Full Release - Recap

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The episode begins with Cooper telling his baby girl that her sisters are coming. Later Addison tells the whole gang that the babies are fine. Charlotte hasn’t delivered yet and Addison feels there is no hurry, although the babies are now normal. Addison then says that Charlotte could be in labor for another day. Cooper is shocked to hear this. “God help us all” he yells in dismay. The gang discusses names for the babies. Charlotte comes to the door of her room and makes it clear to each of them that only her, Mason and Cooper have the right to choose the name for the babies.

Later, Jake wishes Addison luck as today is the day Addison will be officially adopting Henry, so she has a date in court. Jake suggests they celebrate after Addison is done with the court session. Addison kisses Jake and thanks him for loving Henry and her. Charlotte is still struggling, as the babies simply don’t seem to be coming out. Charlotte is venting all her irritation on Cooper and Addison says it might still be four more hours before anything happens, so Cooper leaves for a bit, to get away from Charlotte. Cooper then picks up Mason from school. He gets a call telling him that the house he had made an offer for, has another bidder, who has quoted the same price as he has. The owner of the house wants to meet both parties before making a decision.

Cooper tells Mason how he can’t meet the owner as Charlotte’s in labor. Cooper is panicky as he feels they all won’t have a big enough house to live in after the babies are born. Mason asks him to relax and take a deep breath. Cooper tells him the house is nearby. “Alright let’s go win the house, then we will go to the hospital and surprise mama” Mason suggests. Cooper makes it clear that if Charlotte yells at him, he will blame Mason. James asks Amelia if she has ever thought of having babies in the future. Amelia is visibly stunned by the question. She wants babies it turns out, but is worried after what happened with her first pregnancy. “What if my body only makes brainless babies” she wonders. She “couldn’t live through that again” she feels. “I’m done. I don’t want to have any more babies” she concludes.

Mason and Cooper arrive at the house to make their bid. Mason is confident they will win the house. Violet in the meantime is really depressed and can’t stop crying. She enters Charlotte’s room to hide herself so no one can see her crying. Charlotte is dealing with her own issues as the babies are taking their own sweet time to come out. She tells Violet that she will ask her what is wrong right after she is has dealt with her own problem. Violet then continues crying. At the court, Addison is told by the judge that her social worker Mildred has raised some concerns, so he can’t go ahead with the proceedings today, and sets another court date. Addison is baffled as she can’t imagine what the concerns could be. Addison then recollects that on her last visit Mildred had met with Jake.

Sam sees that Violet is looking absolutely lost and asks her if everything is ok. She tells him how an attractive man who was at a bookstore she went to earlier flirted with her. She confesses that she too flirted back and for those few moments she forgot about Pete. “I forgot Pete ever existed” she says. “Isn’t that a normal step in the grieving process?” Sam asks. Violet admits it is, then adds how everybody she knows is with someone and is happy in their lives. But, she after talking to the man at the bookstore realized she never wants to have a baby again or even get married again, after the kinds of experiences she has had. She looks at her life and wonders if her life at the moment has any meaning. “I don’t know what to say” Sam says after hearing Violet out.

He instead asks her to give him a hug. Sam then suddenly stops and says he does have something to say. He then tells Violet that she is a work in progress, and she can’t gauge at this point, what tomorrow will bring. Tomorrow could bring absolutely anything; it could either be good or bad, but Sam feels whatever the future brings Violet has no reason to give up on living her life. Sam then reiterates that the book of her life is yet to be written and that she is a work in progress, just like an unwritten book. “That was really really good…you should write a book” Violet says with a smile. Addison confronts Mildred and is told that Jake is the problem. She reminds Addison that Jake beat a made nearly to death. Addison argues that the man was a drug dealer.

But, Mildred argues that Henry cannot live in an environment where violence is acceptable. “If Henry were living with you alone I wouldn’t have an objection” Mildred says. “Please I can’t lose my son” Addison says with tears in her eyes. “I am sorry Miss Montgomery I have already made my recommendation, now it’s up to the judge” Mildred says. Charlotte in the meantime is on the verge of delivering her babies and Jake asks that Addison be paged. Charlotte asks for Cooper as the babies are coming and she needs him by her side. Cooper and Mason are still stuck in the house with the couple who are also bidding for it. They seem to have made a better impression on the owner than Cooper has. Cooper gets a call about Charlotte delivering, so he can’t wait any longer and rushes out.

Before leaving he explains his whole situation to the owner. Addison arrives to deliver the babies, but doesn’t tell Jake what has happened. Cooper too arrives a little later. Charlotte then begins pushing. In the waiting room, Sheldon tells Sam he is seeing a woman named Miranda. He then tells Sam that Miranda is suffering from cancer. He also tells Sam about how his own radiation therapy is progressing. The first baby in the meantime is delivered, but there are complications during the delivery of the second. “I can’t feel the head” says a worried Addison. Addison concludes that the baby has turned sideways. Jake suggests a C-section, but Addison feels she can still deliver vaginally. Jake feels that might be risky.

In the end Addison has her way and assures Charlotte and Cooper she can deliver the baby vaginally, without a hitch. Addison then manages to safely deliver the baby, just like she had promised. Later, Addison tells Jake what happened in court. Addison is worried and in tears as there is a possibility that the judge could take Henry away from her. Amelia tells James that she wants a lot of babies, although she was scared and had told herself that she doesn’t. “Someday I wanna have babies with you. If we get that far” she says with a smile. “We’ll get that far” says James with a smile. Jake has a talk with the judge and puts forth his side of the story. In the end he tells the judge that he is ready to leave Addison if that’s what it takes for Addison and Henry to be together.

Cooper is pleasantly surprised when he finds out that the owner of the house has decided to go with him. Cooper and Mason tell Charlotte about it and she too is excited to hear the news. Jake hands Addison an envelope and tells her about his meeting with the judge. She reads the document in the envelope and is overjoyed to find out that Henry is now officially hers. “So when do you wanna get married ?” he asks her and then kisses her. The episode ends.