Good Fries Are Hard to Come By - Recap

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The episode begins 4 months earlier. Amelia tells her support group that she has been sober for 407 days. She then tells the group how her life is shaping up. She describes how she is coping with living all on her own, in a new apartment. She eventually tells the group “I’m good, I’m really good”. The group applauds her efforts as she signs off with a smile. Back at work, the gang asks Amelia about her move into the new apartment. She mentions she hasn’t unpacked her stuff yet. Violet then tells her she should begin socializing again. Violet asks Amelia if she would be open to dating, if they hook her up with guys.

Amelia reluctantly agrees to her offer. She then begins meeting various guys at restaurants, but doesn’t seem to be hitting it off with any of them. Later at work, she tells the gang about how horribly each of her dates went. The gang suggests Amelia search for guys on the internet, but Amelia doesn’t think it’s a good idea and says she is better off alone. Later, James calls Amelia to see a patient of his, a woman named Kay who had a seizure and suffered a head injury. While Amelia is talking to her the woman has a seizure and begins convulsing. Amelia immediately deals with the situation. The patient is taken for a CT scan. Before she leaves James reminds Amelia that it’s Friday.

Later at home, Amelia thinks about James and how he had told her he would be at a particular bar on Friday night and she could come there if she wanted to. She then lands up at the bar and joins James at his table. The two flirt with each other and seem to be hitting it off. Afterwards the two awkwardly see each other off. Next day at work, Amelia tells Jake that she went out with James, paying heed to the advice he had given her earlier. Amelia tells Jake she is confused if James likes her or not. Jake advises her that she give the whole thing some time and see where it goes.

Later James asks Amelia out. Initially she plays hard to get, but eventually agrees to go out with him. At the end of their date James drops Amelia to her car, and leans forward, Amelia assumes he is about to kiss her, but instead he opens the car door for her. She as a result is once again confused with the mixed signals. Later, she tells Violet and Addison about it. “It doesn’t make sense. I am hot, I would kiss me…wouldn’t you kiss me?” she asks the girls. She mentions how she doesn’t need this, as James was the one who asked her out. She basically is pissed that James isn’t making a move on her. She would desperately like for him to make a move on her, she tells the girls.

The girls suggest that probably James wants to take it slow, but Amelia doesn’t agree and believes that happens only in the movies. Violet feels Amelia can’t put all her eggs in basket. She then shows Amelia a picture of a surgeon on her cell phone and says the guy is really cool. Violet and Addison feel Amelia should go out on a date with the surgeon. Later, just as Amelia is about to leave for her date with the surgeon, James comes to meet her and ends up kissing her. “Enjoy your date” he tells her, after they are done kissing. The two then begin a workplace romance. They even steal kisses at work, when no one is looking. Later, Amelia goes to Charlotte for some advice on which condom to buy. Charlotte in turn presents to her a drawer full of a variety of condoms that she can choose from.

In the night, James arrives at Amelia’s doorstep, flowers in hand. Amelia is all ready and the two begin making out passionately. Then suddenly in the middle of making out, Amelia is reminded of how the last guy she had sex with died on her, right after they had sex. She is completely put off and asks James to stop touching her and leaves the room. James is visibly shocked at her reaction. Next morning, Amelia comes out of her room and sees James is still there. He tells her that, he couldn’t leave her in tears. “I owe you and explanation” she says. But James counters that she doesn’t. She explains that she likes him but hasn’t had sex with someone in a long time and especially not when she is sober. So when he began undressing her, she couldn’t somehow take it.

She tells him, he can leave if he wants to. Instead he walks up to her and they end up kissing each other. Next, the two are naked in bed. They hug each other and talk. She slowly seems to be feeling secure in his company. They spend the whole night in bed, talking to each other. She tells him all about her past and her feelings. The two are shown to become more and more comfortable in each other’s company. Amelia even tells James that she wants to meet his parents. At work, James asks Amelia if she is sure she wants to meet his parents. Amelia assures him she is sure. James is basically freaking out. “I’m your girlfriend and am totally excited to meet your parents” she tells him with a smile. Later, the two have a meal with James’s parents. The four seem to be having a good time.

Then the conversation becomes awkward when James’s mother mentions as to who would take care of the kids if she and James settle down. Amelia makes it clear that she wouldn’t sacrifice her job for a family. James tries to steer the conversation in a different direction but doesn’t succeed. “Mom, not the place, not the time, not your business” James tells him mother. Amelia is visibly angry at the whole thing. Later at home, Amelia gives James a piece of her mind. She tells him she wanted to make things clear to his mother, but he cut her off. “I will not be treated like a little child who needs to be silenced” Amelia tells him angrily. James on his part tries to explain that it was his mother he was trying to silence and not her, but Amelia wants to hear none of it. “This is not working” she in the end tells James and asks him to leave.

James is shocked with Amelia’s reaction. Next day, Violet and Amelia have a chat. Violet shares her insecurities with Amelia. Amelia tells Violet she can all her whenever she wants to talk or spend some time together. Later, Sheldon and Amelia have a chat about James. She tells him that, she doesn’t know if she is even ready to date someone. Sheldon talks sense into her, by telling her that the only thing that matters is if someone will hold your hand when you need it the most.

He in the process reveals that, he has prostrate cancer. He hopes that he will be fine, but he couldn’t be happier as he has found someone who will hold his hand. “Trust me it’s all that matters” he says. James and Amelia later work things out. They even confess their love for each other. The episode ends.