I'm Fine - Recap

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The episode begins with Sheldon undergoing some tests. Later, Sheldon and his ex-wife are shown dancing at a banquet. They seem to be having a good time together. While they are dancing, Sheldon reluctantly tells his ex-wife Laura that he has prostate cancer. She is visibly worried to hear this and asks what the prognosis is. Sheldon says the cancer hasn’t spread as yet. Sheldon hope that she can pack up and come to LA for him, but she reminds him that her practice is in New York and therefore she can’t just leave that. She adds that their weekend meetings were only, suppose to be a vacation from real life. “I am sorry if my cancer ruined our vacation” Sheldon says taunting her.

He then gets a call from the hospital and leaves in anger. At the hospital it is shown that it’s been 37 days since Sarah Nelson the little girl has gone missing. Sheldon is worried that his patient Nick hasn’t shown up or returned any of his calls since the time Sarah disappeared. Sheldon is feeling guilty because Nick guessed that Sheldon had assumed he took the little girl. He wants to win back Nick’s trust and is therefore trying to get in touch with him. Basically, Sheldon is talking to a psychiatrist about his issues. She brings up his having cancer and the two discuss the issue. He also mentions how Laura and he parted ways after her discovering he has cancer. Later Sheldon strikes up a conversation with a fellow cancer patient in a hospital waiting room.

Sheldon comes back to office after his treatment but is evasive when asked by the gang, why he is late. Sam isn’t very happy upon discovering that Jake and Addison are engaged, but pretends to be fine with it. Nick pays Sheldon a visit at his office. Sheldon is surprised to see him after such a long gap. Sheldon says he was worried when Nick didn’t take his calls or return any of them. Nick asks Sheldon if he was worried he (Nick) took the little girl. Sheldon apologizes to Nick and says he knows Nick did not take the little girl. “I want to continue to help you” he tells Nick. Nick says he is happy and is also doing great at work. He says he has met a new woman named Elisa and they both have similar interests. “Nick I have to ask you, how old is she?” says Sheldon.

It’s now been 52 days since Sarah has been missing. Sheldon tells his psychiatrist that Nick has told him Elisa’s age is 25, but somehow he doesn’t believe Nick. Basically, Sheldon is afraid that Nick is in “love with Sarah Nelson”. Sheldon feels Nick wouldn’t be so excited to have a relationship with an “age-appropriate woman”. Sheldon’s therapist argues that Sheldon has to give Nick the benefit of the doubt. She feels Sheldon deliberately is trying to pin Sarah’s disappearance on Nick, in order to get over his guilt of accusing Nick in the first place. Sheldon again meets the cancer patient named Miranda, who he had met earlier in the waiting room, while waiting for his chemo. Later at office, James tells Sheldon that the person who took Sarah has been found, although Sarah hasn’t been found yet.

Turns out, the perp was a contract worker at the janitorial office. Also, the worker is a registered sex offender. Sheldon is relieved that Nick isn’t the culprit. Miranda and Sheldon continue bonding with each other every morning, when they meet in the waiting room. Nick too seems happy and tells Sheldon that he is doing really great. Sheldon finds out Miranda plays the violin and is a music teacher. Sheldon’s talks with Miranda seem to be making him happy and he generally seems in a good mood. Slowly Miranda and Sheldon begin sharing intimate details of their lives with each other, while sitting in the waiting room. It’s now been 80 days since Sarah has been missing. Nick is coming regularly to Sheldon for his sessions. He tells Sheldon about his relationship with Elisa and how it’s taking shape.

During their conversation Miranda tells Sheldon her cancer has metastasized and is now in her brain. She tells Sheldon she doesn’t have very long to live and is simply delaying the inevitable by taking the treatments. “I am terminal Sheldon, so you should probably find someone else to talk to” she says. Miranda asks Sheldon out to lunch but he skirts the topic. Later Sheldon’s therapist asks him why he didn’t go out to lunch with her. Sheldon says he does not want his and Miranda’s relationship to go outside the waiting room. The therapist feels their relationship has already gone outside the waiting room. Sheldon says he is afraid to take the next step as Miranda doesn’t have very long to live.

Nick confesses to Sheldon that his relationship with Elisa isn’t growing. “She just doesn’t seem happy no matter what I do” Nick says. Sheldon tires reasoning with Nick telling him every relationship needs time and patience. But, Nick feels things simply won’t work out with Elisa and wants to end the relationship. It’s now been 94 days since Sarah has been missing. Sheldon enters the waiting room and is shocked to see it empty. He assumes the worst and is visibly depressed. Sheldon later has a talk with a cop friend of his named Joe. Sheldon says he is breaking protocol, but feels his patient Nick is the one who took Sarah. He feels the cops have the wrong guy. Joe says he can’t take any action without a probable cause. Sheldon says he has a very strong feeling that Nick has Sarah and begs Joe to do something about it, but to no avail.

Joe basically says his hands are tied and there is nothing he can do. It’s now been 95 days since Sarah has been missing. Nick tells Sheldon he hasn’t ended things with Elisa yet. Sheldon brings up the mention of Sarah’s parents in front of Nick in order to see his reaction. Nick seems to take the bait and says Sarah’s parents were awful the night she went missing, as he had seen them fighting. “That’s no way for a kid to live, kids need to be loved” Nick says. Nick says he is sure Sarah is still alive and doing ok. Sheldon tells Nick that he feels Nick is hiding something from him. Nick feels Sheldon is accusing him of something, when Sheldon begins questioning him in an odd way and urges Nick to be honest with him. Sheldon then begins questioning Nick about Elisa.

He basically questions Nick about who Elisa is, what she does and where she lives. Nick is visibly uncomfortable with these questions. Sheldon in the ends comes out and tells Nick that he knows there is no Elisa and Nick has Sarah. He further claims that Nick knows Sarah is still alive, only because he is the one who took her. Sheldon is still at it, although Nick says Sheldon is wrong and is falsely accusing him. “Where is she?” Sheldon asks Nick in the end. Nick says he has no idea and can’t help him. He then storms out of the office. Outside the office Nick finds cops waiting for him and is shocked. Sheldon tells the cops that Nick is suicidal and needs to be sedated. Nick protests that he is fine, but to no avail.

Sheldon then meets Joe and lies to him that Nick confessed to him he has Sarah. Joe on hearing this decides to check out Nick’s residence. Joe and a police team along with Sheldon storm Nick’s house. They find Sarah locked in the basement. She is terrified and in tears, but alive. Sarah is later handed to her parents. Sheldon once again enters an empty waiting room and is then visibly surprised to see Miranda enter. “You weren’t here yesterday” he says and before she can say anything he kisses her. He then tells her that he wants to go out with her and wants to keep seeing her. “But Sheldon I am dying” she says. “Not today” he counters and again kisses her. The episode ends.