Apron Strings - Recap

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The episode begins with a flashback to 8 months ago, right when Addison had adopted Henry. Next, Addison is shown talking to Judy, Henry’s biological mother. She makes it clear that she wants Judy to be a part of Henry’s life. “I’d like him to know where he comes from” she says. But, she also wants to set a few guidelines as she feels that would be helpful. Addison is told the common practice is, “monthly photos, weekly visits”. Judy reluctantly agrees to the guideline. Back in the present, Addison is shown telling Jake that, she isn’t crazy about an “open adoption” and she wants to “take Henry and run”.

Addison is basically worried Judy might feel Addison has done a terrible job of taking care of Henry. Also, Addison can’t figure out why Judy has suddenly decided to show up after 8 months. Jake on his part calms down Addison and says, it probably took Judy all this time to wrap her head around the whole adoption thing. Judy sees Henry and is pleasantly surprised. She commends Addison for doing a good job as a mother, which relives Addison. Addison asks Judy as to why she suddenly decided to turn up after 8 months. Judy explains that, she was apprehensive about seeing Henry after giving him up for adoption, but now that she has seen him, she feels like she wants to see him more often. She asks to visit him the next day, and Addison reluctantly agrees.

James attends to a patient named Vivian who has gastric cancer, and is herself an established doctor. Addison, who knows Vivian, comes to pay her a visit. Addison tells James that, Vivian is her friend and her mentor. “She taught me everything I know” Addison says. Addison then finds out Vivian has cancer and is visibly moved. While Addison is checking on Vivian’s file and little girl with a head injury is brought in. The girl’s mother recognizes Addison and blames her for the accident. Turns out, Addison had years ago delivered the little girl, who has health complications. The mother says, as her doctor Addison should have asked her to have an abortion. Next Day, Addison has a chat with Vivian about Judy and Henry.

Vivian is overcome with emotions on hearing how Judy came to visit Henry. She then reveals that, in 1954 when she was 15, she had a baby. The baby was given up for adoption to a Catholic family. “I had a baby and they took her away from me” Vivian says, with tears in her eyes. Later, Addison is served a subpoena. Turns out, Addison is being sued by her former patient Sean Patrucci, for the wrongful birth of her daughter. Sean is the very same woman who came in with her daughter, who had a head injury. Sean basically has a problem that, her daughter can’t walk properly because of the complications she had at birth. Addison is angry because she did nothing wrong and had only tired to help Sean. “It’s not your fault she can’t handle being a mother” Sam tells Addison.

Next day, Judy brings Henry’s grandmother Donna, to see Henry. Judy confesses that she wanted her mother to also see Henry, and it was her mother who gave her the courage “to call”. At the hospital James tells Vivian, the cancer has spread to her liver. Vivian makes it clear to him that she knows what’s happening to her, but she seems unaffected by it. Next day, James tells Addison, Vivian doesn’t have long, but isn’t ready to go in for any treatments. He asks Addison to try and convince Vivian. Just then Judy arrives at Addison’s office and asks to talk to her. James leaves and Addison closes the office door. She then gives Judy a piece of her mind, telling her that it was her own choice to give up Henry. “You have to stop now. Stop ambushing me,” Addison yells.

Judy is taken aback by Addison’s reaction and apologizes to her. “I was just coming here to say, I can’t see Henry anymore. It’s too hard and it hurts too much” Judy then says. She says she had basically come to thank Addison for everything. “I am sorry, I won’t bother you again” Judy says with tears in her eyes and leaves. Later, Addison’s mediation with Sean doesn’t go too well and therefore and out of court settlement is ruled out. Sean says she will see Addison in court. Addison later tries to have a talk with Sean, who confesses that she is suing Addison because she needs the money, as she has been laid off. Sean also confesses that she doesn’t regret having her daughter, but adds “what else can I do?” “Someday Gwen’s gonna find out where that money came from and it’s gonna destroy her” Addison says.

At the hospital, James looks visibly worried and Vivian realizes her vitals are fast sinking. Addison comes in just then. “Did you find the stationery?” Vivian asks her. Addison says she did. Vivian asks Addison to write her a letter. The letter is basically addressed to Vivian’s daughter, who she gave up years ago. In the letter Vivian pours out her innermost feelings. While Vivian is dictating the letter, its shown how Addison laid her eyes for the first time on Henry and how Judy gave up Henry to Addison. “You are going to have an amazing life” Judy tells a little Henry, before handing him over to Addison. Vivian says in the letter, how she never stopped thinking about her daughter even for a moment, although she did not raise her. “You didn’t have one mother you had two” Vivian says in the letter. “I have no idea where she is and I won’t live long enough to find her” Vivian tells Addison, after she is done with the letter. She asks Addison to search for her daughter and give the letter to her. “I will, I promise” Addison assures her.

Later, Addison meets Judy at her workplace and tells her “please don’t stop seeing Henry”. Judy counters that she shouldn’t be around Henry, as when he is old enough to understand; he will hate her for her having abandoned him. Addison assures her that won’t happen, as all she did was put Henry’s welfare above her own. Addison assures Judy that, she will always be welcome in her home. Later, Sean and Addison once again try to mediate. “I want to settle” Addison says, much to Sean’s surprise. “Pick a number and I will pay it” Addison adds. Addison says she understands “Gwen needs to be taken care of” and therefore she wants to help. Sean turns down Addison’s offer and says she was right, “Gwen can never thing I didn’t want her”. “You didn’t do anything wrong, I can’t take your money,” Sean says with tears in her eyes.

Later, Addison enters Vivian’s room and finds her bed empty. James tells her, Vivian passed away an hour ago. Addison then makes sure that, Sean gets a job at St. Ambrose. Addison later locates Vivian’s daughter and hands her Vivian’s letter. Addison comes back home, looks at Jake lovingly and says “I love you. Let’s get married”. Jake is visibly surprised to hear this. The episode ends.