Let's Doo-Wop It Again - Recap

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The scene opens at a Youth at Risk fund raiser. Gus and Shawn are at the event with Gus’s cappella group and Deacon is surprised to see Shawn in the group. Shawn tells him that every black group always had a white guy and gives him examples. Well, that’s Shawn! Gus tells Shawn how Deacon had saved Toney’s and Drake’s lives (they are the other guys from the group). Deacon introduces Tina to the boys and tells them that she handles all his finances. After their performance, Shawn collapses on the stage and tells Gus to take him to the hospital. At the hospital, Shawn is told that his appendix had burst and that its been removed. Well guess Shawn is a little terrified and thinks he needs an appendix transplant!!

Just then Lassie walks into the room and Shawn is happy that he came to visit him. But unfortunately he had come to inform that there was a shooting at the community center and just then Deacon is brought into the hospital. The doctor tells them that Deacon had lost a lot of blood, but as the bullet went right through; he hadn’t injured any of his vital organs. Lassie tells them that when deacon went to the green room after the speech, a single shot was fired and a black SUV was seen speeding away from the scene. The Chief wants this case to be on the number one priority. Just then tony and Drake walk in and Shawn tells them that they will have to solve the case on their own. Gus and his friends walk in to the office and tell Lassie that they are going to help in the case.

Lassie tells them to drive straight into the ocean. Juliet thinks that the gang leaders, whose boys Deacon has been taking out from the streets, would have a motive to kill Deacon. Gus’ friends tells them that a gang named Rolling Ones have lost their maximum number of guys and its headed by a person named Little Sis. Lassie doesn’t want to work with the three guys but Gus has a way to find out more and get some leads. Well they are in! He tells Lassie that Little Sis is in the same unit, in the prison, as Lassie’s girlfriend. And if she co-operates then his lady could get an early parole. Lassie visits his girlfriend, Marlowe in prison. She tells him that she has been having a little trouble getting close to Little Sis.

But she says that she has figured out an unconventional way to get close to then. Lassie is happy but the next moment he is in pain, as she punches him hard on his nose. And she did get Little Sis’ attention. Gus introduces Tony and Drake to Marlowe. She tells them that Little Sis did hear a rumor that someone from Deacon’s organization was skimming money. Lassie thinks that Deacon must have figured out as to who the person was and must have confronted him. Shawn calls Gus. Shawn tells Gus that the Asian woman Tina handles all of Deacon’s money and asks him to tell Lassie. Shawn also tells Gus that Tina has been helping out the ‘Right now Boot camp’. Shawn tells him that he shouldn’t go on with the case and suggests a way to go along with them, the tablet and the video camera. They see Tina entering a cabin and she locks the door behind her.

Gus and his friends, along with Shawn on the camera, go around and peep in through the window. They see that Tina is removing some money from the safe. All three…no four...or three and a half (as Gus puts it) follow her. tony and Drake thing that they are not going to make it alive out of this situation; well a black guy’s fate in most of the movies. But Shawn gives them examples and asks them not to worry! They see her entering another cabin, a little deep in the woods. They barge in but Tina is prepared and draws out a gun on them. She is surprised to see Shawn’s video on the screen…and it is amusing! And its Shawn talking to our prime suspect. He tells her that they think that she shot Deacon. She tells them that they don’t know anything. She tells them to get in the closet, because they hear a motorboat sound outside; and she tells them that if that man outside finds them, he will definitely shoot them.

They hide and the man walks in and asks Tina for the money. She tells him that they need to talk and she wants know why Deacon was paying him off. But he doesn’t want to answer anything. Meanwhile, in the closet Shawn asks the trio to call Lassie; but none of them have their phones and neither does Shawn. They hear a noise and figure that the guy is attacking Tina. Tony says that they need to help Tina. But they are shocked to see Tina beating the living daylights out of that guy. They try to hold Tina back and the escapes. She is furious and tells them that it was Deacon who was skimming the money and she found out that from the account books and it was that guy, Chewy, he was paying off and arranged to meet him. But now thanks to them, he got off. They go to meet Deacon at the hospital, on the bed right next to Shawn’s.

Deacon tells them that if he had to get the guys out of the gang, he would have to pay Chewy; and so he took money from the charity funds. When he refused to give Chewy anymore money, he shot him at the fund raiser. Shawn tells them about the tattoo he noticed on Chewy’s body, and Deacon tells them the address of his tattoo parlor. The three of them leave, and instead of informing the department, they go straight to the parlor. Gus tells them that need to take a picture of Chewy getting into the SUV that matches the one in the police records. They wanted Chewy to be arrested without the law harming Deacon. Gus sneaks behind the parlor to take the picture. He sees a black SUV drive by, but Tony and Drake are being kidnapped in it! Jules and Lassie reach at the parlor and tells them the partial number on the plate. Gus is ashamed that despite Shawn’s warning, he directly went to confront the bad guys. They all go inside Chewy’s head quarters.

Shawn manages to drive Lassie and Jules out of the room and asks Gus to find some clues. Shawn does some pondering and figures out the license plate number of the SUV. They trace the car and reach at the address. They find Tony and Drake in there. Just then Chewy comes out and fires at them and then escapes. But his SUV blows up. Tony tells Lassie that he heard Chewy telling his boys that he did not shoot Deacon and that he would prove his innocence. He tells Lassie that Chewy pulled out some weird stuff that he was going to use on them, which also had an anesthetic. Shawn declares that he was going to use those on himself to pull out the bullet in his arm. Woody pulls out the bullet from Chewy’s arm and also informs the team that it matched the bullet fragment found on Deacon. So the bullet went through Deacon and hit Chewy.

Shawn tells the team that Tina is hiding something from the police. At the hospital, we see the security Chief, Jimmy Brigham, holding a gun at Shawn. Shawn was threatened into turning their doubts towards Tina. Jimmy tells Deacon that he only wanted to scare him. Deacon’s social service cut down on a lot f Jimmy’s earnings. The more the goons, more the security needed by store owners. So now if he framed the gangs for shooting the pillar of the community, the people would go running to Jimmy again for security. He increases the flow of morphine into Shawn’s and Deacon’s blood. Gus feels that Shawn sounded too sure about Tina and he found that weird. At the hospital, the morphine is affecting both Shawn and Deacon. When Jimmy goes to the door to check if somebody is coming; Shawn pulls off the needles in his veins and attacks Jimmy. Jimmy is beaten to the floor. Lassie, Jules and Gus come back to the hospital and arrest Jimmy.

Jules wonders why the morphine not affected Shawn. he tells her that Henry refused to pay for any medication post 24 hours and that was just glucose. But then there is the pain again and Jules leaves Shawn in Gus’s care and leaves. The episode ends.