holds her and does his best to try and console her. The episode ends.