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Project Runway

Project Runway Cast

Name (Sort)   Character (Sort)
Heidi KlumplayedHerself - Actress, Fashion Designer, Supermodel & TV Host (Host & Judge - S01 - present)
Michael KorsplayedHimself - Fashion Designer (Judge - S01 - present)
Nina GarciaplayedHerself - Critic & Fashion Journalist (Judge - S01 - present)
Tim GunnplayedHimself - Chief Creative officer, Fashion consultant & TV personality (Mentor & Judge - S01 - present)
Dmitry SholokhovplayedHimself (S10 - Winning Designer)
Fabio CostaplayedHimself (S10 - 2nd Place Designer)
Melissa FleisplayedHerself (S10 - 3rd Place Designer)
Christopher PaluplayedHimself (S10 - 4th Place Designer)
Sonjia WilliamsplayedHerself (S10 - 5th Place Designer)
Elena SlivnyakplayedHerself (S10 - 6th Place Designer)
Ven BudhuplayedHimself (S10 - 7th Place Designer)
Gunnar DeatherageplayedHimself (S10 - 8th Place Designer)
Alicia HardestyplayedHerself (S10 - 9th Place Designer)
Nathan PaulplayedHimself (S10 - 10th Place Designer)
Raul OsorioplayedHimself (S10 - 11th Place Designer)
Buffi JashanmalplayedHerself (S10 - 12th Place Designer)
Kooan KosukeplayedHimself (S10 - 13th Place Designer (quit))
Andrea KatzplayedHerself (S10 - 14th Place Designer (quit))
Lantie FosterplayedHerself (S10 - 15th Place Designer)
Beatrice GuapoplayedHerself (S10 - 16th Place Designer)
Anya Ayoung-cheeplayedHerself (S09 - Winning Designer)
Sveta GlebovaplayedHerself (S09 - Winning Model)
Joshua McKinleyplayedHimself (S09 - 2nd Place Designer)
Sonia NieklaszplayedHerself (S09 - 2nd Place Model)
Erika OpsvigplayedHerself (S09 - 3rd Place Model)
Viktor LunaplayedHimself (S09 - 3rd Place Designer)
Bojana DraskovicplayedHerself (S09 - 4th Place Model)
Kimberly GoldsonplayedHerself (S09 - 4th Place Designer)
Laura KathleenplayedHerself (S09 - 5th Place Designer)
Meghan GiffinplayedHerself (S09 - 5th Place Model)
Bert KeeterplayedHimself (S09 - 6th Place Designer)
Kerstin LechnerplayedHerself (S09 - 6th Place Model)
Anthony Ryan AuldplayedHimself (S09 - 7th Place Designer)
Chelsea BlackburnplayedHerself (S09 - 7th Place Model)
Carla BarucciplayedHerself (S09 - 8th Place Model)
Olivier GreenplayedHimself (S09 - 8th Place Designer)
Bryce BlackplayedHimself (S09 - 9th Place Designer)
Hannah GottesmanplayedHerself (S09 - 9th Place Model)
Alyssa PasekplayedHerself (S09 - 10th Place Model)
Becky RossplayedHerself (S09 - 10th Place Designer)
Joshua ChristensenplayedHimself (S09 - 11th Place Designer)
Danielle EverineplayedHerself (S09 - 12th Place Designer)
Michel AnnplayedHerself (S09 - 12th Place Model)
Cecilia MotwaniplayedHerself (S09 - 13th Place Designer (Withdrew))
Thais MagalhaesplayedHerself (S09 - 13th Place Model)
Julie TierneyplayedHerself (S09 - 14th Place Designer)
Tatyana SinkovicaplayedHerself (S09 - 14th Place Model)
Ashley LacampplayedHerself (S09 - 15th Place Model)
Fallene WellsplayedHerself (S09 - 15th Place Designer)
Kenzie GalloplayedHerself (S09 - 16th Place Model)
Rafael CoxplayedHimself (S09 - 16th Place Designer)
Gretchen JonesplayedHerself (S08 - Winning Designer)
Millana SnowplayedHerself (S08 - Winning Model)
Mondo GuerraplayedHimself (S08 - 2nd Place Designer)
Tina Marie ClarkplayedHerself (S08 - 2nd Place Model)
Andy SouthplayedHimself (S08 - 3rd Place Designer)
Lenka DayritplayedHerself (S08 - 3rd Place Model)
Cassie DziennyplayedHerself (S08 - 4th Place Model)
Michael Costello (2)playedHimself (S08 - 4th Place Designer)
April JohnstonplayedHerself (S08 - 5th Place Designer)
Rose CookplayedHerself (S08 - 5th Place Model)
Christopher Collins (3)playedHimself (S08 - 6th Place Designer)
Eyen ChormplayedHerself (S08 - 6th Place Model)
Alexandra PalmerplayedHerself (S08 - 7th Place Model)
Valerie MayenplayedHerself (S08 - 7th Place Designer)
Ekaterina PyplayedHerself (S08 - 8th Place Model)
Ivy HigaplayedHerself (S08 - 8th Place Designer)
Michael Drummond (2)playedHimself (S08 - 9th Place Designer)
Zhanna VedplayedHerself (S08 - 9th Place Model)
Carlos CasanovaplayedHimself (S08 - 10th Place Designer)
Sarae CartplayedHerself (S08 - 10th Place Model)
Ifeoma JonesplayedHerself (S08 - 11th Place Model)
Peach CarrplayedHerself (S08 - 11th Place Designer)
A.J. ThouvenotplayedHimself (S08 - 12th Place Designer)
Amare TkplayedHerself (S08 - 12th Place Model)
Kaven Jo CavenplayedHerself (S08 - 13th Place Model)
Kristin Haskins SimmsplayedHerself (S08 - 13th Place Designer)
Samantha ZajariasplayedHerself (S08 - 14th Place Model)
Sarah TrostplayedHerself (S08 - 14th Place Designer)
Julia RodriguezplayedHerself (S08 - 15th Place Model)
Nicholas D'aurizioplayedHimself (S08 - 15th Place Designer)
Dre DavisplayedHerself (S08 - 16th Place Model)
Jason TroisiplayedHimself (S08 - 16th Place Designer)
McKell MaddoxplayedThemselves (S08 - 17th Place Designer)
Vanessa RatnavichplayedHerself (S08 - 17th Place Model)
Kristina SajkoplayedHerself (S07 - Winning Model)
Seth Aaron HendersonplayedHimself (S07 - Winning Designer)
Emilio SosaplayedHimself (S07 - 2nd Place Designer)
Lorena AngjeliplayedHerself (S07 - 2nd Place Model)
Brandise DanesewichplayedHerself (S07 - 3rd Place Model)
Mila HermanovskiplayedHerself (S07 - 3rd Place Designer)
Irina ShabayevaplayedHerself (S06 - Winning Designer)
Kalyn HemphillplayedHerself (S06 - Winning Model)
Althea HarperplayedHerself (S06 - 2nd Place Designer)
Tanisha HarperplayedHerself (S06 - 2nd Place Model)
Carol Hannah WhitfieldplayedHerself (S06 - 3rd Place Designer)
Lisa BladesplayedHerself (S06 - 3rd Place Model)
Gordana GehlhausenplayedHerself (S06 - 4th Place Designer)
Matar CohenplayedHerself (S06 - 4th Place Model)
Christopher StraubplayedHimself (S06 - 5th Place Designer)
Katie StickselplayedHerself (S06 - 5th Place Model)
Leanne MarshallplayedHerself (S05 - Winning Designer)
Tia ShipmanplayedHerself (S05 - Winning Model)
Katarina MunezplayedHerself (S05 - 2nd Place Model)
Korto MornoluplayedHerself (S05 - 2nd Place Designer)
Kenley CollinsplayedHerself (S05 - 3rd Place Designer)
Topacio PenaplayedHerself (S05 - 3rd Place Model)
Jerrell ScottplayedHimself (S05 - 4th Place Designer)
Nicole ZaagerplayedHerself (S05 - 4th Place Model)
Suede BaumplayedHimself (S05 - 5th Place Designer)
Xaviera TytlerplayedHerself (S05 - 5th Place Model)
Germaine VoloriozplayedHerself (S05 - 6th Place Model)
Joe FarisplayedHimself (S05 - 6th Place Designer)
Karalyn WestplayedHerself (S05 - 7th Place Model)
Terri StevensplayedHerself (S05 - 7th Place Designer)
Blayne WalshplayedHimself (S05 - 8th Place Designer)
Polina FrantsenaplayedHerself (S05 - 8th Place Model)
Kendall HightowerplayedHerself (S05 - 9th Place Model)
Stella ZotisplayedHerself (S05 - 9th Place Designer)
Alyssa AparicioplayedHerself (S05 - 10th Place Model)
Keith BryceplayedHimself (S05 - 10th Place Designer)
Daniel FledplayedHimself (S05 - 11th Place Designer)
Elena AbeteplayedHerself (S05 - 11th Place Model)
Kelli MartinplayedHerself (S05 - 12th Place Designer)
Shannone HoltplayedHerself (S05 - 12th Place Model)
Alex AraceplayedHerself (S05 - 13th Place Model)
Jennifer DiederichplayedHerself (S05 - 13th Place Designer)
Emily BrandleplayedHerself (S05 - 14th Place Designer)
Leslie ManzanoplayedHerself (S05 - 14th Place Model)
Runa LucienneplayedHerself (S05 - 15th Place Model)
Wesley NaultplayedHimself (S05 - 15th Place Designer)
Janine BellplayedHerself (S05 - 16th Place Model)
Jerry TamplayedHimself (S05 - 16th Place Designer)
Christian SirianoplayedHimself (S04 - Winning Designer)
Lisa NargiplayedHerself (S04 - Winning Model)
Rami KashouplayedHimself (S04 - 2nd Place Designer)
Sam RuggieroplayedHerself (S04 - 2nd Place Model)
Jillian LewisplayedHerself (S04 - 3rd Place Designer)
Lauren BrowneplayedHerself (S04 - 3rd Place Model)
Chris MarchplayedHimself (S04 - 4th Place Designer)
Marcia MitchellplayedHerself (S04 - 4th Place Model)
Kathleen VaughnplayedHerself as Sweet P (S04 - 5th Place Designer)
Lea RannellsplayedHerself (S04 - 5th Place Model)
Amanda AlterplayedHerself (S04 - 6th Place Model)
Ricky LizaldeplayedHimself (S04 - 6th Place Designer)
Jacqueline MiranneplayedHerself (S04 - 7th Place Model)
Victorya HongplayedHerself (S04 - 7th Place Designer)
Christina ScarboplayedHerself as Kit Pistol (S04 - 8th Place Designer)
Marie SalterplayedHerself (S04 - 8th Place Model)
Aviva BrocksplayedHerself (S04 - 9th Place Model)
Kevin ChristianaplayedHimself (S04 - 9th Place Designer)
Elisa JimenezplayedHerself (S04 - 10th Place Designer)
Katie NelsonplayedHerself (S04 - 10th Place Model)
Ashley EvansplayedHerself (S04 - 11th Place Model)
Steven RosengardplayedHimself (S04 - 11th Place Designer)
Christina Anderson-mcDonaldplayedHerself (S04 - 12th Place Model)
Jack MackenrothplayedHimself (S04 - 12th Place Designer (Withdrew due to sickness))
Anna Lita PerezplayedHerself (S04 - 13th Place Model)
Carmen WebberplayedHerself (S04 - 13th Place Designer)
Cheron SmithplayedHerself (S04 - 14th Place Model)
Marion LeeplayedHimself (S04 - 14th Place Designer)
Simone LeblancplayedHerself (S04 - 15th Place Designer)
Wendi SullivanplayedHerself (S04 - 15th Place Model)
Jeffrey SebeliaplayedHimself (S03 - Winning Designer)
Marilinda RiveraplayedHerself (S03 - Winning Model)
Nazri SegaroplayedHerself (S03 - 2nd Place Model)
Uli HerznerplayedHerself (S03 - 2nd Place Designer)
Camilla BarungiplayedHerself (S03 - 3rd Place Model)
Laura BennettplayedHerself (S03 - 3rd Place Designer)
Clarissa AndersonplayedHerself (S03 - 4th Place Model)
Michael Knight (1)playedHimself (S03 - 4th Place Designer)
Kayne GillaspieplayedHimself (S03 - 5th Place Designer)
Lindsay Bien AimeplayedHerself (S03 - 5th Place Model)
Amanda FieldsplayedHerself (S03 - 6th Place Model)
Vincent LibrettiplayedHimself (S03 - 6th Place Designer)
Angela KeslarplayedHerself (S03 - 7th Place Designer)
Javi HairstonplayedHerself (S03 - 7th Place Model)
Jia SantosplayedHerself (S03 - 8th Place Model)
Robert BestplayedHimself (S03 - 8th Place Designer)
Alexandra DonhoeffnerplayedHerself (S03 - 9th Place Model)
Alison KellyplayedHerself (S03 - 9th Place Designer)
Bradley BaumkirchnerplayedHimself (S03 - 10th Place Designer)
Danielle SchriffenplayedHerself (S03 - 10th Place Model)
Bonnie DominguezplayedHerself (S03 - 11th Place Designer)
Katie Champion (1)playedHerself (S03 - 11th Place Model)
Katia BiassouplayedHerself (S03 - 12th Place Model)
Keith Michael (1)playedHimself (S03 - 12th Place Designer)
Katherine GerdesplayedHerself (S03 - 13th Place Designer)
Toni HeathplayedHerself (S03 - 13th Place Model)
Malan BretonplayedHimself (S03 - 14th Place Designer)
Moon YungplayedHerself (S03 - 14th Place Model)
Candace PritchardplayedHerself (S03 - 15th Place Model)
Stacey EstrellaplayedHerself (S03 - 15th Place Designer)
Chloe DaoplayedHerself (S02 - Winning Designer)
Grace KelseyplayedHerself (S02 - Winning Model)
Daniel VosovicplayedHimself (S02 - 2nd Place Designer)
Rebecca HollidayplayedHerself (S02 - 2nd Place Model)
Heather Brown (1)playedHerself (S02 - 3rd Place Model)
Santino RiceplayedHimself (S02 - 3rd Place Designer)
Eden HendersonplayedHerself (S02 - 4th Place Model)
Kara JanxplayedHerself (S02 - 4th Place Designer)
Nick VerreosplayedHimself (S02 - 5th Place Designer)
Rachael HartzogplayedHerself (S02 - 5th Place Model)
Andrae GonzaloplayedHimself (S02 - 6th Place Designer)
Danyelle VilmenayplayedHerself (S02 - 6th Place Model)
Tarah RogersplayedHerself (S02 - 7th Place Model)
Zulema GriffinplayedHerself (S02 - 7th Place Designer)
Emmett McCarthyplayedHimself (S02 - 8th Place Designer)
Shannon FluetplayedHerself (S02 - 8th Place Model)
Diana EngplayedHerself (S02 - 9th Place Designer)
Lesley AnnplayedHerself (S02 - 9th Place Model)
Cara RobertsplayedHerself (S02 - 10th Place Model)
Marla DuranplayedHerself (S02 - 10th Place Designer)
Eliza JaneplayedHerself (S02 - 11th Place Model)
Guadalupe VidalplayedHerself (S02 - 11th Place Designer)
ClaudiaplayedHerself (S02 - 12th Place Model)
Daniel FrancoplayedHimself (S01 - 12th Place Designer / S02 - 12th Place Designer)
Allison McAteeplayedHerself (S02 - 13th Place Model)
Raymundo BaltazarplayedHimself (S02 - 13th Designer)
Kirsten EhrigplayedHerself (S02 - 14th Designer)
Melissa BraiserplayedHerself (S02 - 14th Place Model)
Alyssa DaughertyplayedHerself (S02 - 15th Place Model)
Heidi StandridgeplayedHerself (S02 - 15th Designer)
John WadeplayedHimself (S02 - 16th Designer)
Maria LuciaplayedHerself (S02 - 16th Place Model)
Jay McCarrollplayedHimself (S01 - Winning Designer)
Julia BeynonplayedHerself (S01 - Winning Model)
Jenny TothplayedHerself (S01 - 2nd Place Model)
Kara SaunplayedHerself (S01 - 2nd Place Designer)
Melissa HaroplayedHerself (S01 - 3rd Place Model)
Wendy PepperplayedHerself (S01 - 3rd Place Designer)
Austin ScarlettplayedHimself (S01 - 4th Place Designer)
Martinique MitchellplayedHerself (S01 - 4th Place Model)
Olga KononováplayedHerself (S01 - 5th Place Model)
Robert PlotkinplayedHimself (S01 - 5th Place Designer)
Erin DenardoplayedHerself (S01 - 6th Place Model)
Kevin Johnn (1)playedHimself (S01 - 6th Place Designer)
Alexandra VidalplayedHerself (S01 - 7th Place Designer)
Morgan QuinnplayedHerself (S01 - 7th Place Model)
Joy PursellplayedHerself (S01 - 8th Place Model)
Nora CaliguriplayedHerself (S01 - 8th Place Designer)
Audrey ChihockyplayedHerself (S01 - 9th Place Model)
Vanessa RileyplayedHerself (S01 - 9th Place Designer)
Josiane BarbozaplayedHerself (S01 - 10th Place Model)
Starr IlzhoeferplayedHerself (S01 - 10th Place Designer)
Allison ZebelianplayedHerself (S01 - 11th Place Model)
Mario CadenasplayedHimself (S01 - 11th Place Designer)
Mary Henderson (2)playedHerself (S01 - 12th Place Model)
Classification: Reality
Genre: Family
Status: Returning Series
Network: Lifetime ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Premiere: December 01, 2004
Episode Order: 15
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