Good Grief - Recap

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The episode begins with Violet sitting in a support group, for people who have lost their loved ones. At home, Addison is crying alone in the bathroom. Jake is concerned but says nothing. Sam is busy making out with his new girlfriend, the nurse. Charlotte heads for work, but doesn’t kiss Cooper before leaving. “That’s what got me here in the first place” she tells him. Violet is readying herself to move to a new home. Just before leaving her son begins saying that, he wants to “see daddy”. She tries to explain that his father is dead, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Amelia and Addison talk about Sloan, at work. Sam and Cooper come in just then.

The two are busy discussing about how Sam, isn’t revealing much about his past to his present girlfriend Stephanie. Later, Sam meets up with Sheldon, who is angry with him for asking him to get a biopsy done for prostate cancer. Sam tries to justify himself by saying that, Sheldon seemed at a risk for prostate cancer and therefore he recommended the tests. Violet is seeing a patient who has anger issues. The man tells Violet, the flashes of anger that he has are random. He gives a few instances of how he gets angry at trivial situations. Violet tells him that they have to uncover the underlying reason behind his anger.

He on hearing this tells Violet that, he wants to confess something but doesn’t know if he should. “You can tell me Adam it’s ok” she reassures him. “Eleven years ago I shot someone” he then confesses. He says he doesn’t know the name of the person he shot. Basically, Adam’s younger brother was just 13 then and all bones, and was starving. Adam saw a man come out of a restaurant wearing a fancy coat, so he got a gun in order to rob the man. He didn’t know what else to do, as he was really poor and needed to take care of his brother. The man though wouldn’t give Adam his money and instead lunged at his gun and the gun went off. He then ran away from the scene and doesn’t know what happened to the guy he shot. Later, Sheldon and Violet discuss Adam’s case.

Violet tells Sheldon how she plans to find out if the man who Adam shot is still alive, because if he is, a huge burden could probably be lifted off Adam’s chest. Sheldon thinks it’s not a good idea for her to go behind her patient’s back. “If his victim is dead you are going to judge him; it’s going to color how you feel about him” he says. “Leave it alone” he adds. Later, Cooper tells Violet how Charlotte is “running herself to the ground” working shifts. Violet says Charlotte is only trying to keep herself occupied. “She’ll come around” Violet says. At home in the night, Violet while looking through the internet finds out that, the person Adam had shot 11 years ago, did not survive.

At work, Violet tells Addison to come clean with Jake about how she is feeling, even if it means telling him about her past. Later in her office, Adam tells Violet he is feeling better, after confessing to her about his past. He says he is feeling really relieved. Violet though, is looking visibly worried and lost. She asks Adam to leave, by making an excuse and then discusses the issue with Sheldon. Sheldon feels Violet isn’t ready to go back to work yet and asks her to take a break. She feels she should tell Adam, as it probably give him closure. Sheldon disagrees and says it would only make Adam feel like a murderer. She in the ends admits that, what Sheldon is saying is right. But, she is in a quandary about what she should do. “Refer him to another therapist” Sheldon suggests, and asks Violet to “walk away”.

At home, Addison is still not ready to talk to Jake, and it’s apparently beginning to frustrate him. At work, Violet tells Charlotte “its ok you can replace Pete”. Violet understands the stress and the workload that Charlotte is having to shoulder and realizes that she needs someone to assist her. “At the hospital Pete was like my work husband” Charlotte tells Violet. She then reminisces about the working relationship she shared with Pete. “If you kill someone how do you make it right?” Violet suddenly asks Charlotte, in the middle of their conversation. She suggests that the person can make amends by living the best life that he can.

In other words, by helping others, trying to save lives and basically doing good to make up for what he has done. “You can’t change what you have done, but you can change who you are” she says. At work, Sheldon tells Sam how his father had prostate cancer, but did not die of it. But, from the moment he was diagnosed he walked around like a dead man and went into depression. Sheldon doesn’t want to find out that he has prostate cancer and then go into depression like his father did. Violet in her office brings Adam to tears by telling him how he might have ruined the family of person he shot. “What kind of person walks around with that for 10 years and feels ok?” she yells.

Adam begins sobbing on hearing all of it and begins saying how sorry he is. Violet realizes just then as to what she has done, and apologizes to Adam for her behavior. She then suggests that Adam see another therapist, as she isn’t really helping him. “Nobody can help me if I killed him” he says. What can he do, he asks Violet. She assures him he is already doing all he can by living his life differently. He is trying to make amends and be a better person, and that will set him free, she tells him. At home, Charlotte tells Cooper that she has hired a new ER doc. Also, she tells Cooper she will allow him to talk to her belly, once a day. Cooper immediately springs into action and begins talking to his babies.

At home Addison asks Jake “I’d like to talk now, can we do that?” “I loved Mark Sloan and it happened when I was still married to Derek” she tells Jake. She basically cheated on Derek her then husband with Mark, who was also Derek’s best friend. Also, she got pregnant with Mark’s child, but couldn’t keep it. “My past is ugly, it’s messy and it’s unflattering” she says. She tells Jake she will understand if Jake can’t trust her anymore or thinks she is a horrible person and a cheater.

She tells him he can leave her if he wants to, because of all that she has revealed to him. Jake on his part, tells Addison that she isn’t a cheater, but had at one time cheated. Also, he tells her how sorry he is that, she lost the man she used to love. Violet is shown telling her support group how at long last, her son has accepted the fact that his father is no more. The episode ends.