Georgia On My Mind - Recap

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The episode begins with Cooper and Charlotte passionately doing the Tango. There is none around on the dance floor but just the two of them. Charlotte then wakes up with a start in her hospital bed. She sees the hospital being decorated for Christmas, through the window of her room. It’s the 27th week of her pregnancy, but she is still running the show from her hospital bed. She gives her team a briefing on how to go about things. Cooper arrives and says “this is not bed rest; this running is running a hospital from the bed”. Cooper informs her about how their daughter is doing and shows her a video of their daughter on his cell phone.

Later, Sheldon and Violet pay Charlotte a visit. Sheldon is in a quandary about if he should visit Nick who is being kept in solitary confinement in jail and is in depression. Violet feels Nick reached out to him for help and therefore Sheldon has to see him. Charlotte feels Nick is a pedophile who abducted Sarah, so he deserves to “rot alone” in jail. Charlotte is really struggling lying in bed alone with nothing but her thoughts most part of the day. She is basically getting bored. She in the bargain is giving the hospital staff a tough time. Violet gives her a few stress balls and asks her to squeeze them “instead of biting somebody’s head off”. It’s now the 28th week of pregnancy and Addison is giving Cooper an update about the developments in his daughter.

Addison is taking her off the ventilator, as she is able to breathe on her own now. She tells Cooper he can now hold his daughter in his arms. He holds his daughter close to his chest and Addison takes a photo on his cell phone, of the two of them together. Flash forward to the 31st week of pregnancy and Addison gives Charlotte the good news that, there haven’t been any contractions for 2 days, so she doesn’t have to lie completely flat and changes the angle of her bed. Later, Cooper and Charlotte have a sensual conversation over the phone. Charlotte has Cooper all turned on just then Sam arrives and Charlotte has to leave Cooper hanging. Next day Mason pays Charlotte a visit. She sees his shirt is ripped and asks him about it. “I ripped it during recess” he says. She is then shocked to see a bite mark on his arm.

Mason reveals that he was beaten up by a bigger kid in school. Mason insists he is fine. Charlotte sends Mason to gets his wound cleaned up. She then decides to do something about the issue. Cooper insists that certain tests be carried out on his daughter, although the nurse insists she is fine and Cooper is simply being over anxious. Cooper though wants to hear none of it and orders the nurse to carry out the tests. The tests results show that Cooper was right in asking for the tests. Sam informs him that his daughter has pneumonia and has to therefore be put back on the ventilator. Sam says the baby will have to be kept under observation after being put back on the ventilator. Cooper concludes he can’t tell Charlotte about it just yet.

Charlotte in the meantime is driving the hospital staff crazy. Stephanie can take it no more and gives Charlotte a piece of her mind. Charlotte later finds out that, Mason was the one picking on the other kid at school. He tells Cooper about it. The principal told Charlotte that Mason was provoking the other kid and therefore the other kid bit him. If it happens again the principal is threatening to suspend Mason. Charlotte feels Mason needs to be disciplined, but Cooper feels otherwise and feels Mason needs to be cut some slack as he is going through a lot. In anger Cooper tells Charlotte about their daughter being put back on the ventilator. He gives her the details. She is angry that Cooper didn’t tell her about this earlier and in anger tells him to “get out”.

It’s now the 32nd week of pregnancy and Charlotte isn’t happy with a bunch of carolers outside her room. She drives the carolers out of her room in absolute rage. Amelia and the girls give Charlotte a surprise baby shower. Charlotte makes it clear that she doesn’t want it and is angry at being given one. The girls pay no heed to Charlotte and continue the celebrations. Mason later pays her a visit. She reprimands him for provoking the other kid at school. She asks him to apologize to the other kid and also grounds him for a month. “It’s not fair” Mason says angrily and runs out of the room yelling “I hate you, I hate you”. Sam informs Addison that Cooper’s daughter’s condition is deteriorating. He says he hasn’t told Cooper yet, as he wants to chalk up all the options before he gives them to Cooper.

Sam and Addison in the end come to a conclusion about a procedure that might just work and inform Cooper about it. Cooper tells Charlotte about the procedure. He also matter-of-factly tells her that if the procedure doesn’t work their daughter will die. Charlotte with tears in her eyes says she is worried their daughter might die even before she gets to meet her. The procedure is carried out on the baby. Addison tells Cooper that now they have to wait to see if it works. Jake tells Charlotte that her daughter “is hanging in there”. Charlotte resorts to praying, as she can see no other way out. It’s now the 33rd week of the pregnancy and Cooper is informed by Addison and Sam that, his daughter’s vitals are improving. “She is a fighter” says Addison. “She’s stable and she’s heading in the right direction” Addison adds.

Cooper allows himself a smile and hugs Addison. He says he didn’t think she was going to make. It’s the 34th week of pregnancy and Mason pays Charlotte a visit. He says he apologized to the kid at school. “I’m sorry I disappointed you” says Mason. Charlotte sits him down and says that she knows what he is going through. She assures him that she won’t die like his mother did. “How can you be sure?” Mason asks. “Because I am pregnant not sick” Charlotte replies with a smile. She says it’s ok for him to be afraid, but wants him to talk to her about it instead of taking it out on other kids. Later, Sam gives Charlotte the good news that her daughter is off the ventilator for good. Charlotte plays cupid and gets Stephanie and Sam back together, while lying on the hospital bed. Cooper and Mason cart in a large Christmas tree into Charlotte’s room.

She is pleasantly surprised to see it. Cooper and Mason then decorate the tree. The three spend some quality time together, just then Charlotte’s water breaks. All the three of them are hugely excited. Charlotte is overjoyed that she can at last leave her room. Before being wheeled in for delivery, Charlotte asks to see her daughter. She is overcome with emotions on seeing her daughter and decides to name her Georgia. She is then carted away for her delivery. The episode ends.