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Not Even Close...Encounters - Recap

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A pretty big lawyer has decided to tell his aid that he was abducted by aliens. His aide's name is Toby and the lawyer's name is Roy. Both Gus and Shawn seem to be on the case, but don't know where to go with it so they ask their friend Dennis to help them out. Dennis is not only a friend that they have known forever, but he is literally a UFO expert. They expected him to be a giant nerd, but it turns out that really Dennis is Freddy Prinze, Jr and well we all know that's far from the truth.

Despite that, it seems that he has never let go of his nerd behavior as he has a lab that he keeps behind a wall. This is where he does all kinds of things. He decides to help them by seeing if there was anything going on above the "victim"'s house. They definitely see something that happened in regards to something flying in the sky.

That is when everything goes way overboard and they end up in the newspaper. Shawn says that he looks like K.D. Lang and we do learn that Toby is alright. We all learn that our lawyer friend is fine he's just a bit mentally ill and when he doesn't take his medication he goes a bit nuts claiming ridiculous things are occurring when they are not.

Shawn realizes that Toby had been messing with his bosses' meds because he wanted to end up with his cases and be a big league lawyer. Toby doesn't agree with this but eventually falls and ends up dying. He also apparently sent a bunch of money to charities. Shawn doesn't think that this was a suicide and it turns out that he had a flash drive in his stomach. There are a bunch of files on it that are very important in regards to a chemical spill and Kessler really doesn't think that it is an accident. It turns out that the UFO was an oil digger and then it turns out that Budding had paid Toby a lump sum so that he would set up his boss. Toby didn't want to do it and then he was killed.