Shawn and the Real Girl - Recap

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The scene opens with the show Paths Of Love; where Melinda is about to choose the guy she wants to protect and it is Todd. But Todd is not there amongst the other guys. The crew members search for him and the producer of the show is flustered ‘cause he is losing money. Next we see, Lassie is reading a report that says, Todd Kramer was driving at an accelerated speed, car lost control and he died. Lassie thinks there is no crime; but this is merely an accident; a regular feature. Shawn and Gus want to take a look at the photographs. Shawn tells Lassie that he senses something wrong in the photographs; but Lassie dismisses it by saying that he is desperate to making something out of nothing. Just then Steve, the director of the reality show comes into the office and tells Shawn that he too smells some foul play in this accident.

Steve asks the duo to come down to the sets, and he will tell him everything they want to know. They agree. They reach the office. Steve tells them that Melinda saw Todd’s picture on a billboard and suggested his name for the show; as the participants could be anyone from any profession. He feels that someone was after Todd and he shows the detectives a video which showed a nervous and scared Todd telling that something isn’t right and that somebody was watching him. The director tells them that he cannot afford the producer to know that there are detectives snooping around on the sets of his pet project. Shawn has an idea, and guess what; they are the two new participants of the show!! The creator of the show is angry to see the new contestants. Just then Juliet and Lassie reach the sets. They are surprised to see Shawn dressed as the contestant.

Lassie tells him that Todd’s car has been tampered with; and that they need to go to talk to owner of the place where Todd stayed. He tells them that he is a doctor on the show and Gus a pharmaceuticals salesman. They have to pretend that they don’t know each other. He leaves. Shawn tells Gus that he feels that Todd was scared of one of the contestants, and so he decides to talk to them. Just then Melinda comes up to them and takes Shawn away. She is interested in Shawn but not Gus. There is another guy who draws her attention; Brody. Shawn notices that the other contestants don’t like Brody ‘cause of the attention he is getting from Melinda. One of the contestants also threatens Shawn. Next, they go to check the contestant’s belongings. They find out that Brody had not carried a single shirt; its been three weeks and not one shirt!

Interesting! They also find a pair of greasy gloves next to Danny’s bed drawer. They check the video tapes to see whether Danny actually places a pair of greasy gloves; but they find nothing. Shawn informs Juliet about it. Lassie and Juliet are interrogating Danny. It seems that Danny is physics major and he took creative writing classes with Melinda. Moreover he was the one who called the show to participate. Lassie thinks he was stalking Melinda as he was obsessed with her. Danny is surprised to see Shawn at the office. Shawn tells him that he too got a call about Todd’s murder. Juliet tells Shawn that Danny knows something; but is not telling it. Shawn tells her that Danny likes him and he can get a confession out of him. Juliet tells him that they need to think of a way to keep Danny on the show.

At the elimination round, Shawn tells the truth about Mario having a girlfriend. So now, Melinda is forced to choose Danny and keep him on the show. Mario is angry and throws them to the ground. The producer is ecstatic about the drama on the set! Shawn and Gus are thinking about their next move, when Shawn notices something wrong about the grill Danny is about to grill his patty on. The cylinder pipe has been fidgeted with. He saves Danny from being grilled! Just then Lassie and Juliet walk in on the set to talk to Danny; but Shawn tells them that Danny is the victim now. So his wasn’t a suspect anymore. Lassie declares that Todd’s accident was not just an accident. On hearing this Brody feels restless and leaves. Shawn also sees the producer kissing Melinda.

He has a new theory. He tells Juliet that the producer has fallen in love with the girl he hired and now he is jealous of the other guys. Just then Shawn sees Brody leaving. Brody tells him that Melinda is not worth dying over. Next, it’s a date with Melinda and Shawn and Gus ruin it; each trying to get information out of her. Melinda finds it weird. They then ask her as to why was she sleeping with the producer. She tells them that she isn’t and the kiss was nothing. The producer was teaching her how to sell romance on television. The producer is being interrogated and he tells them that he did hit on Melinda; but he would never kill his contestants. Just then Juliet receives a message from Shawn. She quickly asks the producer whether he has an insurance policy on the show. He does but he tells them that he has sold the show to MBC and so they cannot see the policy.

Lassie tells him that it wouldn’t be difficult ‘cause one of his friends worked there. Next, it’s the last scene of the show and Melinda chooses Shawn over Gus. Juliet calls Shawn and tells him that Guanikos (the producer) had lied and he did not sell the show to MBC and that he could kill and collect the money. Juliet tells Shawn that now he can leave the show. Melinda is happy that she chose Shawn. She tells him about an admirer from her creative writing classes. He used to write her letters which touched her heart and she developed this fantasy about love. Shawn realizes that the guy was Danny. Next, Shawn is trying to prove to Juliet that he had conducted himself like a thorough gentleman on the show. He shows her the video where Melinda tries to kiss him and he averts it.

He also confesses that he is not a doctor and that he had a girlfriend. He also tells her that he is a detective and it is Danny who wrote all the mystery letters to her. Her unattainable love is much closer than she thought. Danny has always been in love with her and he is the one who is truly protecting her heart. Melinda accepts Danny. But then Shawn notices that there is a jump in the video. Steve tells him that it was a glitch, which happens when a piece of the footage is missing. Shawn wonders what time could that have happened and where had the footage gone. Shawn tells Steve to show him the footage from Danny’s accident. He notices a cup near the gas. Then he asks Steve to show them the raw footage from the bedroom. Just then they see Hank, the cameraman sneak into the bedroom. They reach they spot where the crew is shooting for the finale proposal scene.

It’s a scene where the couple jumps off a plane and land using a parachute. When the plane is taking off, Shawn sees that Danny’s chute has been tampered with. They stop the plane. It seems that it was Hank’s idea about the show, and Hank felt that the producer had sold the show without involving him. He didn’t know that the producer was lying. Hank tried to sabotage the show. His last take would be by killing Danny. But now it failed. Hank is arrested. Next, it is the reunion episode of Paths of Love, and Todd walks in. He is well now. The jealous Juliet seems a little distracted by Todd. Guess its Shawn’s turn to be jealous. The episode ends.