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Life Support - Recap

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The episode begins with Cooper talking to the camera and saying how he is savoring every last moment of Charlotte’s pregnancy. “This is what I wanted my entire life. Taking care of my pregnant wife and a house full of kids” he says to the camera. Cooper then brings breakfast in bed for Charlotte. Charlotte wakes up and realizes her “water just broke” and “the babies are coming”. Flashback to 8 weeks after Charlotte is pregnant. Charlotte breaks the news to Cooper that, they are going to have triplets. Cooper again talks to the camera and says how excited he is. Charlotte on her part isn’t too crazy she is having triplets.

Flash forward to the 12th week of pregnancy. Addison is checking on the babies through sonography. “All three look great” she tells Charlotte and Cooper. Flash forward to 14th week of pregnancy. Charlotte declares to the whole gang that she is pregnant “with triplets”. But it turns out, most of the gang already knew. Cooper in his excitement has already blurted it out to everyone. Later, Violet tells Cooper about how much she is missing Pete, but Cooper is too excited about his triplets and therefore has to pretend in front of Violet that, he understands her pain. Later, Addison explains to Cooper and Charlotte the risks that are involved in having triplets. Charlotte hears them out, but doesn’t seem to pay too much heed to them and walks out of Addison’s office.

Addison asks Cooper to talk to Charlotte about the risks in detail. “Tell me what we need to know” Cooper says. In the night in bed, Cooper tells Charlotte “with triplets you are looking at a lot of obstetric complications”. Cooper then spells out the risks to her in detail, including the risk of her dying. “Cooper I am a doctor” Charlotte says and tells him that she knows about the risks involved. She feels Cooper is being “dramatic”. Cooper feels they need to talk about “selective reduction”. The reduction from triplets to twins will decrease the risks to a great extent. Charlotte is adamant that she won’t abort a child. Cooper argues that it isn’t technically an abortion, but to no avail. Cooper feels, being the father he too should have a say, also he is worried about losing Charlotte.

He is in a quandary, as to what he should do. Flash forward to 16 weeks into the pregnancy. Cooper, Charlotte and Mason are out shopping for baby stuff. Violet is still coping with Pete’s loss and talks to a friend of hers about it. Charlotte is really cranky from the pregnancy and is busy complaining to Amelia, how much this pregnancy is making her suffer. Cooper feels, Amelia isn’t the right person to complain to, as Amelia gave birth to a baby with no brain, after knowing the truth for 9 months. Amelia suggests a baby shower, but Charlotte doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Charlotte basically feels baby showers are a waste of time. But, Amelia in the end talks her into it. Flash forward to 18 weeks into the pregnancy.

Addison does a sonography to check on the babies again. Addison informs Cooper and Charlotte that, the triplets are all girls. Cooper is excited at this news, but Charlotte says “what the hell am I gonna do with three girls?” Flash forward to 19th week of pregnancy. Charlotte tells Cooper the issues she has with having girls. “Women are awful” Charlotte summarizes. Cooper says they will raise the girls to be just like her and tells the camera “and hopefully they will meet a man as patient and selfless as I am”. Violet’s friend Gabby whose partner Ali is in a coma finds Amelia going over Ali’s medical files. After going over the files, Amelia tells Violet that, Ali shall never wake up. Gabby enters just then and is angry to find Amelia going over Ali’s files. “I didn’t ask you to get another opinion” Gabby tells Violet.

Gabby asks both of them to “get out” of the room. Flash forward to the 20th week of pregnancy. Cooper and Charlotte are attending a Lamaze class. The instructor gives the couples various exercises to do. Charlotte isn’t too impressed by the exercises she is being told to do. Cooper on his part is participating wholeheartedly. Charlotte and Cooper then begin making fun of the other couples in the class and are asked by the instructor to leave. Flash forward to the 22nd week of pregnancy. Jake, Sam and Cooper shoot a few hoops and talk about the pregnancy. Violet has a chat with Gabby. Violet apologizes to Abby and says she “overstepped”. She adds that she only wanted to help Abby as a friend. Abby admits that, months ago two doctors told Abby the same thing Amelia did. Abby says she did not believe the doctors and instead went to a psychic.

The psychic told her that “there was hope”. Violet understands Abby’s state of mind, but tries to talk reason with her. Abby in turn tells Violet how much she loves Ali and she is afraid if she pulls the plug, Ali will be gone forever and she will find no one else to love her “like that again”. Abby feels she is a terrible person for thinking about herself, when Ali is lying in a coma, but she just wants Ali back. Flash forward to the 24th week of the pregnancy. Cooper and Charlotte have a debate about whether the girls should be raised as Jewish or Christian. Charlotte wants the girls baptized, so they go to heaven, but Cooper isn’t down with that. They in the end, plan to let the kids decide for themselves. Flash forward to the 26th week of pregnancy. Charlotte is being rushed to the emergency room and is in visible pain.

Cooper tells the camera how “the labor wasn’t suppose to be for another 6 weeks”. Charlotte seems in extreme pain and Cooper rushes to her side. Addison checks on Charlotte and says she needs to be developed “right now”. The first baby is delivered, but she isn’t crying. Addison begins her task of reviving the baby. Addison tells Charlotte that the baby’s “chest wall” hasn’t developed completely and she will need surgery. Addison then decides to sew-up Charlotte’s cervix, so as to give the other two babies a fighting chance to develop completely, till the 32 weeks. Cooper on his part calms down a worried Charlotte and assures her everything will be fine. Abby pulls the plug on Ali, as she realizes there is no more hope.

Violet is by her side, giving her moral support. Sam tells Cooper about the surgery that will need to be carried out on his baby. “Ok let’s do it” Cooper says and the baby is taken away by Sam and his team, for the surgery. Cooper watches Sam operating on his baby and is unable to control his emotions. Cooper later tells the camera, how he should have possibly fought harder to reduce one of the babies. He feels he just isn’t ready to handle all that is happening. But, he feels he needs to suck it up and do his job as a “dad”. Later, Cooper tells Charlotte that their daughter “is alive”. She is overjoyed to hear this. The episode ends.