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The Next Episode - Recap

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The episode begins with Sam having breakfast while he is being filmed by someone. Turns out, a crew is filming him. The woman heading the crew talks about a pilot they are planning to sell to a network, with Sam as its central character. The woman asks Sam to pretend as if he is going about with life as usual. Later at work, the camera follows Sam. Sam begins by telling the camera about the practice that he set up 15 year ago. He then begins by introducing the doctors who work at the practice. While filming, the camera captures Violet crying alone in Pete’s office.

The woman who is apparently the director yells “cut”, on seeing Amelia, as she hasn’t signed a release. Amelia isn’t sold to the idea of reality TV and makes the fact amply clear to Sam. The two joke around about it. After she leaves, Sam’s mother makes an entry and the cameras begin rolling again. Addison enters the room and is surprised to see Sam’s mother. The encounter is visibly awkward. Sam’s mother gives Addison a stare while she seems at a loss for words. She tries to be as cordial as possible, but Sam’s mother’s reaction is visibly frigid. Later, Sam attends to a man Raymond who is Sam’s mother’s boss. Sam finds out that there are some abnormalities in Raymond’s EKG and therefore decides to get him to St. Ambrose to run a couple of more tests. Back in his office, Sam tells the camera about Raymond’s condition.

He is then asked about his relationship with his mother. “I just admire her for all that she has done” Sam says. He elaborates how despite being a single mother, she never made him feel he didn’t have a father. He fondly recounts how well he was brought up by his mother, which in turn helped him reach where he is today, despite being a “black man”. The crew then follows Sam to St. Ambrose hospital, where the search is still on for the little girl Sarah who recently went missing. Violet makes Sarah’s parents talk to the camera. The parents tell the camera how they want to be strong for their missing child. “Don’t give up baby we will find you” the mother says. Sam later tells Raymond about the heart condition he has, and decides to put him on some anti-coagulants.

The anti-coagulants will stop new clots from forming; he shall then put a “vascular umbrella” which will catch the existing clots. Raymond’s wife is disconsolate on hearing this and she walks out of the room in tears. Sam tries to console her. In the meantime, Sam’s mother is shown holding Raymond’s hand and kissing him. Sam after consoling Raymond’s wife walks back to the room and before he can enter, he sees through the glass door, the closeness between Raymond and his mother. The camera is still running and has recorded all of this. Sam realizes this and covers the lens of the camera. Later, Sam is asked about his mother and Raymond, with the camera rolling. Sam though, doesn’t want to talk about it. “My mother’s personal life is none of your business” he says.

At home in the night, Sam tells his mother what she is doing with Raymond isn’t right, as he is married. She tells Sam she has worked side by side with Raymond for a long time, and therefore “things happen” she explains. She isn’t happy with Sam bringing up the subject and walks out of the room as a result. Later, at a barbeque in Sam’s home, Raymond tries to have a talk with Sam. Sam though, isn’t in a very forgiving mood. He isn’t at all happy that Raymond is cheating on his wife. Raymond tries to explain to Sam that he loves his mother, and also that it’s not some fling. Sam retorts that he doesn’t care. He adds that the only reason he isn’t telling Raymond to get out of his house, is because he doesn’t want to embarrass Raymond’s wife and his mother.

A little later, Raymond collapses on the floor and is rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, Sam manages to revive Raymond’s heartbeat, after which he is rushed to the E.R. Later in front of the camera, Sam walks through the whole procedure he carried out on Raymond, while it plays out on a screen in the room. “You need a new lung” Sam later tells Raymond. Sam says how it sometimes takes years to find a find a match, and “Raymond doesn’t have that kind of time”. Sam therefore suggests that, they try to find a donor from one of Raymond’s living relatives. The problem is Raymond doesn’t have children or any relatives to speak of. Raymond’s wife breaks her silence and says there is another option. She then says “Sam you need to get tested”. “You can save your father’s life” she adds.

Sam is visibly baffled at what he has just heard. Raymond and Sam’s mother are both shocked that Gillian, Raymond’s wife, knew about the affair for the past 40 years. Sam visibly disturbed, walks out of the room, with his mother rushing behind him trying to assuage him. In the night at home, Sam and his mother have an open conversation about the whole issue. She explains to him the circumstances surrounding the affair. She also reveals to him that she didn’t want Raymond to be around Sam, if he couldn’t leave his wife and be Sam’s father. Raymond chose to be with his wife and therefore Sam’s mother moved on. That is the reason she lied to Sam about his father having abandoned her. But, she could never forget Raymond and therefore she decided to work at his shop to be close to him.

Sam maintains that his mother should have told him. She in turn apologizes to him and with tears in her eyes tells him “I’m so sorry”. Sam in the end seems pacified. Next day, Sam tells the camera that he has gotten himself tested to see if he can be a lung donor for Raymond. Later Sam enters Raymond’s room to have a chat with him. He makes it clear to Raymond that, he has turned out the way he has, because of his mother and Raymond has no contribution in it. “My mother raised a man, a real man, so I would be here without you” Sam says. Sam reveals that he got tested and he is a match and if Raymond wants it, he will donate a part of his lung to Raymond. Raymond makes it clear to Sam that he doesn’t want his sympathy or a piece of his to save him.

But, he adds that Sam can’t take away from him the fact that, he is extremely proud of Sam and what he has turned out to be. “I am ready to go. I should go home” Raymond says. Later, Raymond is ready to be taken back home and Sam sees him off to the ambulance. Later, Sam talks to the camera about himself and about his life in general. “I don’t really know what I am looking for” he says at the end of it. The episode ends.