In Which We Say Goodbye - Recap

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The episode begins with Addison looking at a camera and talking about marriage. She talks about her first marriage to Derek and how it didn’t work out and to get over the pain of it not working out, she made a lot of mistakes with a lot of men. In then end she says basically says she met a man, who was right for her. Later it’s shown that Addison is about to get married. She walks up to the altar, with Jake waiting for her. Addison and Jake then get married amidst loud cheers from their friends. Charlotte is at the wedding but is checking on her girls over the phone with Mason. Violet tells Cooper she is planning to write another book.

Addison and Jake are nowhere to be seen. Turns out, they are making out in a hotel room downstairs, while all the wedding guests are on the roof having dinner. The lights come on and it turns out, it’s not Addison and Jake but Naomi and Sam who are making out. The scene then flashes forward to 3 months later. Violet is in her office and listening to one of her patients. The patient is describing to Violet how she is leading her life, after her parents and boyfriend dying in a car accident. It seems the woman has accepted the fact that she survived and has to keep living her life, so Violet tells her she feels the woman is done with therapy, as she is now ready to move on.

The woman doesn’t seem to agree with Violet but, she tells the woman that it’s been 5 years since she has been seeing her and she feels the woman has made progress and overcome the tragedy that had struck her. “I think you are ready to graduate. I think I can do this on your own” Violet tells the woman. Miranda comes to pay Sheldon a visit at his office and while walking with him she collapses to the ground and has a seizure. Amelia sees this and immediately takes control. Sheldon sees her been taken by Amelia and tells James he always knew this day would come as she has stage four cancer, but still can’t accept it.

Violet pays Cooper a visit at home and finds that he is really struggling with taking care of the three girls all by himself. Violet asks Cooper to talk to Charlotte about the issue, although Cooper dreads the idea. Addison finds out that Naomi is pregnant the moment she arrives to meet her. Addison is visibly excited with the news, but Naomi requests her to not tell anybody for the time being. Addison also suggests that her husband must be thrilled and Naomi agrees although it seems she is hiding something. Addison checks on the baby and tells Naomi everything looks great. While at it Addison realizes Naomi is not too happy and concludes something is wrong. She asks Naomi to “start talking”. Naomi tells Addison that things aren’t really working out between her and her husband.

She also reveals that she and her husband aren’t living together anymore. Violet’s patient from earlier Holly comes into her office and tells her she has gotten accepted into Le Cordon Bleu, a cooking school in Paris, but she is too scared to go as she would be miles away from Violet. Violet tries to reason with her but to no avail. Holly says she won’t go and isn’t ready to leave therapy. Addison in the meantime figures out Naomi is pregnant with Sam’s child. Naomi admits that it happened when she and Sam had sex during Addison’s wedding. “It just happened” Naomi tells a shocked Addison. Addison asks Naomi to tell Sam but Naomi doesn’t want to as Sam is with Stephanie. “Maybe the two of you ended up in bed together is probably because it still means something” Addison tells Naomi.

Naomi though is adamant and mentions how Sam walked out on their marriage and didn’t even fight for it. “You are in love with him Naomi” Addison argues, but Naomi tries to avoid continuing the discussion. Addison persists but Naomi asks her to “leave it alone”. Addison later discusses this issue with Jake, who tells her to not say anything to Sam. But, Addison wants to talk to Sam as she feels Naomi and Sam are meant to be together. At work, Addison walks into Sam’s office and tells Sam that Naomi and her husband are separated and that Naomi is still in love with him (Sam). Sam is visibly shocked to hear this and is at a loss for words. Miranda tells Sheldon she wants to go home as nothing they do at the hospital will help.

Also, she tells him this is the last leg of her journey which will be horrible and she doesn’t want Sheldon to see that. “I want you to walk away” she tells him. “I want you to go while I can still remember I love you” she adds. She eventually tells him, if he loves her he will do this for her. She then walks out of the room crying. After she leaves Sheldon too breaks down. Cooper in the meantime tells Charlotte they need to hire a nanny. Sam breaks up with Stephanie and although she is extremely hurt she tries to control her tears. She knows that Sam is breaking up with her because of Naomi. During a session Violet assertively tells Holly this will be their last session. Violet tells Holly she doesn’t need therapy anymore. Holly protests but in the end Violet makes her see sense.

Sam and Sheldon both decide to go for the women they love rather than sitting on the sidelines and waiting. Sheldon meets Miranda and tells her pretty angrily that he is not going leave just because she told him to. He adds that he is happy to change her diapers and clean her drool if he has to, because he wants to take care of her. He says her last days will be precious to him and he will cherish them. Also if she is too far gone to remember his name he will remind her, but he won’t leave her side. “I’m not walking away” Sheldon concludes by saying. “Ok you are right I am wrong” Miranda tells him. “What are we going to do with the rest of my life?” she asks him. “I quit my job today, so anything you want” Sheldon replies. Holly leaves for Paris and Violet sees her off.

Sam arrives at Naomi’s office and tells her he broke up with Stephanie. He tells her it was his fault that their marriage ended and after all these years he has realized that she is the best for him. “You are the only woman I have ever loved you are my family” he tells her. “You are saying these things just because you feel an obligation” Naomi says assuming Addison has already told him about the pregnancy. She adds that she doesn’t need him to be with her just because she is having his baby. Sam is shocked to hear this. “What did you say? You are pregnant?” he asks. “I thought Addison told you” Naomi says. “She didn’t tell that” Sam says.

He then reiterates that he is there because he loves her. “I have always been in love with you. I will always love you” Sam tells her. The two hold each other and begin smiling. Naomi and Sam are then shown getting married, in the presence of all their friends. Later at work Violet tells the gang that she has finished her new book and it’s about joy ad life and a host of other things. “I am thinking of calling it Private Practice” she says. The episode ends.